(Closed) Didnt lose enough weight.. Now im panicking!

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Sugar bee
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I, personally, think that you really look fantastic in this dress!

Just remember that a lifestyle change doesn’t happen overnight so don’t get too mad at yourself! But with hardwork over the next 4-5 months, I think that lends plenty of time for your goals. You got this πŸ™‚

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4 and a half months is definitely enough time to lose at least another 15 lbs, but you have to want it bad! You gotta be truthful with yourself now about how much you’re going to be upset. 


I wanted to lose 40 lbs for my wedding (and just life in general), but I only lost about 15 because I wasn’t strict enough before the day and I knew that. However, I’m still losing weight, and about a month and a half after my wedding I’m down another 5 lbs, so still 20 more to go at least to hit my goal! Your wedding day is special, yes, but is it enough motivation to lose the weight? Only you can decide that. I accepted that I was a slow-ish loser and wasn’t goint to hit my goal before the day. I like to indulge in wine and cocktails with my husband and friends. I like food. I lose, but slowly.  I think you really should make a choice, you either need to have the motivation and really hit it hard or accept that you’re not going to lose as much as you want. It would suck to beat yourself up mentally for 4 and a half months and still not hit your goal. 

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Helper bee
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You have some time, I think you can do it! It seems like you are very determined and this is what matters πŸ™‚ I think you do look pretty though, that’s a beautiful dress!
I’m wearing my first wedding dress on our first dance (we are getting married twice) and I found out that the first dress I used last year is already a little tight on me… πŸ™ boo! I only have a month hahaha so good luck for both of us!

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First off… you are beautiful! And Im jealous of your gown!

Secondly… you didnt mention anything about exercise so if you haven’t yet, I would def add a little to your daily routine! even some walking after dinner will help! 

Dont beat yourself up… I think you may be looking for the ideal situation and not the fact that you look great in that dress and its a matter of you feeling good abt yourself! The size of the dress does not matter! 

I really think you will be able to see a difference in the next 4 months… just stay on top of your diet and get in some cardio (light strength training if you can too). 

Dont give up! And like PP said. Its a life style change! You got this girl! 

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Blushing bee
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You still have time but even if you are not able to hit your goal weight, I think you kind of reach a point before the wedding where you stop obsessing about it. Husband and I both gained weight since we got engaged and we rocked the fat rolls. We would start a diet and a few days later look at each other and go “But we’re SO HAPPY”, give each other a high five and have dessert. Don’t do what we did! πŸ˜‰ I think you look beautiful now but I think you do have time to lose a few more. 

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You still have some time left but I think you look beautiful in your wedding gown. 

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KapOct18:  4 1/2 leaves you approx. 18 weeks to lose 1 pound a week or 18 pounds. You can EASILY do that. I did it by watching calories during the week (1500 cals a day) and still enjoying on the weekend. I also threw in about 3 days of running during the week. 


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KapOct18:  I would first stop worrying about the size. Make your goal to fit into that one and love how you look in it. Anything else is just gravy. I wanted to lose about 60lbs before my wedding this November. I hadn’t been motivated and lost and gained the same 5lbs over and over. Now I’m down about 15lbs overall and feel so much better already. My goal is to zip my (also size 20) dress. I plan to continue losing weight, but I know I’ll look beautiful no matter what. And so will you!

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Helper bee
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1. You look GORGEOUS! I absolutely love that dress on you- you rock it! 2. Just eat healthy and exercise and it will happen. my goal was to lose 40 before my wedding. I had 5 months. I swapped celery and peanut butter for my chips and have 1 Hershey kiss every day as my treat. I walk 45 minutes every day, and do 30 minute body pump dvd 3 days a week.  I am down 20 pounds and have 50 days to go. I might not hit my goal in time for the wedding, but I feel so much better and my Fiance says I seem so much calmer. Who knew? You have plenty of time to lose a few pounds if you decide you want to, but even if you don’t, you will be the most beautiful bride πŸ™‚ just work on veing happy with yourself and you will glow. Xoxo

