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So, I’m not a doctor, nutritionist, health fitness expert…  Instead I’m a person obessed with being healthy and reading all I can about the topic of being in shape and eating right.  This is my response based on years (10) of being on this quest for myself. What I wrote below is SO not easy….but it’s very effective….and it’s also not something I’d recommend for the long, long term….(cutting out all sweet things would be impossible for me and most people I’d guess), but it’s VERY effective for the short term.  Good luck! 

Sorry to say honey there is no magic pill that won’t hurt your body…. diet pills are just a bad idea… however, if you want to lose weight fast change the way you eat. 

Eat only:

vegetabies (this does not include massive quantites of potatoes & corn)

no sugar or sugar subsitutes at all (no fruit for the first 2 weeks…then you can add it back in b/c it’s good for you.  Sugar subsitutes just increase your desire for sweet things which makes it harder to stay away from them—and the stuff in diet soda/yogurt/etc. that makes them sweet actually increase your appetite so you eat more–not the goal)  You’ll go through a withdrawl period of about 2 weeks where you desperatly crave the sugar….but once you get through that you might still want it….but it’s not like you "need" it.  

Eat lean meat/protein–lean beef, chicken, turkey, fish, beans, eggs/ milk

Eat nuts–small handfuls as a snack

Eat whole grains… rice, quinoa–stay away from bread.  

Eat 6 times a day:  breakfast, 3 hours later a small snack, 2 hours later lunch, 3 hours later a small snack 3 hours later dinner, 3 hours later a small snack.  Make sure not to eat after 9pm.–anything then tends to be stored as fat. 

Go to bed by 11pm–tons of studies show that if you get less than 8 hours of sleep a night your body produces chemicals that store fat and also you crave bad foods throughout the day and have less ability to resist them.  

Lift weights–muscle burns more energy (calories) than fat…so if you have muscle your body HAS to use more food calories throughout the day just to keep it there.  Aim for lifting 3 times a week and cardio 3 times a week. 

 Good luck!

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First of all, you’re not going to see results after a month of working out, unless you’re following a program specifically designed to shed weight fast (30 Day Shred, for example). So don’t freak out about not seeing any results. If you really want to start losing weight, hook yourself up with the 30 Day Shred, or cut down on your food intake. I’m not trying to say that you eat too much now, or suggest that you stop eating…but the only way you lose weight is if you consume less calories than what your body requires. So figure out how many calories you’re burning through exercise, how many calories your body requires without exercise (typically around 1200-1400 per day for girls), and then eat X amount less calories (typically sources estimate 3500 calories (technically kilocalories, but we call them calories in North America) for a pound).

Second of all, you can jump start your metabolism with more natural methods than diet pills (which can cause anal seepage, and I’m sure you don’t want that on your wedding night). Spicy food, high-protein (especially red meat), and green tea are all natural metabolism-increasers. (True, they don’t work rapidly, but it’s a good thing to keep in mind.) Drink lots of water. Not tea/milk/juice/crystal light. Water. (Also, I’ve heard that artificial sweeteners actually make you gain weight, because while your body can’t use them for energy — and therefore they don’t have any calories — your body does actually store them, because they’re so chemically similar to sugar.) Another way to boost metabolism is to eat small snacks throughout the day. You should be eating 6-8 times during the day (some people say in addition to your three main meals), but they should be little snacks (about 100 calories each). You should eat your largest, most carb-heavy meal at breakfast (200-300 calories), then a smaller one at lunch (with snacks interspersed between the two), and then your smallest meal should be supper.

And finally, don’t forget that YOU LOOK FINE the way you are. If you haven’t managed to lose those 15 pounds by your wedding day, YOU WILL STILL BE STUNNING. =) And I know it’s sometimes hard to believe. But it’s TRUE. (Plus, if you’re wearing a strapless dress, loosing that much weight may not be a good idea, because a lot of that weight initially is going to come out of your boobs.)

If you ARE serious about losing the weight, then don’t forget to mix aerobics (which shed calories/pounds) with weight-training exercises (which will tone your muscles). So, if you want a flat stomach and trim arms, you should do crunches/sit-ups, along with push-ups/bicep/tricep curls, etc. and your cardio.

Good luck! (And relax.) 

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Busy bee
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You have to cut out the carbs or at least reduce them.  Only have whole wheat carbs.  Beef up on the veggies and fruits.  Lay off pre-packaged foods even if they are labeled as healthy.  Drink tons of water.  

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Sugar bee

I take Phendimetrazine, you can only get it through a doctor, it is not over the counter.  You shoud have a blood test and health exam taken first to make sure you are healthy enough to take it.  It is an appetite suppresant so it will make your brain think you are not hungry as much.  It works really well for me since I eat when I am not even hungry, just because something looks good.  It basically makes me look at food and nothing will look good or sound good so I wont want to eat.

