(Closed) Did YOU send your bridesmaids an email?

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Sugar bee
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LOL. I just read that email! That girl was cray cray!!

No, I did not send my girls an email. I don’t see the point. They knew the date of the wedding. That’s all they needed to know at the time. And I would email them about dress shopping when the time came and stuff like that.

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Honey bee
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I did!  I like to think mine was not demanding, it was just to get dress shopping going as one girl lives in a different state and the other lives in a different country… also, I only e-mailed my two bridesmaids, I left out my bridesmen.  

Hi ladies!!

I don’t remember if you guys met each other..   Lisa is my Maid of Honor, she is my best friend going back to high school.  Yukari I have known since college and is a dear friend.  Together, you make up the female part of my bridal party, weee!!  I’m so excited to have you guys by my side on the big day 😀

I hope I’m not jumping the gun here, but since our wedding is in August, I thought now is a great time to think about bridesmaids dresses since it’s almost August now and we’ll know what the weather is really like…. HOT!

Soooo I picked out some dresses that are potential dress styles in the links below, but they are just a small sampling there are tons out there to choose from.  We can either coordinate and get you guys the same dress, or you can each buy your own dress that has the same overall look/feel.  Let me know what you guys would like best 🙂  And if there is a budget you want to stick to if we end up getting the same dress then we can work that in as well.  Let me know what you guys want in a dress too, sleeves/no sleeves, short/long, what kind of fabric, etc… personally I would like to see you guys in short dresses with a print rather than solid color, but of course I am not going to go all Bridezilla if you all want something else.  Also, our colors are blue and green so I was thinking light blue dresses 🙂

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Busy bee
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Mine was short and simple….LOL

Okay Ladies!! I hope everyone is well. I’m writing you guys to let you know Robert and I are planning a wedding for next year January 2013. I wanted all of you to be in it, let me know if you want to be in it or not. Thanks!

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: September 2011

I sent out one closer to the wedding date just to make sure everyone remembered all the details, nothing extreme here!

Hey guys I just wanted to send out a quick reminder with all the info for wedding stuff…my brains kinda scrambled from last minute details and I just wanna make sure I told everyone all the rehearsal details and things like that. 

So the rehearsal is at a weird time because our venue has a bunch of other weddings that weekend, it’s from 4:30-5:30 on the Thursday before the wedding, so Sept 15th. I think we’re having the dinner after at X. I know it’s not super convenient timing, if any of you guys can’t make it I’m sure you’ll still figure stuff out during the ceremony just fine, just let us know if you can’t. And significant others are totally welcome at the rehersal and dinner too if they’d like to come!

If you guys gave the tux place your e-mail when you got your measurements done you should get a message from them when it arrives, but they guaranteed that they’ll all be in by the day of the rehearsal. They did say that if you guys need them to make any changes to the tuxes that has to be done Friday before 5, so hopefully they’ll come in early or will all just fit perfect. 

Thanks guys! Let us know if there’s anything you need to know that I forgot to put in here…I think that’s everything though. smile

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: February 2013

I wrote an introductory email and wrote a nice blurb about each bridesmaid/bridesman, since most of them have never met. I gave some details about the wedding. I’ve sent out several more emails since then about dresses, availability for the rehearsal, etc. And I have read every single one of those emails about 5 times before sending them out to check for hints of being batshit crazy. I still feel a little paranoid now. I really am hoping to convey that I’m being as laid-back as possible and don’t want to put anyone out.

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Blushing bee
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Here’s the one I sent right after I sent them stuff in the mail asking them to be bridesmaids and they had all said yes at this point!


Hi all!

I hope all of you have received the cards I mail out on Tuesday. Sorry it took so long to let all of you know (even though there are still 10 full months before the big day!). I had to wait for E to decide how many groomsmen he wanted (4 apparently). =) 

I thought I’d send an email with everyone names and phone number/email addresses so you could all keep in touch if need be. 

S – maid of honor – 
C – bridesmaid
V – bridesmaid – 
A- bridesmaid – 
Me (future DNA (how weird!)) – bride – 

I’m apparently the only one without a gmail address, I do use it though! =) 

Anyways, for those of you who don’t know, you can pick your own black dresses. The consensus is that they be short. Not like short short, but tea length up to around your knee. Shoes are also up to you, I think C  wants purple shoes so that is also an option! I have purple ones, but whatever you ladies feel comfortable in is fine with me. (see dress example: & linky). Since prom season will be here soon, I’m sure there will be lots of sales and then Homecoming season will also have lots of options I’m sure. 

S has been hard at work for the bridal shower, I think she’s picked a date (October 20th I think) and a venue (somewhere near her) so that’s one thing you ladies don’t really have to think about. She’ll be able to tell you more about it than I can. 

About the wedding, it’s Saturday, Blah blah  here in Pgh. The ceremony will be at my church (name and linky) and the reception will be down the road at the(name and linky). Colors are purple/silver/black. We will be inviting about 110 people, so it won’t be too huge. I’m hoping for snow, but we shall see. There will be two flower girls & two ring bearers and at least one reader. I’m thinking the ceremony will be around 3 o’clock and the reception to start around 5.  I’m not planning on having a “head” table. I feel that it is unfair for all of you to not be able to sit with your significant others. The majority of them won’t know anyone but me and E anyway so I don’t want them to have a miserable time and have to sit by themselves. =)

As for things I’m going to need help with, as S already knows, is making 150 paper flowers, I think they are going to be the bouquets instead of real flowers (budget friendly).  I will also need help when the time gets closer to make the favors, they are going to be hot chocolate mix. I have some ideas already, but I’ll need some assembly buddies! =) I will also need help assembling all of my centerpieces, I already have all the supplies they are just hanging out in some boxes (shout out to S for finding 14 vases for me!). I also plan to spray paint some picture frames I bought at Ikea. That’s a summer  project before it gets cold again.  Same with assembling the invitations. I’m designing them myself with the help of Adobe Illustrator, but I think I’m going to tie them all together with some silver ribbon and that’ll take some time. I’m sure I’ll come up with more as the day draws closer. I promise I’ll supply the wine for these sessions! Maybe food too! =) V you are immune to this since you live 500 miles away! =) I may need your help with something else though. I’ll let you know in another email when I figure out the details. 

Haha, it would appear that I rambled, I’m sorry!

I don’t think any of you wonderful ladies has ever been a bridesmaid before so I’m super pumped and I hope you are too! If you for whatever reason feel like you would rather not be a bridesmaid that is entirely okay, I promise. We’ll chat about it. =) If anyone has any concerns about anything, please let me know. I’m trying to make it as stress free for everyone involved as possible! 

I’m excited all of you will be there to share my special day (and all of the days leading up to it!).

Lots of love!!!! 


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