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  • poll: Did your mom work?

    Yes, and I'm grateful

    Yes, and I would have liked her to be a SAHM

    No, and I'm grateful

    No, and I would have liked for her to have a job.


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    Double post.


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    My mom had me very young  (17 years old) and right before I was born she finished high school and immediately went to college full time to be a nurse. She has worked my whole life except for the first few years of my life that she was in college to get her nursing degree. She taught me independence, hard work ethic, and that anything I put my mind to I can do. I never went without or felt lonely and I’m an only child. I really admire my mom for all her hard work and accomplishments that she has fulfilled professionally while still being a great parent and always being there for me. I hope to do the same for my future children.

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    I voted other.  My mom worked, but I wish she had worked less.  Both of my parents put in 60+ hours a week when I was growing up and I feel like they missed a lot.  My grandparents basically raised my sister and I, which was great and I’m so grateful for my childhood, but I do feel like I didn’t spend as much time with my parents as other kids did (e.g., we RARELY had a family dinner with my Mom, Dad, sister, and I).  

    ETA: my parents did not work jobs that “required” after-hours work. 

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    My mom was a Stay-At-Home Mom.  I think that I enjoyed it at the time , but of course I knew no different.  I work full time and have 2 daughters.  I think the IDEAL situation would be to have the mom work part time.

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    My mom is a teacher, so the schedule lends itself well to raising children! She loves her job and is one of those people who needs to keep busy, so it worked out just fine for my brother and I. We pretty much always had one of our parents home with us.

    We always had a home-cooked dinner and I don’t think they missed a single track meet or soccer game either. Wow, reflecting on this makes me realize I have super parents 🙂

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    No she didn’t work while my brother, sister, and I were young. She got her first job in nearly 20 years when I was 9 because she and my dad separated. Since technology advanced so much throughout the time  she was a Stay-At-Home Mom she had trouble getting back into the workforce. Her first job was minimum wage in a clothing store… She had to go back to school to get computer literate and has never been able to financially support herself since. Had my father not passed away a few years after their separation she may have receivec alimony but who really wants to rely on that?

    It’s because of her experience that I would never want to stop working and/or improving my skill set.

    Now all of us kids have to help her out several times a year, it’s really frustrating and realistically I don’t think she was that great of a Stay-At-Home Mom anyway, it just wasn’t worth it.

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    Mom was home with us until we were able to use the phone on our own, then she went back to work part time.  That lasted a few years and she was home again.  Then they bought the business when I was starting high school and she’s been working there since then, but not always full time (as the owner, she’s the first one to go home and not take a paycheck when it gets slow). 

    I’m eternally grateful that she was there for us through a lot of stuff.  She taught us so much and was always there for us. 

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    Other.  Not generally, but she did volunteer with a lot of organizations, trade gymnastics lessons for us for coaching in several states, and substitute teaching.

    Dad was military, moved a lot and it was hard for her to get a job as a result (and not desired in some states like California where they had concerns about if CA would try to go after dad’s later retirement pay if she worked).  Cali also wouldn’t accept her teaching license I think, and would have required a few more years of work – not worth it.

    I neither minded, nor was grateful – it was just how it was.  We got to do a lot of activities we might not have otherwise, but we didn’t have as much $ as maybe others did.  Always had meals on the table, always involved in our stuff (generally running the groups!).  I hated the idea of her substitute teaching in my class, so she always declined those invites, my brother loved it so she always accepted though (his teacher would specifically request her in fact).

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    @bebero:  Growing up, my mom was pretty absent from my life. Apparently she was a stock broker before she got pregnant, and while she was pregnant. Then she was a stay at home mom for about 2.5 – 3 years, and then my parents split up. I moved in with my dad about 6 months later, or so. She was always in and out of jobs, but she was more so in and out of drugs. 

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    @bebero:  My mom always worked, and I was always grateful that she did.  

    My parents divorced when I was very young, so it was a necessity … We wouldn’t have a roof over our head, clothes on our backs, or food on the table if she didn’t work.  We weren’t wealthy by any means (she is a teacher), but she did everything she could to give me all I could ever want and need.  This is so cliche, but she’s most definitely my hero.  I aspire to be as strong, intelligent, and amazing as she is.

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    My mom stayed mom and loved it.  I benefited from her being home because she loved it.  If she had loved working, I have no doubt I would have benefited from having a working mom. 

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    Mine did, but I don’t know if I was greatful, or wanted her to be a Stay-At-Home Mom.  For me, in was normal for mom’s to work.  Most, if not all the mom’s I knew worked.  There was really no alternative.  

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    I picked other.


    My dad worked from 8-5 and my mom worked from 7 to midnight. So she was a Stay-At-Home Mom for the summer days and was there when we came home from half-day kindergarden, as well as taking care of the house and stuff during the day when we were old enough to go to school. I remember her being a Stay-At-Home Mom even though she did work in the evenings, I think it counts. Now that my Fiance and I have a similar schedule, I can appreciate how they sacrificed time together as a couple to make sure we were never in daycare. 

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    No, she didn’t need to and I’m grateful because it meant that I never had to go to daycare. 

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    My mom was a Stay-At-Home Mom until my younger sister started full time school, after which point she has since worked a full time job.

    It was nice having her around growing up but i do not ever feel like we were neglected. My dad earned a very cushy income and my mom working also allowed us to live a rather luxurious lifestyle, which we did enjoy.

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