(Closed) Did your stomach ever go back to normal after baby?

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I was about the same height and weight as you and had my LO when I was 30. I am almost 7 months pp. I didn’t get any stretch marks, but I had a major abdominal separation (which I wouldn’t have even noticed if a physiotherapist hadn’t pointed it out). I gained 40 lbs with the pregnancy. For me, the belly muscle tightening up has been a slow process. My belly was flat before I was pregnant, and was quite rounded for a long time after – it’s just starting to look good again now. My belly skin only looks like it’s been stretched if it’s scrunched up. Overall now I am getting to be okay with how I look pp, but I was not happy about it at all until more recently. I made myself feel better by thinking that as we age our bodies get shittier anyway, so I am glad to have a shittier body and a baby! And I am still 10 lbs up, and they won’t come off no matter what I do. I think it totally varies person to person, and your age and body type. I thought I would get luckier than I did on the speed of recovery, but alas! 

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I am still pregnant, so I dont have any self experience with this, but my mother had 8 kids and 9 pregnancies.  She doesnt have a tummy at all.  She is 69 and still looks fabulous and trust me I am not saying this because she is my mother.  She tells me that every time she gave birth, she used those body shapers even when she went to sleep and did not start to working out right away, because that could actually increase the chances of sagging the skin (this is just her opinion/thoughts), so I think I will be doing what she did after my little boy is born.

One of my oldest sisters did this and she has no tummy and no saggy skin.  My other older sister, however, didnt get so lucky.  She didnt believe that could work so she didnt do anything.  She has a lot of saggy skin and her youngest is now 21, so I dont think it will be going away unless she has surgery.

I guess it just depends on dedication?  or maybe genetics? IDK, but just try to work out while pregnant, I hear that helps too.

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I am 5’3″ and weighed about 135 before I got pregnant and gained about 35-40 lbs during pregnancy. I am down to 142-145 now at 12 weeks PP. Everything came off really fast, but these last 10 lbs seem to be sticking around. I’m also exclusively BFing.

My skin is much looser, and I have a lot of stretch marks on my tummy. My lower stomach has always been a trouble spot for me, and now it’s only worse 🙁 Hopefully I can loose this pooch sometime.

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I’m not pregnant but asked one of my friends who recently had a baby about this same thing.  She was at normal weight when she got pregnant and gained close to 30 pounds.  She is now about 3 months post partum and while she’s lost the weight, she said she definitely has a pooch.  She’s trying to exercise (hard when she’s working) and her doctor said the lower tummy is the hardest to tone up.

I already have a bit of a pooch (always have) so this concerns me in a completely selfish way.

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WIth Dear Daughter 1 I gained 30-40lbs and lost the weight very quickly, got back a really nice set of abs with working out. Dear Daughter 2 I gained 20 lbs lost it pretty quickly and while it took more work I did get back to my pre-pregnancy belly. Dear Daughter 3 just turned 1 in Decemeber and while my weight got back to Pre-pregnancy weight very quickly, I do think I still have a puch, but I hae not really worked out much since I had her. I have found I loose the weight quickly, but I am still BFing so I think I am holding on a little bit to my belly until I wean.

Everyone is so different in how their body responds to pregnancy, but I do think it is very possible to get your body back after having a baby.

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Not for me, but I gained 65 pounds.  I did eventually lose all the weight, but I still had a flabby tummy.  Cry

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Yes. Totally back to normal, flat with no stretch marks either. And I gave birth to 2 children in 18 months!

However, although I was very big “out front” in both pregnancies I didn’t put on very much extra weight. Also I breastfed both babies which really helps you get back into shape and I lived in a town full of hills. So wheeling prams and strollers up and down them meant I got a whole lot of exercise too!

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i gained 60 lbs with Dear Daughter1 and my body went back to normal..

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Just wanted to add what I did 10 years ago, following moms advice. Exfoliate and moisturize as it grows and as it shrinks. I gained 45 lbs (5’8″) and lost it 8 -10 months after, breast feeding and short workout 4x week.  My stomach was as good as before. 

im pregnant again and mom said oh the second pregnancy is so much harder on the body. Plus I’m older. Her pregnancies were two years apart in her mid 20s.  It will probably take longer this time but it is worth it if it doesn’t !


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@Ms.Pink:  I think “everyone is different and you won’t know until you know” is the best attitude to have, along with “be healthy.” I know women who gained a lot of weight and whose stomachs went back to pre-pregnancy within months after the baby was born, and women who gained little weight and have a lot of stretch marks and loose skin after many years and loads of exercise and moisturizer. So I think a lot of it is a genetic crapshoot.

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I gained 40 lbs my first pregnancy and looked as good as ever afterwards. It took losing the weight and some time, but there is hope! I am 5’5″ and went from 130 at my wedding, 140 (my normal weight) post honeymoon to about 180 at 40 weeks-we got pregnant on our honeymoon. I gained the weight steadily throughout pregnancy and breastfed my son for 12+ months, I ended up having to be dairy and wheat free while breastfeeding which helped me lose the weight. I did get a few stretch marks, but most of them were the less intense white ones and faded pretty quickly. I’m aware everyone has a different experience, but I personally felt like some sort of sexy Superwoman after giving birth, even though my body was a little softer for awhile.

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@BellaDee:  +1


On a side note, I have had 3 c-sections, and until I started planking in Jan I did not realize I still had muscles in my lower abdomen.


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I’m 5’3 and was 128 lbs when I got pregnant, after I gave birth I was 205lbs. Gained way too much, I did lose all of it and more after 6 months and was 120 lbs though but because of the weight gain and skin stretching my belly button droops a tiny bit. I also got stretch marks at 8 months which I never would’ve gotten if I hadnt pigged out so much.  I’m very lucky cus it could’ve been worse. 

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I gained almost 50 pounds (YIKES!) when I was preg with my son, and I was in pretty good shape pre-preg. I’m now a little over 4 mo pp and honestly my stomach doesn’t look too much different from pre-preg, just with some stretch marks (but even those have faded a ton). I’ve worked out 3 times lol so I attribute “bouncing back” to breastfeeding and being young I guess (24 years old). Lord knows I haven’t eaten all that great either, so I’m just lucky I guess. Might be bc I was in pretty good shape pre-preg too. I do still have some extra hanging around my love handles and my tummy skin is a little looser, but overall, better than what I was expecting. I know if my lazy butt would actually workout it’d be even better by now lol!

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