Dinner dilemma for my grandmother's 89th birthday!

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Omg is this for real? I wish my grandma was still here so I could celebrate HER birthday.

Girl, be grateful your grandma is here, healthy, wishing to celebrate her 89th birthday with you! It’s her birthday, she gets the say on what she wants to eat. Eat something before going to the dinner. You’re making this all about yourself. So what if you took the time to drive and buy a gift for her? Isn’t that what a loving granddaughter would want to do?!?! And you have a “strict sleep schedule”???? 

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overmylimit88 :  ” out of the question” ” I said no” “I’m not going” ” I won’t have an option”” I have a strict sleep schedule”

Do you hear yourself?

They suggested you don’t go. I think I am with them on this one.

I have a feeling even if you did go you would complain and make yourself a martyr the whole meal.

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I hope your whole family takes grandma to her favorite BBQ restaurant and they enjoy the heck of out their meal. 

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overmylimit88 :  Are YOU EFFING KIDDING ME??!!??? Before I even read the rest of the bess responses How freaking dare you! I would give anything to eat a meal with my grandmother… I’m sorry because I normally don’t just bitch people out but seriously it’s your Grandmother! You can’t just suck it up and sit there while other people eat?  Are you going to miss the opportunity to be with her because you don’t like the food?   

If so then I guess it’s your loss love xoxo

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I’ve been a vegetarian for 24 years. Last weekend, I sat and smiled while my grandma, for unknown reasons, graphically described to me how to slaughter a chicken. Deal with it, princess. 

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overmylimit88 : I can’t believe I’m actually about to feed the troll but just in the off chance real people like this exist…

I am vegan and you are being UTTERLY FUCKING RIDICULOUS. Vegans like you make the rest of us look bad and I’m sick of it.
Just order a few sides and create a meal that way. To be honest, that’s what I love to do anyway because I get to try a bunch of things instead of just one meal.
Alternatively, you could eat beforehand and just have a salad at dinner.

Or, as you’ve already mentioned, skip dinner and meet up with them afterwards…if your precious fucking sleep schedule allows it, that is. To be fair, I’m sure your family are hoping you don’t show up at all anyway.

You’re being bratty and selfish. Stop acting so childish and get the fuck over it.
You certainly can not dictate where the birthday girl gets to go for her celebration. ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING SHE’S 89!! Who knows how many more birthdays she has left?

Ugh, I don’t think any other post has made me so angry at the stupidity and self-centredness of it on the bee than this one.

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I only read the main post. Look I get it sucks. I’m deathly allergic to nuts which is comminly used in many foods. For celebratory things I eat ahead if there is nothing I can eat and I order drinks. It does suck and its awkward but its also still fun to get to celebrate.  I’m always grateful to be included even if I can’t participate.  Now if they were steaming cashew milk I’d have to decline, but I try to participate when it’s still safe. I recommend you do the same you would regret missing grandmas birthday. 

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overmylimit88 :  You know, a lot of people would be really grateful just to have a Grandparent that is pushing 90… Your attitude here is atrocious. Instead of counting your blessings and doing your best to enjoy an evening of celebration with your family, you are making the entire event about YOU. I cannot believe you had the gall to not just say “I’d prefer not to go for BBQ” but to outright say “it’s out of the question”… and then to shit on their suggested alternative. And now that you’ve been given the option to meet up after dinner, you’re still unsure because it might mess up your precious little sleep schedule? YOUR GRANDMA IS FUCKING 89… if she can stay out a bit later, surely you can.

You need to do some major self-reflection.

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overmylimit88 :  honestly you are being the annoying inconvenience here.

Be vegan all you want but you are not the guest of honor and requesting a group of people to cater to

YOU is absurd.. I honestly can’t believe you even made suggestions like this to your family it is so


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Hi Bee – I’ve got a bunch of food allergies and honestly now – if someone is excited about a specific resataurant (especially my Grandma who doesn’t quite understand my allergies and is 92) I just make sure there is SOMETHING I can eat. If I’m choosing I obviously look for lots of options, but if not I typically will just call and ask if there is anything (other than a side salad) that will meet my restrictions and then deal with it and plan to eat a regular meal after!

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It sounds like you make everything all about you. Your elderly grandmother should get to eat at her favorite place and stay out as late as she wants. Just skip it so everyone else can have some fun. 

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Good god, it’s your grandma’s birthday. Hell, if it’s ANYONE’S birthday they get to choose where they want to go for their birthday dinner. If you don’t like italian and they do, oh well. Eat before you go or eat sides only. It’s her birthday, she should get to decide.

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You need to see this as being less about the food and more about a social get together. I’ve been to loads of meals at restaurants I hate and would never eat at if it were up to me, but Ive still gone and had a great time. Did I remember it for the amazing food – hell no! But I  do remember spending time with my loved ones and having a good chat and laugh. 

The main point of paying over the odds at restaurants is just to get out and be in a social situation. Regardless of the food you can still enjoy the night with your family.

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SO, SO hoping this was written by a bored college kid waiting for the bus back to school, and not by someone who’s ostensibly a grownup…….

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Uh… as a vegan you should be well acquainted with eating just sides or calling ahead.Get your headniut fi your ads and do the ground work or stick to a side of fries and shut up. It’s not your birthday. ?!?!?!?

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