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KapOct18:  First of all, you look gorgeous, and I’m sorry you are disappointed in not losing as much as you wanted. People will say work out and eat healthy, but that is WAY easier said than done and the reason why many women yoyo diet. Success is all about building  good habits, which takes tons of time, vs jumping head first and getting discouraged after not achieving an ambitious goal. I’ve worked hard for 6 years to get to being healthier and still have to work on it! I’m a million times better off than where I started, though. I got here by setting SMALL goals for myself. For example, I started doing 1x workout/week for 15 minutes.  I’d do it until I felt lazy, then I’d keep doing it until I was so sick of myself for not doing more. Then I started working out 2x/week for 15 minutes. I built this up, and now I work out 3x/week for 45 min and like it.  Same with food. I used to eat Oreos out the yin yang; heck, I still can’t have them in the house! When it comes to food, out of sight out of mind. What you don’t bring home you won’t eat at home. As for setting little goals, I started with one handful of something healthy for one meal a day(an egg, handful of spinach, broccoli etc). After awhile of being successful at doing this, I increased it to a healthy handful at 2 meals a day. I built upon this until all my meals were healthy meals, and what’s crazy is that I crave healthy foods, now…if you set small goals that guarantee success, over time, you may  most likely reach your big goal. Even if you don’t reach the “BIG goal”, it’s ok because you are better than where you started off with your small successes. Don’t give up. Instead of shooting for your number for the wedding, start off with small goals to build confidence. By the time the wedding rolls around, you may surprise yourself with your results. At very least you will be better than where you started. 

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Blushing bee

You look stunning and the dress compliments you

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Bumble bee

I love that dress.  Especially the color – gorgeous.

I think you can totally do this.  My mom lost a lot of weight quickly by cutting out the following (and that means cutting completely):

-Sugar products like candy, cookies, cakes.  Yes, out.  Think about your wedding cake as motivation!!

-No fast food or pizza.

-Lots of fruit and veggies, salads for dinner

-Whole-wheat breads, not white.  That goes for pasta, brown rice, etc.  Carbs are good for you if you use them!

Now about using them: she picked something that worked for her, and it was walking every other day for an hour.  My sister does Zumba with weights class and looks amazing.  I love to run because it makes me feel good.  Find out what that is!!

Best of luck πŸ™‚

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Sugar bee
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I feel like I write this same advice a lot on this site, but I really and truly believe it. 

The problem is your head, not your body. 

There is not a single gal on this site that I didn’t think was gorgeous, but plenty who are wrapped up in thinking they aren’t. I’ll spare you my whole speech, but the gist of it is this: if you want to fix things, you have to start with your HEAD, not your body. 

I have no problem with you working on a weight loss plan so long as you commit to ALSO working on your mindset, especially because at the end of the day, as ridiculous and kumbaiyah and this might sound, weight loss should be…fun. It should make you happy; it should be affirming. If it’s a drag; if it’s making you feel like a loser; if you’re desperate and stressed over it, you’re doing it wrong. You can’t change things if you come to the process from a position of self-loathing and disdain. You need to come at it from a position of self-love and with a keen sense of value. Exercise and a healthy diet is not atonement or punishment; it’s how you take care of yourself. And that also boils down to figuring out what’s approrpriate for YOU–your likes/dislikes, your comfort level, your health, your goals. The good news is WW is great at that because it tends to be the more flexible eating plan out there. 

But more importantly, you need to start figuring out how to celebrate and appreciate yourself NOW, at your size, your shape, your weight, with the arms, chest, stomach, butt, etc. NOW. Maybe you’ll lose weight in time for hte wedding and maybe you won’t but I guarantee that no matter what your dress size does, if you don’t start working on celebrating yourself NOW, you’re going to risk tremendous stress and disappointment and fear during a period that should be joyous and fun. 

You look WONDERFUL. Work on believing that. 

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