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posted 4 years ago in Fitness
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    Bumble bee

    Yep, this used to happen to me when I was dieting. Now I dont really call it a diet or make anyone aware- I just sort of changed how I eat normally. I think that when some people are aware that youre dieting it scares them because they feel they should diet too and then blame you for their feelings of guilt- even subconsciously. I also think sometimes friends get scared that you will change and no longer be fun to hang around with (obviously this is rarely true but we all know that one girl that lost weight and now has to point out how many calories you are eating every time you are with her). And then sometimes I think some ‘friends’ just dont want you to be thinner than them (I had one girl like this). BUT for most people they dont mean harm, they just dont want to feel greedy eating a cookie alone haha. I found at work when someone brings in donuts / cookies/ cake and everyone is fussing over them I just say ‘wow they look amazing, I’m going to save one for lunch’. Then by the time lunch comes around many are gone and no one will even remember – if they do, say you already ate it because you couldnt wait! 

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    somethingblue04:  I hear it ALL the time. I follow flexible dieting, but I still plan out my day and there is usually little wiggle room. I just polietly decline and explain “I have certain goals I wish to accomplish and while yes “one won’t hurt” but consistantly doing that will. So I prefer to stay away from it all together.  I’m sure they are delicious and thank you for offering me one”.

    Once people see you’re determined, usually they’ll let off some. 

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    Well I have terrible advice, that worked in my office. I used to go through this same thing constantly and one day I lost it. I told the office I was going to bring in a pack of cigarettes and coerce everyone into smoking one. I said it in the jokingest manner my really overworked willpower self could muster. I haven’t been bugged since and when I did something that is usually rewarded in donuts to the whole staff  my boss made me a fruit plate 🙂 so yeah, I don’t necessarily recommend his but it worked. 

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    KateA17:  this is a great idea!! Put them off until they forget, and they won’t guilt you.

    I dealt with this all the time at my old workplace. I am really athletic, so they’d attach themselves to that and be like “ohhhh, you can afford it. Look how thin you are!” Eventually I lost it and was like “HOW DO YOU THINK I GOT THAT WAY? BY EATING COOKIES EVERY DAY?”

    So KateA17’s idea is vastly superior. 😀

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    somethingblue04:  Holy shit if anyone tries to make you drink something that has 5,000 calories in it, RUN. Haha, luckily, a large flavored latte with whole milk will be around 450 calories. Which is still crazy, but still. Better than 5,000 hahaha.

    But yeah I have friends like that. There is nothing more rude than trying to set healthy goals for yourself and having others try to wear you down. They’re usually only doing it because they are jealous of your willpower and new found health and want to drag you back down. It’s even worse when your awesome Fiance is struggling to quit smoking (which is even harder to give up than junk food) and half of your friends, who are smokers, always want to have another cigarette. Ugh. Humans. 

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    I know how it feels and it sucks for sure. A couple years ago I lost 50 pounds over 6 months, but it was super tough. My family would always try to pressure me into eating things or trying things when I was trying to stay on a pretty set diet. In the end I said no however many times I had to and I feel so much more confident and happy.

    Once you lose what you want you can relax a bit. Now to maintain I workout 5 times a week, eat healthy Monday – Friday and then have a treat or whatever on the weekend Haha. And just 1 pumpkin spice latte a week with no whip and skim milk

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    My mom’s the worst. I am the only slim person in our family and extended family. Everyone is overweight. She knows I watch what I eat but then almost every Friday she ends up taking me to dinner at the pizza buffet…and when I protest she tells me me I never eat and that when my brother’s in town she had an eating buddy. She lost thirty pounds before my wedding. Now she is steadily gaining it back and I know it bothers her, but she won’t do anything about it.  I have great self control at work but then coworkers have to say rude shit. Um, I don’t call you a fat ass for eating like a pig so leave me alone!

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    somethingblue04:  my boss is terrible for that.  People can make you feel really really guilty for not indulging.

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    Busy bee

    This is happening to me so much. “But it’s just one cupcake!” Yes, it’s one 600 calorie cupcake. Not happening. My guy friends are the worst. They’re always wanting me to come drink beer with them or take shots (and if I don’t drink then I’m “no fun”. Ugh). Alcohol has so many empty calories 🙁

    I think people just don’t realize how dedicated you have to be to actually lose weight and keep it off. Or how fast calories can add up!

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    Chalene Johnson has a great podcast about friends who are not supportive with weight loss. I use to get the same comments, but after I kept saying no to office treats they stopped asking and demanding. You have to stay firm and not give into their guilt. I agree some people have no clue. I had to learn not to reward myself with food. I am still trying to learn not to comfort  myself with food. I agree weight loss is a challenge. The weight takes forever to come off, and so easy to put on. 

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