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  • poll: Have you ever taken diet pills?
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    I am of the opinion that there is no easy way to lose weight and keep it off. I think most of them are a gimmick! I fully believe in losing weight the healthy way (diet and exercise).

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    I will be the first to admit I’ve taken them before but I don’t know that I’ve EVER felt like they worked. More like a waste of money. Plus, once i mixed the blue ones (Xenadrine?) with something else and i was sick as hell! They’re not friendly on your tummy.

    I think before you do anything drastic like look at medications, you should revamp your eating style. THEN if you’re still plateauing, try something a little drastic. Maybe meet with a nutritionist or something. There are plenty of healthy diet supplements out there (oxymoron?) that have green tea and some other stuff in them–not sure if they work–but they make me kinda nervous.

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    I’m ashamed to admit that I tried diet pills in college. I had  gained some weight my sophomore year and literally had no motivation to work out because I was so busy with classes and activities.

    I HATED the experience on the pills, and only used them for like three days. They made my heart race, and I felt dizzy. I made sure not to get the ephedrine ones or whatever, but yuck, they were awful.

    I will never try them again. Lesson learned! I just started watching what I ate (you know, no mozzarella stick for dinner every night at the dining hall) and I got back on track.

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    I really don’t think that they do very much.  I have taken herbal supplements like Tonalin CLA but I have never taken anything with hoodia or the other ingredients that are potentially dangerous.

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    Personally: No I have never taken them and I will never take them. How many times have we seen pills that are supposedly safe and they end up causing serious issues down the line? It does not seem worth it to me to lose weight at the expense of putting my health at risk. Plus, it kind of seems like cheating. 

    Generally: I can’t help but pair this with your post from yesterday. You are gaining weight/not losing weight because your diet sucks. You just HAVE to get more nutrients. Adding diet pills to your current diet of caffeine and sugar seems really really dangerous. 

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    I’ve never taken them, but everytime I see an ad I WANT to take them. : / I have serious body issues sometimes. Ironically enough, it’s my fiance (who hates biology) who warns me (the nurse) about how bad they are for you (anal seepage, anyone?). Sigh. Wish there was some kind of miracle product out there — the only times I’ve ever been able to lose weight was when I stopped eating for a month in grade ten, and when I was swimming 7 times a week in grade eleven. No time for that, now that I’m in university and planning a wedding!

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    I took them for a while when I was younger and had an eating disorder… Made my heart race. Made me feel dizzy. I was not right in my mind so I continued taking them, until my heart made me really, really afraid.

    I would not recommend them. Because they’re unhealthy, but also because you can’t take them forever, so whatever weight you get to lose, you will gain back.

    Like Corgi, I think about your last post, which I read but did not comment on. Even if you used those pills, they will not be as fast and efficient than changing your diet. You body is already in starvation mode and your metabolism is not working because you’re not feeding it enough, and this is why it stores the fat and your weight won’t drop. There will be nothing more efficient for you than good nutrition.

    In all the years where I starved myself and used pills and overexercised, I was actually more fat than I am now, and I eat a LOT. Plenty fruit and veggies, lean meat, reduced carbs and fat. Regular workouts. And I do have a cheat day every week to keep me sane.


    OK, just saw what you posted while I was writing. Relieved that you’re not considering them for yourself; especially since you’re a coffee drinker, which makes them worse. 🙂

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    When I was 21 and having some major weight issues, I tried the “easy way out” by taking Xenadrine pills. They scared the crap out of me because my heart would race, I’d get sweaty for no reason – it was sooooo wierd. I guess there was something going on metabolically in my body but it seriously made me think I was going to have a heart attack or something.

    Realizing that was not a good plan, after about a week or so of feeling strange, I decided that I had to have a reality check about what I was doing and consuming. It ALWAYS comes down to HEALTHY DIET & EXCERCISE!!!!! People often think that dieting is the best way but in reality you need nutrients and not to deprive yourself. The other thing is that it’s not all about cardio. Yes, Cardio will burn fat, but the higher percentage of muscle will allow your body to work more efficiently and burn fat more efficiently – so you must do some weight training. And it’s good for preventing osteoporosis 🙂 

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    I haven’t taken “diet pills” per se, but I have taken Bontril (a prescription) to lose weight. I was never obese, just mildly overweight, but I had my doctor prescribe it because I heard such great things. I took the smallest dose and lost 30 lbs in about 2-3 months. I’ve kept all but 5lbs off for the past 2 years with just a small diet (elimination of white food and limiting carb intake) change. It’s really cheap, too. 

    Now don’t hit me anti-prescription people!


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    Honey Beekeeper

    Honestly, Rosie Girl, they terrify me. I have no idea what they are actually doing to my body. The kind of results they claim are not healthy, so I wonder what kind of side effects/long term effects they have.

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    i’m from the school of exercise and eat right….its ALL about the food we put in….

    fitness is a journey not a destination

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    i’ll be the first to admit back in college i tried hydroxycut, my cousin took them while he was weightlifting and bulking up for the navy and i wanted to see the “MAGIC HAPPEN.”

    unfortunately, it didn’t. i felt WIDEAWAKE 24.7, jittery, etc. NOT GOOD STUFF.

    yea it kills your appetite but it also kills your body… not worth it… and also makes you binge… well it did with my anyway.

    that was 4+ years ago, i’ve lived and learned. and will never try to take the easy road out again!

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    I snuck dexitrim in high school and college.  It wasn’t necessary, but I have a bad self image when it comes to body.. Now that I’m older, and I know that those things are awful for you, I wouldn’t come near them with a 10 foot pole.  A healthier diet and exercise is the only sure fire way to lose weight!

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