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@peachacid:  Hmm.. I’ve never tried marinating in the freezer, just the fridge.  It comes out just fine that way for me! πŸ™‚

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@peachacid:  I think if you made food based on what was healthy and not what you felt like eating, you would just eat it because it was there and healthy and you would see results.

For a while, I forced myself to eat a new vegetable every time I cooked.  I would quickly google a recipe I thought looked good based on the vegetable I felt like trying to eat.  Or, I would grill it. 

When’s the last time you ate an eggplant?  Or Kale?  Leek?  Cauliflower?  I have a recipe for leek, swiss chard and goat cheese stuffed portabella mushrooms that I think is TO DIE FOR.  It is seriously delicious and goat cheese is actually pretty high in protein compared to other cheese for the amount of calories. 

Also, you can make eggplant rollatini – you need to get a sugar free tomato sauce, low fat mozz and ricotta, it’s so easy to make, and don’t bread the eggplant, just use it sliced just like that.  Very delicious and very nutritious. 

You can also make kale chips.  They’ll satisfy your hunger cravings.  Here are the kale chips and portabella mushrooms:



Yes, there’s a bit of work that goes into it, but every recipe I’ve made can last me 3 days usually.  So, I cook 2 different recipes and I eat one for lunch and one for dinner and eggs for breakfast and snack on things like berries or an apple or half a banana. 

Incorporate more veggie-based recipes into your diet instead of carbs and more lean protein – you will be full, I promise. 

Try this cauliflower crust pizza:


Try this avocado pesto, but instead of putting it over pasta, try to find those shiritaku noodles (or if you can’t find that, then spaghetti squash):


http://pinterest.com/pin/277815870733970767/ – more spaghetti squash recipes

Think of food as a source of fuel.  You want to get the most nutrients for the least amount of calories.  Don’t think of food like a treat or something to enjoy.  Think of it as a necessity to living and building the best body you can.

As for the PP who said I sound like a dietician, I’ve read a LOT of diet books haha.. I should have done that instead!  I really wish I could open a women’s fitness studio (think zumba, yoga, pilates, barre method, etc) but I just don’t have the financial means to do it!  πŸ™

A cauliflower recipe:


Try googling veggie burgers, but be careful because you don’t want to put too much bread crumbs in your recipe but you do need something to soak up the moisture and keep the burger together – veggie burgers make a great, delicious way to get a bunch of veggies in at once!

Some vegetables to steer clear from: potatoes, corn, carrots – they’re full of sugar and don’t have enough nutrients to make it worth it.

http://pinterest.com/pin/277815870733633474/ – soup w/ only 5 ingredients

And here are some meat/fish recipes – some are slow cooker recipes:

http://pinterest.com/pin/277815870733146729/ – halibut and shellfish soup

http://pinterest.com/pin/277815870733204911/ – pan-seared scallops

http://pinterest.com/pin/277815870733997908/ – muffin pan meatloaf (use lean meat and try to find a sugar free BBQ sauce) – top with something other than mashed potatoes (try mashed cauliflower instead!)

http://pinterest.com/pin/277815870734152306/ – slow cooker roast beef

I hope that’s plenty of options to keep you busy while you get inventive in the kitchen and google some healthy recipes!


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@axeyourmakeupkit:  FYI, in order to make sushi rice sticky, they add vinegar and sugar.  If you’re going to eat sushi, your best bet is to get sashimi.

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@romantical:  MMM sauteed spinach.. another thing to try is green beans with almonds.. http://www.food.com/recipe/green-beans-almondine-14804 only use olive oil instead of butter or margerine and don’t use too much, you really don’t need it.. and maybe saute some chopped onions with the almonds, mmm delicious

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@peachacid:  As for marinating chicken, it’s best not to marinate it.  Just get a spice rub if you need flavor.  Any sauce you add is probably going to be full of sugar. Plus, if you don’t marinate it, you save so much time.  Just take it out of the freezer in the morning and put it in the fridge.  By the time you get home, it will have defrosted in the fridge.  Take it out and toss it on the grill or pop it in the oven.  It’s going to be much less tasty and probably drier, but much healthier for you and less fattening. 

