Did/Do you ever hear your parents…?

posted 6 years ago in Intimacy
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    I never heard them, and when my sister and I were younger, we shared a room just down the hall from them, then I moved into the bedroom right next to theirs. Still didn’t hear anything thank goodness.

    BUT we got renovations a few years ago, my sister and I moved into the two bedrooms downstairs (with our own walk in robes yay! – Mum and Dad don’t even have a walk in robe) and one night my sister was scared and was upset because when she went upstairs to get Mum the door was shut. So I went up knocked until Mum came out, she wasn’t happy that my sister was upset that the door was shut. Her reasoning for the door being shut ‘we want to have sexual intercourse’ I was so embarassed, so was my sister.

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    I walked in on my mom & dad a few times when I was super small. (Like 4 years old.)

    But never my mom & step dad. I never heard them either. My room was all the way across the house though.

    Do you have a bathroom in your bedroom? You could turn the water on when you guys do it, to hide the sounds!

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    Never ever heard them, but then my room was the complete opposite end of the house.

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    Yes, I’ve heard them. On many occasions. But we shared a wall and I am a extremely light sleeper. :/

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    I am still scarred from the time I got to hear this gem of a conversation when I was around 13 or 14.  Names have been changed:

    “Oh go on Jane – you liked it last time!”

    “John I said no! Get that F(^**$ thing away from me!”

    “Oh please!  Just this once!”

    “Sticking it in my back is NOT going to change my mind – now pee off!”

    “I’ll just have to finish myself off.”

    “Not whilst I’m lying next to you go to the bathroom so you don’t make a mess.”


    It left me slightly disturbed…

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    @Cariad:  OMGOSH! Was that your parents speaking?

    I would had been mortified!

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    @Sweet.Sugar.Rose:  It was.  Oh how I wish it wasn’t, but unfortunately it was.

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    @Cariad:  You poor thing! lol Big HUGS to you for getting through that night. haha

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    As to my Parents… I can’t say I heard anything specific… and we shared a wall my room and theirs.  Was aware that their door was closed, and there were some muffled noises.  As a teenager, I sure as heck had a good idea what was going on.

    On the otherhand, paula1248 as a Parent I can relate to your current situation.

    When the kids were little, we’d close the doors of our MB and get busy.  More than one occasion a small child would walk in (no my dummy Ex never got around to getting a decent lock for our door).  In all cases tho, I don’t believe the kids had a clue what was happening, and lol, we were the kind of folks who had sex under the covers, so I don’t believe for a minute they saw much (lol, did I mention my Ex had sexual issues?)

    By the time the kids were teens, sex wasn’t happening in our marriage very much at all… so getting caught / being heard, wasn’t really an issue.

    In my current relationship with Mr TTR, we both have agreed, we don’t want the hassle / embarassment of possibly sharing our “intimate” selves unexpectedly with others.  So we agree that when we visit family (Parents or Kids) we stay in a Hotel.  And if anyone is here in our home, then we just don’t do “the deed”

    Lol, so far we are batting 100… no one has heard us, and we’ve not heard anyone else either.  Plan to keep it that way.


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    My parents rule was if their door was shut the house had  better be on fireif you’re going to knock on that door.  I know it was so they had privacy , to even talk, withoit one of the 5 of us walking in. That door was always shut if one or both were in thete and at night… it was THEIR space.  I never heard them.

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    my room was far from my parents’, thank goodness for that. lol

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    i have never seen them doing anything, or heard them. phew!

    but thats because they only did it twice right? once for me, once for my sister? 😛

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    ha ha ha never!

    and yes i have feared this too. we had Darling Husband niece live with us in the room next to our 
    (shared a wall) in her 20’s. and she said once she had heard us.. i was like yeah right.. it was our longest dry spell. so what ever she heard was a load of BS. and our bed squeaked so if we were ever going to do it. it woudlnt be in that room.. urghhh she was annoying!

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