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  • poll: Did your mom work?

    Yes, and I'm grateful

    Yes, and I would have liked her to be a SAHM

    No, and I'm grateful

    No, and I would have liked for her to have a job.


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    My mum worked from home and I’m happy she did because she was pretty much all I had. She was a machinist and my own tailor! 🙂
    Even when she was sewing clothes, I was still able to hang out with her and talk to her hehe

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    After I was born my mom quit her job and stayed home for a little while, but I was also very premature (8 weeks) so I needed special care. However, after that she started her own business from the ground up and she has been very successful with it. This allowed her to have her own hours and ability to come to all the school events my brother and I had; this was nice because my dad’s job never had that flexibility.

    I’m grateful she wasn’t a Stay-At-Home Mom. She’s a good role model for being an independent, hard-working, and reliable woman, and I’m not saying a Stay-At-Home Mom can’t be those things, but she definitely showed me that I could have the career I wanted. I really credit my parents with instilling in me a fierce desire to be independent.

    Also I think we would have killed each other if she had stayed at home, lol. I respect her accomplishments but we really do not get along sometimes.

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    @luckyshot:  That sounds pretty similar to me.  

    My mom was a Stay-At-Home Mom until we were all in school, and then worked during school hours until we were all a little bit older (maybe middle school/high school) and then worked more.  It was pretty great 🙂

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    Both my parents worked full time but were there when we needed them. I may not have liked the after school program but my brother gave a touching speech at my Mum’s retirement about how much of a role model of a working Mum she was and how our parents in general were the best example of working parents who were true partners. My Dad cooked/cleaned and worked as an executive for a bank.

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    My mom was primarily a Stay-At-Home Mom, but she worked part time when we all got a little older and were in school. I liked having her home for sure. 

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    Single parent family, so yes, she did.

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    My mom always had dreams of becoming a nurse, but she blames that lost cause on my dad (eye roll). They met when she was 16, got married when she was 19; I guess when I was about 6 or so (she was 35ish at the time), her dad told her that he would pay for her to go to nursing school if she left my dad. I guess he wasn’t a fan…lol.

    She was a stay-at-home mom who baby-sat other peoples’ kids. And while in a sense that was “working,” most of the time she was only getting paid $2/hr. per kid. She would make deals with her employers sometimes…she’d literally have these kids all damn day, from sunrise until close to midnight, and only make $15 – $20 for that day for some of them.

    I hated it. I really would rather that she had worked. As I got older, I ended up being her lapdog and having to take care of those kids too. In retrospect, some of these kids were seriously attention-hungry and clingy, but that made them even more annoying to deal with. Every need or desire I had was pushed aside for her baby-sitting brats. She’d ignore me all day while she was tending to them, then be aggravated with me after they went home because I wanted attention.

    My mom’s been miserable her entire life because she gave up a dream and allowed people she worked for to treat her like crap. $2 an HOUR to baby-sit their kids? I remember she was getting paid $20 a day to baby-sit some woman’s 4 kids, so she was making cents an hour per kid. We were never that hard-up for money.

    I think she lacked the confidence to work outside the house, so baby-sitting was her way of telling everyone, “Look, I’m working. I’m making money. I don’t need a job.”

    She and my dad are on a sinking ship now that they’re older, and she still clings to her baby-sitting job like she’s actually making something. All of the money she makes goes to gas to drive and food to feed the kid.

    She was a nightmare to live with because of what she gave up. Part of it’s her own negative personality to boot, but it was everyone else’s fault. My dad’s because they got married when she was so young. Ours because she had responsibilities and couldn’t afford nursing school. 

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    My Mom worked 3 jobs while raising my sister and me (Dad moved overseas when I was young, still contributed financially and remained close to us kids). I wished she was around more, but she was paying for our private school, home etc so she worked a lot. I came home from school to an empty house a lot, went to bed without her there a lot, cooked for myself a lot etc. I’m so grateful that she provided such a nice life for us, but would definitely have liked to have her home more. I’m a Stay-At-Home Mom now to DS and want him to have the family life that I didn’t have growing up (family dinners, being tucked into bed every night etc).

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    I selected other. My mom worked because she was a single mom and had no choice. I am grateful that she did all she could for my family, and but if the situation were different and I had a working father, I can’t say I wouldn’t have liked it if she was aSAHM. I had friends with SAHMs and they were always available for field trips and to be girl scout leaders or sports coaches, and were active on the pta, etc. Those were things my mom never got to do that I wish she could have. 

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    My Mum was a Stay-At-Home Mom from just before I was born to when my younger sister was in primary school (she was 5 y/o, I was 8). Mum then worked part time (fitting in with school hours) until I was 13 and then legally allowed to ‘babysit’ my sister after school.

    I feel very lucky to have been raised by a Stay-At-Home Mom and I credit my morals, intelligence, independence and compassion to not only my Mother, but that fact that I was raised by her and not by strangers.

    I plan on being a Stay-At-Home Mom with my children too.

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    My mom worked.  I remember when she was between jobs and jobless and really hoping she would get a job just because we had very little and I thought her having a job would solve our money issues.  But I did wish too that she was home more… mainly due to other things too, not just her working.

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    My mom didnt, even thought she used to be a great dentist.

    I wish she would have worked, she could have left my dad who is/was abusing her emotionally.

    She’s super depressed and i wonder what would have happened if she has worked and at least supported herself a bit, my dad always tells her how she was a shity mom even though she didnt had to work and blames her for “how bad” my brother and i are.

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    My mom stayed home until I was in high school, but then became a teacher at the elementary school my sibilings and I went to. It was two blocks from our house. So she was pretty much at home whenever we were even after she started working. I don’t remember it being much of an adjustment! My mom was never the type of person to just watch tv all day, though. She was always volunteering and getting involved in different things with us. I don’t know how moms do it! I’m exhausted after working all week and I only have to worry about myself when I come home. Moms are amazing…especially those who work.

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