Also, how do you store your veggies?  Perhaps it’s the way you store them that causes them to spoil so quickly.  Or, its the place you’re buying them from – maybe you’re buying them when they’re old already?

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@peachacid:  It’s a few things actually.  First, I grew up in a gym and my mother was a personal trainer on the side of her FT job.  She actually trained two Mr. California’s to title! (and yes, they were both brutally hot and they tested for roids.  I mean HAWT.) I am hypoglycemic so I had to start paying attention when I got out of my teens to make sure I was supporting my blood sugar productively.  Lastly, about ten years ago I started noticing that I would crave certain types of food during my cycle.  Not just carbs and chocolate, but specific flavors and ingrediants. 

I always want sauteed chard with vinegar about a week before AF visits.  Two days before I ALWAYS want steak, greens, red wine and lemon.  I also ramp up my garlic consumption (I mean, like night and day amounts) right after I ovulate.  If we look at this nutritionally, directly after ovulation my body is trying to increase my immune system so that a fertlized egg has a healthy body to attach to.  The chard (vit A) is to ensure that my body is able to properly secrete all the necessary horomones during implantation (its much more complicated than this and has more to do with fixing cells so that they can transport horomones – mostly people only think of A in terms of sight.). The two day before craving (my body has now realized a baybay is not happening) are to increase iron so I am not anemic (steak, spinach, and vit C helps iron get absorbed), and dilute my blood for shedding.  The body is AMAZING in how it tells you what it needs, you just need to listen to it.  Carbs, I keep telling myself, are simply for comfort, but it’s really because the horomones around your period lower your serotonin so you are grabbing for cheap and easy ways to get energy and feel-goodness.  So no, I am not a nutritionist but I find it all absolutely fascinating. 

What foods do you like?  Specifically what types of cuisine?  When you’re at your healthiest what do you eat?  How does your SO eat?

ETA – corrected some typos

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@futuremrsk18:  You can always do a brine before freezing.  Boil some herbs and a tiny bit of salt, then marinade the chicken for about 2 hours and then freeze it.  Turns out delish and oh-so-moist!

By the way OP, ^^ has a lot of great ideas for food too!

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I like the recipes on here: http://paleomg.com/ I’m not strictly paleo but I try to eat as little of the white bread type carbs as possible so that works for me. πŸ™‚

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Oh man I hate when people suggest cutting out wine!! Boo! BUT seriously it’s the best way to slim down if you only have a small amount to lose. Cut out booze & only have carbs & fruit in the morning. Up your protein, lift heavy things, do a little HIIT. Hopefully that will help.


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My favourite meals that are healthy and easy.

I wouldn’t bother too much about *omg no carbs!* or *omg no fats!* because you should just focus on eating good natural food instead of fast food/takeaway/convenience food. Loads of my friends are like “ahhhhh – avocado – the WORST vegetable!” um… no. and i eat brown rice, wholegrain bread etc. I DO NOT avoid carbs – i just don’t eat loads of it.

I personally find that if I try and stick to a ‘wow – healthy!’ diet, I crack and just get takeaway. Instead I eat food that’s not all salad, but good and home cooked and nice. And on Sundays I treat myself to a roast chicken dinner.

Also – i’d just like to point out that I think your fridge is broken, or you’re not storing food properly. Do you put veg in the veg drawer? Salads and things will go bad after a few days, root veg should last a week or longer – same with potatoes. If I have peppers that are getting wrinkly I’ll roast them and use them in a pasta sauce instead of letting them go to waste.

It sounds as though you’re a bit overwhelmed with some of the suggestions the PPs are making and I totally get that, so for now I want to share some EASY recipes. Some are mega healthy, others are just ‘ok’ but better than takeaway – I think you need to walk before you can run on this one!

