(Closed) Did your diet/eating style change when you started living with your SO?

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    Well my husband is vegetarian and I’m not….so our house is fun! :p When we were dating, it took a long time for me to feel comfortable eating meat in front of him – he kept assuring me it didn’t bother him if I ate it. Living together was an adjustment – we want to eat together, but it’s hard when I want to eat a meat-based meal and he doesn’t, so coordinating cooking time can be a pain.

    He’s also one of those people that has a super human metabolism and can eat 4500 calories a day (he tracked calories with me out of solidarity before the wedding, so this isn’t even an exaggeration) and not gain a damn pound. I rarely go over 1700 in a day, so it was an adjustment when I moved into his house and there was junk food EVERYWHERE. It takes willpower, but you can keep to your good habits if you try! I gained a few pounds when we started living together, but everything had balanced out by the wedding.

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    Absolutely! Every meal he likes includes a pound of meat and I could go a month without putting a piece of meat in my mouth. I love fruit and veggies and pretty much the only ones he can stomach are apples and lettuce. I used to eat very healthy and I’ve found myself falling deeper and deeper into the ‘fast and dirty’ world of his eating habits.

    He’s lost like 15 pounds since we got married and I’ve gained 10! Thank you very much.

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    First off, congratulations on the new home!  Very exciting.

    Fiance and I just moved in together.  Honestly, my diet has gotten a little better because now we do the food shopping and I do the cooking.  Fiance gets the snacks & sweets he wants but I just don’t buy what I know will cause me to eat junk (Keebler cookies anyone?).  And because I cook, I buy lean meat and make healthier meals.  So actually, FI’s diet has also gotten better since we moved in together.

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    Fiance and I have been together for five years and living together for two. When I would go to his place for dinner, I sometimes would bring my own dinner because we’d be at school and work all day and it was just easier to bring my lunch and dinner.

    I knew when it was time to merge meals, it’d be difficult because he’s very narrow in his tastes (he grew up in a very, well, bland household that didn’t try different foods — visiting them for an extended period of time makes my tongue go numb with boredom), while I had a lot of family recipes, loved trying new foods, and experimenting. He likes to experiment marinades on chicken. That’s about it. Chicken is his staple and my least favorite meat. I love both fresh and frozen vegetables and combinations and can make veggies a meal; he will pop in a frozen mxed veggie bag and call it a sidedish. And many of my family recipes includes ingredients he doesn’t like: saurkraut, ketchup, mustard, pickles, etc. About two years into the relationship, I got him into fresh spinach. I felt like I won a battle.

    Also, oddly, he counts salad as the vegetable sidedish, while I call it a side salad, with another veggie on the plate. So, when he’s in charge of dinner, I can count on salad counting as the meals’ main veggie. And he calls potatoes vegetables…that’s a starch to me.

    I’m so, so, so, against seperate meals! I grew up in a household where there were seperate meals, sometimes, and it was such a hassle cooking and cleaning up. Even for two, you’d be surprised!

    Luckily, he’s been open to trying new foods, at least a taste, but there’s still some roadblocks (the quick hot dog meal is out – he hates them, but likes corndogs – argh!). The solution: recipe hunting. We’ve found and adapated a lot of meals we both like and have a lot of standbys. Grocery shopping together also helps.

    And, to get my fix of family recipes, when Fiance is working late, I have dinner with my parents and they indulge me with what I’ve been missing. Laughing


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    It was definitely an adjustment for Darling Husband and I even when we just started living in the same city (the first 3 years of dating was long distance).  I had become accustoned to going out with him whenever we did get to see eachother so I had to make the conscious decision not to let us eat take out all the time.  He actually lost about 20-30 pounds after he moved closer to me.  For myself, I realized early on I coulnd’t give myself passes to eat whatever (and/or as much as) he was eating.  

    After moving in together, as far as dinner goes, whenever I cook I always try to make things as healthy as possible.  I’ll take his favorites and then try out substitutes for some of the less healthy ingredients.  He’s pretty easy though because if I make it spicy he will generally like it  πŸ™‚   On the nights I don’t have time to cook we’ll eat separate meals so neither of us feel pressured to always eat what the other is having.   

    I think the biggest thing that helped me maintain my weight so far is coming up with substitutions whenever he is eating something that might tempt me.  When he eats his chips and salsa, instead of joining in I make some air popped pop corn, when he eats icecream I make a bowl of greek yogurt and cinnamon.   

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    My diet actually improved vastly after Darling Husband moved in. I used to eat very poorly, I would have a box of crackers with wine for dinner followed by ice cream (gross, i know). So when he moved in and I was in charge of feeding us, I felt compelled to cook healthy meals for him. My Darling Husband also loves fruit and vegetables so they’re always a large part of our meals. Also, his stomach gets upset easily if there is too much fat in something I serve him so as I result I buy a lot of lean meats and rarely use cream or butter and never fry anything.

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    Yes, twice. After moving in together I started adopting his bad eating habits which were worse than my college eating habits (if that is even possible). After three years of gaining weight I changed again and drastically altered my eating and lifestyle. So since we have moved in together I have changed how I eat twice!

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    I changed to accomodate his dietary restrictions. He can’t have milk, cheese, or any dairy, so when I cook I either leave out dairy or use substitutes like Daiya, rice cheese, coconut milk, etc. He is also very health conscious and so I make alot of lean meats and veggies. Overall, I changed for the better, but I still eat dairy and fast food, just not as much of it as I did when I lived on my own.

    Oh the plus side, I learned alot of “healthy” desserts ( I love ChocolateCoveredKatie’s blog) that even our friends who are ‘normal eaters’ really like!

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    Definitely.  Before living with my husband, the majority of the meals I cooked were meat-free.  I’m not a vegetarian; I just didn’t eat a lot of meat, and when I did, it was something lean like chicken breast. 

    My husband was of the mindset that it’s not a meal unless it includes meat, and he likes pretty much all meats.  I have been the one to cave in that regard – all of our meals now include meat, though I usually eat a small portion and double up on sides.

    His tastes have changed, too, though.  When we met, I was a more adventurous eater than he was, and now his tastes have expanded to include sushi and other things he’d never have eaten before. 

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