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I’m Catholic, and Fiance is Jewish.  We’ve found a good balance of incorporating our faiths into our lives and respecting the other person’s religion.  We have seders for the Jewish holidays, and he observes Easter and Christmas with me (although he usually doesn’t go to standard Sunday Mass with me, which is totally fine). 

We were really up front about it from the beginning.  Both of us said that we were not going to convert (I believe conversions shuld be 100% genuine, and not for the ease of having a one-religion household), and we were okay with that.

So, I guess for us, it hasn’t been an issue. 

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Honey bee
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I’m Anglican.  SO is Atheist.  We just let each other do our own thing.  He will go to church for occassions (Easter, Christmas, christenings etc) but he doesn’t believe.

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I’m an atheist and my partner is Catholic, though definitely not a serious one. He’s too much of a scientist to be a real Catholic – I think he believes more out of habit. We haven’t had any issues with it at all. Our wedding ceremony will be mostly secular, with any religious things my fiance wants. We don’t argue about religion at all, and we’re both happy to raise our children to be freethinkers. Possibly the only issue down the track may be his parents, but hopefully we will be able to keep it all under control.

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@LadyElva:  I know many scientists that are religious. 🙂

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Honey bee
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I was raised Catholic, and Darling Husband was raised Jewish. 

Neither of us really take what religion spoon-feeds people. I guess you could call us agnostic. But we do participate in cultural goings-on around holidays. Like putting up a Christmas tree, or having seder dinner elements during Jewish holidays. 

It’s going to be interesting if we have children. I don’t think DH’s family is going to like my insistence to let the child choose a religion for his / herself.

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Busy bee
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He is Catholic and I am a Christian.  We fight about it.  I had no idea his church views me like they do until we got married.  We do not go to church together, which is something that really crushes me.  Oddly, he’s fine raising his children just plain old Christian, which is a relief.

Basically, we try to avoid theological arguments.

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Honey bee
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Darling Husband is Christian, I am Agnostic. He goes to church most weeks. I attend with him on occasion but I don’t really enjoy it.

He was pretty lax when we were first dating but as he has grown in his faith, it has become more of a stress on our relationship. He claims he doesn’t want to convert me but I can tell he wishes I believed the same things as him. When we can avoid discussing spiritual topics, we’re fine.

Bringing kids into the mix will be interesting.

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SO was raised penecostal and I’m buddhist.

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Busy bee
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Darling Husband is a Christian; I’m Agnostic. We have theological discussions a lot, but mainly for me to ask him questions and learn more.  He is firm in his beliefs and has said from day 1 that he in no way wants me to convert, which I don’t see happening anyway.  He stopped going to church, mainly because he was feeling out of place in the really conservative traditional church he had been attending at that time.

Even though we have fundamental differences in our religious beliefs, we are in 100% complete agreement about the way we will raise children and agree on important social issues (gay marriage, abortion, etc). His family is upset in the decisions we’ve made regarding our future children and religion, but Darling Husband and I agree and have a united front.

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I was raised Catholic & Fiance was raised Orthodox. I am currently Agnostic & Fiance is currently an Athiest.

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Bumble bee
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When Darling Husband and I started dating he was agnostic and I considered myself a Christian.  As we grew together, and I realized my beliefs were more based out of habit (I am a preacher’s daughter) than out of my own soul searching, I decided to explore my beliefs further.  I realized that I shared a lot of the same views as my husband and many of those views did not coincide with those of the church.  I soon realized that I too, am agnostic.  I am not sure what I believe.  Our children will be raised to make their own decisions and to love all people.  If they choose to follow a religion than so be it!

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@SupermarketGirl:  My guy is Catholic… and is in the process of getting divorced which is a huge no-no… so he’s pretty much non-practicing. He believes in God obviously, though. I’m agnostic. I am not sure I could ever be part of a religion.

I think that relationships like ours can work with an open mind. If I was an atheist then maybe not. I’m one of those “show me the proof but I won’t believe either way” types.

At first we had some heated discussions but I realized that he is open minded himself, he isn’t one of those shove your religion down another’s throat types etc. We decided that we’d baptize our future kid but not raise them religious.

I am not sure that I could have a religious household… I used to be forced to go to church and I hated it (my family wasn’t relgious at all so that was odd, my parents made us go for the community aspect of it). We’re going to let our kid make up his/her own mind about it.

With that said, though, I think that Christian/Catholic principles are good, and I generally try to follow them… I just don’t think that I need a religion to be a good person. I don’t like rules. If I can’t wholeheartedly believe something I will opt out, basically.

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