I shop on a Saturday and cook a roast chicken on a Sunday 

Salmon with Brown Rice & Greens

Soak brown rice in water for about 30 mins. Drain and rinse loads with water to get rid of the starch. Stick in a pan and boil, then simmer for approx 40 mins or so until cooked. Grill (broil?) salmon skin side up – 10-15 mins should do. The skin will go all crispy – yum. Boil up some broccolini or whatever green veg you have and bam! easy healthy yummy food. Good fats, green veg, good carbs. Excellent.


Roast Chicken Dinner

Turn the oven on full, whack a whole chicken on a tray and cover with oil and salt to make the skin extra crispy and nom. Put in oven and turn the temp down a bit. Cook for about an hour and a half. Take out, put on a big plate and cover with foil – this will keep it hot whilst your veg cooks. Peel your carrots, potatoes and parsnips and chop half the potatoes into chunks – boil for about 10 mins and drain. Put them back into the empty pan and shake it a bit to bash the edges – that’ll make em crispy when they roast. Get a deep tray and throw in your bashed potatoes, carrots and parsnips and drizzle oil on them. Use tongs and turn them over so they’re coated in oil and them chuck in the oven for 30 mins or so. If you want mash, boil the other half of your potatoes until cooked and mash with a bit of butter and milk. Cook up the rest of the greens you didn’t eat the other day and you’re done!

That evening, strip the chicken of the rest of its meat then put in a dish, cover and keep in the fridge. I use that chicken on my sandwiches at work (with a bit of salad) and we make chicken fried rice.


Chicken Fried Rice

Cook rice and drain. Crack some eggs in a pan and make a sort of scrambled egg mixture. Throw your chicken into the pan of scrambed egg, and add some frozen peas. Chuck in your rice, stir it around a bit and add some soy sauce. A bit at first and then add more until you’re happy with it. Easy. Done.


Chili Prawn, Avocado and Quinoa Salad

Excellent source of protein and super yummy (and quick!)

In a small pan, cook quinoa according to instructions on packet. In a wok-type-pan, fry some king prawns with a pinch of dried chilli flakes. Whilst these are cooking, cut a ripe avocado into chunks and slice some cherry tomatoes into halves. Put these in a big salad bowl. Once the prawns and quinoa have cooked, add these too. Grab a handful of salad and mix it all together! Mmmmm.


Roasted Sausage Bake

Get a roasting tray and throw in some sausages (2-3 per person), some baby new potatoes, and some chunks of red onion (2 small red onions or one large one). Tear up some sage and add that, too (I put the rest in my freezer). Bake for 20-30 mins and serve with salad (you should have some left if you made the prawn & avocado salad the night before).


2 of these are mega healthy – the others are just good to ease you into making food each night. Cook up a bolognaise with turkey mince, eat half and then add some kidney beans and chilli powder and turn it into a chilli to eat with brown rice 2 days later.

But you NEED to get into the mind set of doing it. No more *but what if i don’t fancy eating that?* – your habits need to change if you want to make this work.

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“Ok first.. the muscle you lost did NOT turn into a layer of fat.  If you lost muscle you lost muscle.  If you gained fat, you gained fat.  If you happened to do both at the same time, you did both at the same time, although separately.  Muscle and fat cannot and will not ever turn into each other.”   -Yes, this!

It sounds like you are making a lot of excuses.  Your muscle loss is not turning to fat.  You gained fat in addition to losing muscle.  Also, cut out the alcohol, its not necessary for your body and its just empty calories.  Have you ever tried cutting up veggies and preparing meals in advance like a pp said?  The vegetables don’t get curly edges or whatever.  Have SO take out half of his beer, and make room for your healthy choices.  Make sure your lunch portions are reasonable and have a dinner!  You sound like you get enough exercise, so I would focus on your nutrition.  


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@peachacid:  My mouth dropped at ‘I don’t like bacon’.  That’s blasphemy!

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Just marking this to come back to later! All such good ideas and recipies ladies

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