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Busy bee

I’m usually more stressed than the SO, I find that really long foreplay helps me relax, even if I’m “going through the motions” as it gives me time to emotionally connect. Also, middle of the night sex is great, because I’m too sleepy to stress….

I don’t feel guilty because sometimes the tables are turned… and he’s not feeling it. Boys seem to be okay with going with the flow…. more than we give them credit for.

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Oh, I do all the time. haha. I feel so horrible when he gets that look on his face when I tell him I’m just too tired. = /

We work opposite schedules so we hardly see each other (Me at 5 am, him at 4 pm) because our sleeping schedules are so different. So when I feel it, I get turned down, and vice versa.

Sometimes I wish I could just suck it up and go for it.

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My Boyfriend or Best Friend is like your Fiance and has a VERY high libido. He always wants is more than I do. There was a period I felt like I was just going through the motions and too tired or stressed for it. Like you, I have a stressful job and I have to kids!

I did feel guilty about it because he noticed and would make little joking comments that I didn’t want him anymore, which just made me feel MORE pressured and more like I should just go with it. But since I didn’t really want to that, in turn, made me more cranky. Not a good cycle to start! What has helped me was really just not doing it when I didn’t feel like it because I think that was starting a bad habit.

I think the biggest thing really is to not force yourself to do it if you don’t want to. There is nothing wrong with being too tired or just not in the mood, especially if you’re still “doing it” on a pretty regular basis.

Now, I feel back to normal and the more I enjoy being with him in that way, the moer I want to do it. Try not to feel guilty or stress about it too much!

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Wow, that’s exactly what I’m dealing with now too! I’m very VERY busy at work, stressed over that, the wedding and new student loan payments (that just started this month – wooo!) and the only thing I want to do when I get home is put on pj’s and sleep.

My solution (which seems to be working so far) is to do little things during the week (haha, think “third base”)  and try to spend more intimate time with him on the weekends when I’m more relaxed and caught up on sleep.

Most importantly, just like CurlyDreamer said, don’t force yourself to do anything you don’t want to! When the mood strikes, go for it! When it doesn’t, well.. there’s always next time! No need to feel bad/guilty.

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Bumble bee

You guys are so lucky! We are the opposite – I definitely want it more than he does, and that has created some tension in the past. I get what you mean about feeling guilty, but honestly, I think you have the better deal 🙂


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Mine is a lot lot less than my husband’s especially due to my medical problems lately.  I definetly do feel guilty about it.

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Honey bee
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We’re also the opposite… my sex drive is a lot higher than his. At first I would take offense when he’d blow off (or so I thought) my advances, but then I realized it had nothing to do with me 🙂

My ex had a high sex drive & I actually found that even if you aren’t in the mood- if you just spend time on foreplay you’ll quickly get into it (even when you think you couldn’t)! Fake it till you make it… haha well, fake getting into the mood.

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We’re the opposite just like some of the other ladies above.  I find it really frustrating to be on my end because it can make you feel unwanted (or just unsatisfied obviously).  But I can understand the other side and feeling guilty.  I think it’s awesome that you still try when you aren’t feeling it; I can’t even get that out of my fiance.  It’s like the person with the lower sex drive has all the “power” if that makes sense.  They get to dictate when you do and do not have sex!  Arg!

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Busy bee
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Oh thank goodness you other ladies posted–I’m the opposite too. He’s currently stressed with school and a difficult work situation, and while in the past we were on an even sexual footing now I definitely have the higher drive and he’s the one blowing me off. I hadn’t even been able to talk to my girlfriends about it because when I mentioned it none of them could relate. :

I think what would be helpful to hear from him is that a) it has nothing to do with me and b) instead of just being like “no I don’t want to” try to explain why (so as to emphasize it has nothing to do with him) and offer an alternative: “sorry, I’m exhausted right now–why don’t we set the alarm 20 minutes earlier?”

I don’t know…we haven’t really figured out our issue, but I think the above would make it easier for me to deal with…

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Sugar bee
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This is a great thread and has been a point of contention between my Fiance and me.  My libido dropped about a year and 1/2 ago.  My dog died, I changed birth control (yaz) and the sex drive just plummeted.  We are intimate about 2-3 times a week but it used to be more than that.  I kind of feel like I have chemical imbalance as I just am shocked at how my libido dropped.

I’m actually thinking of getting an IUD so I no longer have to take the pill as I’m thinking the yaz is also contributing to this.  Not sure though.

As for the guilt, I do feel guilty.  But if I’m too tired, I’m too tired.  Wouldn’t you rather enjoy it then wishing you were in your pj’s in bed?  I’m so glad I’m not alone out there.

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Bumble bee
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It’s been nice to read this post about other people’s experiences. This issue has turned into a point of contention with us as well. I have a much lower sex drive than him for about the last year and we average about once a week. When I say that to him, he says that’s not true and that we go much longer wiithout having sex.

We actually got into an arguement about this last night and tried to talk things out a bit this morning. I still feel bad about the entire matter. I feel pressured and saddened by his frustration. I have no solution and I am not sure what to do anymore.

I am lucky because we do generally have a good relationship. This is the only big thing that we fight about, but I do worry that we won’t figure out a solution and it will turn into a bigger problem.

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Sugar bee
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@jaylii – I’m sorry to hear you got into an argument.  I can relate to you.  What I tried to do was figure out what is going on in my life that could affect my sex drive.  Am I taking any new medication?  What stressers are in my life?  My sex drive is low too, but I find that I need to make a conscience effort to keep it rolling.  A good friend of mine told me, if you don’t use it, you will lose it.  So use it, girl! 

During the week it’s hard for us to be intimate but we are always intimate on the weekends.  Perhaps that will work for you??!!

Not to get too personal but I try to keep things spicy and new. Dressing up in sexy lingerie, new positions, adding music, WHATEVER WORKS.

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stephinPA- Thanks for the note. It’s nice to hear that someone can relate and I don’t think it’s too personal.

I do have a pretty good idea of what is contributing to the low sex drive. I am in a stressful, long hours job that I need to get out of as soon as possible!

We also try to have sex on weekends, but sometimes when life gets busy (which it has been recently) it doesn’t happen. Fiance also wants to try to have sex a couple times during the week which seems like the bigger challenge for me.

Another thing that he really wants me to do is go to the gym on a regular basis. I recognize the importance of going to the gym, but get very overwhelmed when I think about everything that is expected of me at work, then the gym and then sex.

I sound like a whiner, but I realize that I feel very pressured sometimes. I think I need to make a more conscientious effort when I get home to take some time with him to relax and enjoy sex. We should also try out some new things to keep everything interesting. 🙂

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Busy bee
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My husband and I are actually going through this right now. I am resigning my job and in the process of transitioning back to school, which has me really stressed out. We are moving in a week and haven’t packed much at all, I haven’t done my Christmas baking yet, I am just a big mess right now.

As a result, I have basically ZERO sex drive. My husband has been really patient, but the few times in the last couple weeks that we have gotten intimate I have lost interest fairly quickly. Its hard for him to hide the disappointment and it makes me feel awful with guilt.

We are trying to slowly work back up to what we consider our normal rate (4-6 times per week) and sometimes its hard for me to kind of “force” the mood. I don’t have much advice because I am struggling with this, too, but I can offer support, you’re not the only one!

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