Did your life turn out the way you thought it would?

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YASSSS.  Sansa85 :  

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Jobwise I’m doing what I set out to do. I am a teacher and that was the plan.

Buuuut: I think I turned out alot more domestic than I had expected. I had all those plans of travelling and going to concerts and being adventurous, working abroad and stuff, most likely unmarried. Instead I’m in my little house with my husband and the cats. I’ve never been to Africa or Asia. 

So what changed… at uni I met this amazing group of people who have been my friends for a decade now. None of us can bear to leave for extended periods of time because we’re such a tightly knit group. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll take shared meals and lazy afternoons playing games over adventures any day.


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When I was young I imagined I would either be a veterinarian or a meteorologist. I was OBSESSED with watching The Weather Channel all day and rescuing animals. I was always finding lizards, or strays and showing up in the house with them. 

The biggest downfall as to why I didn’t is because I suck at math, absolutely suck. Can’t do simple shit. Turns out, you need to be pretty proficient in it to pursue either of those fields to get through just your basic coursework. So, I abandoned ship and studied English instead, the most useless degree known to man. Whatever, I graduated and now work in IT of all things.

Somewhere in there I dated a slew of idiots, married one, divorced him. Met my wonderful husband and became a stepmom. Being a stepmom was definitely NOT part of the plan, but it’s worked out! I always thought I’d have kids in my early 20’s and get it out of the way. Instead, I’m in my 30’s and just had my first and hope to have one more.

I always thought I’d live on the beach, and I’m in a landlocked state and escape to the beach every chance I get!

BUT, things really did work out better than I could have planned! There’s a lot more in the “pro” column than the “con” when I look at how things have panned out so far.

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Oh, you mean when I was 18, with multiple full rides, was going to college for an Agriculture Education degree, marrying my high school sweetheart and having his babies? Cause… No. 

Ended up giving up those full rides, getting an MBA, and now I’m a corporate accountant. I divorced that high school sweetheart, thankfully before having his babies and now I am happily married to a man with two teenage boys and I am CFBC. 

I do live in the same town that I grew up in and I never want to leave, but I am way more involved with my community and the people in it than I ever thought I would have been, and that’s because my ex is out of the picture. 

Life turned out grand. Thankful that none of my dreams and wishes came true because so much better was waiting. 

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Well, if we go by what 11 year old me envisioned,
*by 26 I’d be married and already pregnant with my first child.
*I’d have 4 daughters so I could dress up and be all cute with.
*Graduated from a top university and had a lucrative career but choose to stay at home with the children because my husband would be successful enough to support us.
*Move out of my hometown and live in a big, beautiful, colonial-style home in the suburbs.
*And we’d probably have a couple of cats too.

L-O-L. You can pretty much take all that and go complete opposite. 
*I’m almost 27, not married, and frankly I cannot see myself giving up my life for children anytime soon.
*If I had daughters I would love them, but the idea of a house full of boys sounds awesome!(though I’d probably only want 2 children total).
*I went to a local state college and am a teacher(so not very lucrative), but I work at one of the best schools in the district so there’s no way I’d give up this job for motherhood. 
*Still live in my hometown in a nice loft-style apartment. 
*My SO has turned me into a dog person lol. 

But what’s funny is, I’m not unhappy at all. Just goes to show that we can’t really plan our lives out.

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yes and no. 

I always imagined myself owning a home, being in a sucessful career (I wanted to go to law school), having a few kids and a dog. For the most part, that is all true. 

I ended up going to college for my undergrad in business and getting pregnant with my son my senior year. That threw law school pretty far out the window. I was determined to finish college as a first generation college student. I graduated when my son was 4 months old. Went through a decently nasty breakup with my ex (sons dad), started grad school. Met my now husband, started dating him, got a dog, got engaged, graduated with my masters degree,  left my first “after college grown up” job and got a better job, got married, bought a house and am now pregnant with a daughter. 

It’s been a crazy crazy ride. But I worked my ass off to do my best for my son (and now daughter) and show them that anything is possible. 

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sharpshooter :  That’s an amazing goal! Late 40s, still very young compared to the national average. And thank you. 🙂

We definitely plan to keep ourselves busy. We’ve even thought of working part time to have things to do after we ‘retire’.

I love hobbies. I plan to keep myself fit so that i’m not crippled by 50 (I have chronic back pains/problems that will lead up to that if I dont stretch and xercise it every day).

SO and I plan to do morning/noon walks and or bike rides. Often. To continue to bond, grow, and enjoy each others company. 

Love painting. I can pass hours and not even realize it when I paint; very serene.

I love pups, so I plan to keep a couple of pets at a time and train them.

I LOVE gardens. Vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, etc 🙂 That’ll definitely keep me occupied. SO loves these as well. 

I love art, music, galleries, museums, walking for hours. So it’ll be a peaceful retirement.

I’ve began writing a novel and plenty of short stories. So i plan to continue. Family and friends love my writings and encourage me to continue as they want to find out ‘what happens to so and so’ lol.

I would like to buy a grand piano so i can continue playing. My heart jumped at this one haha

I plan to be involved in my future kids lives, so when im in my 30-50s, theyll alwasy have my attention/support.  


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I’ve always taken for granted from a fairly young age that I would be successful in my career and that has panned out accurately so far. I expected to be solidly upper middle class and that has been true. I don’t expect “successful” to mean ending up on some list or being famous, but I expect to continue to have good, well paid jobs at good companies.

I thought my romance life would turn out better. I thought I would be married by 30, but that’s not the case. That has probably been my main disappointment. 

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Not at all. 

I kind of always assumed I would be married, with kids, by the end of my 20’s.  A home owner, comfortable in my career, etc.

I became single again at 31 after a 5 year on again/off again relationship & engagement with an abusive, drug addicted man.  I had another abusive relationship before that, too. 

So anyway, at 31 I was single again, in a studio apartment, no kids, same job for years… that was one constant, although I am still not sure “what I want to be when I grow up.” lol.  

I started dating my SO soon after I left my ex, we had been friends for years and I never even imagined we would end up together (despite always having a small crush on him) so that was an interesting twist.  A year later we were engaged and now we are getting married this summer. He has one son (I never really planned on being a stepmom, but my ex had kids too, so I have kind of been in this role for awhile) and we plan on adding one more child to the family. If I am able to get pregnant I will be 34 when I have my first child. 

So my life looks nothing like I thought it would, and I faced a lot of hard times to get here. But I am thankful every single day that I have this amazing man in my life now.

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ladyvictoria :  

I am very sorry, Bee, to read that so many things are so difficult right now.

It’s not hard to imagine how easy it is for people to perceive you and your husband as having the “perfect” life.  You two are an incredibly beautiful pair with great natural style that comes through in your photos.  I get such a strong sense that you compliment each other well. At least when things are not completely topsy turvy.

I hope you are taking the time for good self care.

No advice, just a hug from an admirer.

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fromatoz :  

So feeling you on the math thing.

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I don’t know if I can say my life turned out how I expected it to, but it definitely turned out how I wanted it to. Honestly I feel like I’ve met all my goals in life. But there was a time in my life where I didn’t know if it actually would come true.

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