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I’ve heard that often times, when people are very focussed on their their diets, their mind tricks their body to think it’s in survival mode. Thus, your body transforms food into fat to “store up”. I think you need to give it a few months of steady diet, exercise and your body will stabilize. I also personally think it’s not healthy to obsess about a diet and be too hard on yourself because in the end you will end up craving the things you cut out even more and the next time you indulge you will probably end up eating more then if you would let yourself have a treat every now and again. Hang in there!

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I’d guess you weren’t eating enough and so your metabolism slowed down and your body started hoarding fod.

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I would explore different diets.  I found that cutting out cheese, all dairy and breads, potatos and any type of grains help me with my stomach bloat and help me lose weight….it’s called the Paleo Diet….you can have 3 meals a day and lose weight.


Good luck to you!

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Have you tried tracking your calories on MyFitnessPal or SparkPeople?  I agree with

@mrsSonthebeach:  that you may have gone into “starvation mode” and your body wouldn’t let go of any stores as you may not have been taking in enough.

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How much weight do you want to lose? 

I usually gain weight when starting a diet and exercise program. It takes awhile for me to start losing. I have no idea why, i will maintain or gain the whole month and then the week I am on my period I can lose 3-4 pounds. I have always been this way, so it takes me about 3 months to lose 10 pounds. This isn’t me hardcore dieting/exercising though, it’s me cutting back my cheat meals and running 3 times a week. 

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Not strange…I could not lose weight and the docs even gave me metformin to help me drop the weights. I found out on my own that I was not eating enough….so I upped my calories to 1800 a day ( I was 172 lbs @ 5ft 4) and I started to lose weight. I simply slowly adjusted down and at 130lbs I can eat 1500 a day cmfortably without exercise and maintain. Keep adjusting your calories and see if you see a difference/pattern and then follow that

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I cannot diet. If I diet, I gain 5 lbs in a hot minute.

If I just eat whatever I want, I will stay the exact same weight.

The only thing that makes me lose is to keep eating whatever I want and to do an hour of low impact recumbant bike a day. If I do an elliptical or spinning, I gain anyhow.

Keep experimenting!! You will find something that works <3

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@BetterSherm:  I have this problem to.  Whenever I am on a traditional low fat diet…i.e…. counting calories, I gain weight.  My body thinks I am starving and I gain.  Even if I am only eating veggies.  This is how I am, and how I will always be. 

A bit of back story on me…(and maybe this might help you)

I have always had issues with weight.  But I was a very active kid growing up, so only got to a chubby level.  But then around high school, I just stopped a lot of my extra activities and I blew up!!!!  I was about 270 when I graduated high school, and I kept growing into my first year of college.  And I have been on a low fat diet since about 4th grade.

I then tried Atkins.  Wow!  It was amazing, it worked for me.  I felt great, I was loosing weight, gaining muscle.  I got all the way down to 190.  And then I let people get into my head about how it was unhealthy.  (It is healthy by the way  dietdoctor . com) So, I went back to the low fat diet.  In short, march of last year I weighed 310, my heaviest ever. 

What did that mean for me?  It meant that my body was never ever going to be able to handle the calorie counting low fat diet.  EVER!

So, I have been following a low carb/high fat (modified Paleo) diet since January, and I am already down 45 lbs.  And I’m never hungry.  And because my body feels satisfied, I lose weight. 

So, a shift of opinion and plan might just be what works for you.  If what you have been doing keeps failing, you should try something different!

well, that is my two cents… 🙂

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Sounds like you may need to up your calories, do some weight training, and do some more intense cardio. Walking and biking are good for overall fitness but it’s super high energy stuff like zumba that always gets me shedding the pounds.

I also have a thyroid condition and for ages I did cardio (elliptical, bicycle) three times a week and stuck to eating healthier foods…and didn’t lose a damn pound.

When I went back to eating regularly, just in moderation, and started using weights and taking dance cardio and zumba classes, that was when the numbers on the scale finally started going down.

And yeah, don’t go overboard with the water. We get more water from our food than people think. Don’t try and force down more liquids if you’re not thirsty.

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Can you give us examples of what you were eating for an entire day?

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