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What exactly are you asking here?

If it’s really that big of a problem for you: post a sign or tell management and maybe an email will go out, or clean up yourself.

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@tmsing:  Ugh, people do this in my office too. They will leave dirty dishes in the sink – we have a dishwasher!! Who do you think is going to put those dishes in the dishwasher for you? This is not your home. Some people are just so inconsiderate.

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@tmsing:  Is your office the type where you can send out a company-wide email? We do monthy fridge “clean outs” where this one guy, who is OCD, sends out an email saying to initial your $hit or throw it out, or he will. 

Or, you could put up a sign and say that if the dishes aren’t claimed this week, they’re going in the trash?

You can’t be the only one who has noticed. Our fridge actually has a hilarious sign on it: a picture of a mom and a kid, faced blanked out and replaced with “Your face” and “Your mom’s face” with the words: Your mom does not work here. Please clean up after yourself, or Christmas is cancelled. Just kidding. Maybe”

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@tmsing:  I work with a lady that refuses to clean up after herself. We are in a small office and it is very obvious to the rest of us who is leaving the trail of food, crumbs and dirty dishes behind. I do not understand adults that cannot or do not pick up after themselves.

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Ugh I hear you.I work in a damn hospital. For 3 or 4 weeks we were out of dish soap. I bring my dishes home to run through the dishwasher because I’m like that. So, every time I walk in there, I notice there’s no soap. I’m not there FT so I’m like really? No one can bring soap? So eventually someone fills up the dish soap bottle with hand soap. REALLY? So I buy them a damn $3 bottle of dish soap which is half empty in 2 days.

People leave their sh*t in the fridge forever. I went through it on one very quiet shift. I threw out twenty-fucking-three expired yogurts. I’m talking 6 months expired. Everyone in this room works in damn healthcare. I found a container of peaches that had turned black, a pussing blue burger and a whole lot of other treasures in there. It blows my damn mind. 

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Be happy you have a kitchen!  I work with over 100 people – we have no kitchen, no free coffee, no water cooler, nothing!

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Ugh there is one lady in my office who eats frozen corn every day for lunch (don’t ask me why, because I don’t see anything so lovely about those Green Giant veggies-in-sauce things that would make me want to eat the same damned thing every day) and she goes to brush her teeth every day after lunch…. so neither of those are bad things, except she never cleans the sink in the ladies room after she’s done brushing, and if you go to the ladies room in the afternoon, you get to see her leftover corn skins trapped in the sink! Gross!

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I’ve been dealing my aversion to people leaving their dishes to soak in the sink. I think office etiquette calls to use the sink to rinse and use paper towels to dry and take back to your office space. Then properly wash it at home if needed. Don’t make others have to look at your dirty soaking dish or have to work around them. A month back I posted a sign over the sink: “Please don’t leave dishes in the sink. Take them with you” so this week I just had a conflict in my office and I made the mistake of engaging her. I’ll share it with you for a laugh and to release some frustration I had. I walk into the kitchen and see two plastic drink bottles in the sink soaking and i grumble to myself then I do what I have started doing when this happens and I open the under sink cabinet to put them down there. Suddenly the woman owner who had been a few cubicles away yells at me to stop. I look at her and say that she needs to wash them not leave them. She tries to apologize for it bothering me and said that we just have a difference of opinion and I said no it’s not opinion it’s being considerate of others. Then unfortunately for me I allow her to draw me into a discussion of why she can’t do that with me trying to suggest options. A disaster. Here were her excuses: there is dried up stuff and I don’t have anything to scrub it with, Me: use a paper towel. Her: I just got a manicure. Me: Fine so then take it to your desk to soak. her: it might spill and damage my computer. Me: so don’t set it next to your computer. Her: but I have papers spread all over my desk. Me: I don’t care then just put it on the floor. but if I find dishes in the sink I will put it underneath. Well it didn’t end well. I found the sign in the trash bin later.  This is the mentality of people who act like their mother comes to work with them. My plan next week, to apologize for engaging her then to discuss the kitchen sink issue with the manager.

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