I can eat multiple snacks a day, lunch & dinner and still want more food.  When I use the pill, I eat a small breakfast since you have to take it with food and then I am not hungry for lunch until usually after 2pm.  Im hungry for dinner but not super hungry so a small meal usually works.  I have taken it on and off but I took it for the past 2 1/2 weeks and did the 30-Day Shred along with it and lost 7lbs.  The only bad side effect (for me) is it gives me horrible cotton-mouth.

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Honey bee
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No, no, no! Don’t take a diet pill! It just raises your heart rate & screws with your metabolism in the long run. If you’ve been working out a lot, then your diet obviously needs to be tweaked. I would follow Miss Popcorns advice… Also, stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Whenever I stress about losing weight- I freakin’ end up gaining! Seriously.  

It didn’t take a day, or a month, to put the weight on & it won’t take that time to get it off. Be patient, continue to work hard & drink tons and tons of water.

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Sorry, there is no magic pill out there and if you take something you are only going to rebound and gain the weight back even sometimes more. Losing weight is hard work, dedication and is not something that happens over night. You have plenty of time if you are only wanting to lose about 15lbs, but you need to start with looking at what you eat, keep a daily diary and really how often are working out? It is hard to see results in a month but I also dont know your situation, how often you are working out and what you are doing for workouts. You need to do a mix of cardio/weights and honestly working out is only a percentage, diet and nutrition is the main key. If it is really a concern for you, I highly recommend hiring a personal trainer. Do it healthy and it will last forever, try and do it fast and unsafe, you are only asking for more trouble. Good luck!

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In the worst case scenario after perservering in eating healthy and exercise, you’ll not lose as much weight as you have hoped but you’ll be healthy and have a great complexion and great energy to enjoy ur wedding day.

 On the other hand, if you take some bad diet pill, you may screw up your health long term, or have bad complexion and/or low energy on your wedding day.  Don’t let instant gratification ruin your actual wedding day or ur health in the long run. Good luck!

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I have tried many OTC diet pills and NONE of them really worked. But I did lose 50 lbs.

How did I do it? I ate less and exercised more. Eventually the weight started coming off. Drink more water, eat small frequent meals. Cut back on bread (my weakness). Get enough sleep, a lack of sleep makes you more prone to gaining weight. At first, it seemed like nothing was happening and then the weight started coming off! Keep at it and you will succeed!

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Blushing bee
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get the flu, especially the stomach flu…..those always seem to help me loose weight, lol. I’m totally kidding, I use slimquik, and it does help, but your not gonna see insane results from it. Nothing dramatic at first at least. I know it’s stupid and possible a waste of money, but how it helps me more than anything is if I don’t eat healthy, i get sick to my stomach like no other when I take it. I’ve started getting up at 5 (before the kids are up!) to go running and just trying to do the veggies/fruit diet. I don’t starve, and i eat a lot less calories and fat.

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I agree that using a diet pill is not a good idea. I was "working out" for about a year and saw no results and it was really frustrating.  Then I bought a Polar heart rate monitor with calorie count and realized how off I was on how many calories I was burning. For example, the eliptical trainer would say I burned 400 calories when in reality I had only burned about 250.  Since the middle of March I have picked up the intensity of my workouts and try to workout 6 times a week (I go at 4:30am during the week) and I have seen HUGE results.  I’ve lost 12 pounds, but more than that, I have seen parts of my body that I thought I’d always be stuck with, start to transform.  I lost about 60 pounds 10 years ago almost entirey with diet and I’d managed to keep off all but 15 pounds (thanks to loving fiance who loves to eat).  So now I’m just trying to get back to my size 4 years ago.  Anyway, it is never easy and if you are looking for an easy out, good luck. I have seen my mom take lots of diet pills, but if you are an emotional eater, taking an appetite suppressant will do nothing since typically you don’t eat because you are actually hungry.  

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For those that say they actually gain weight when trying to lose, don’t feel bad. It has been scientifically shown that people on diets are much more likely than those not dieting to actually gain weight. Our bodies are adapted to store energy much better than lose it.

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As an ICU nurse, I beg that you please DO NOT take diet pills.  All medications, prescription or not, have side effects.  Some of the most detrimental side effects of medications, espcially diet pills, can harm the cardiac muscle.  Losing 10lbs by taking a "magic pill" can ultimately harm you in the long run.  It’s not worth it.  Lifestyle change and exercise are the only choices to help lose weight in a safe, effective manner.

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Instead of a pill, count your calories, go on dailyplate.com and start recording everything you eat. They will let you customize how many calories you eat according to how much weight you wanna lose, if you stick to it, you will see results. I promise, I did.

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