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We are pro videographers, and from what we’ve learned, if there is tension at all, be it between the bride and groom, or the couple and the photographers, it’s most likely going to show unless you snuff it!

Rule number one is to make sure the bride and groom are RELAXED and COMFORTABLE! You are very right to suggest that the photographers should’ve tried to loosen you guys up a bit. I also work as an assistant to a wedding photographer an he will at least tell stupid corny jokes or something, just to break the ice! And you’re also right about the digitals. The photographer I work for is CONSTANTLY checking his images and discarding ones that don’t look amazing or look uncomfortable or forced. He does a lot of staging, but shoots in between the staging to get those candid interactions…I think this is pretty much the protocol for most photographers!

Also, not to get anyone fired or anything, but if you’re not comfortable with your photographer, and if you guys came out in prints looking awkward, you may come out as awkward in your wedding photos, and those are the ones that you REALLY don’t want to look staged or uncomfortable. Personally, as someone on the other side of the lens, I like to have an unbelievable chemistry with the couples we’re shooting, mainly because they can really feel comfortable and be themselves. Nothing is more photogenic than a couple in love. And you may be more in love than anyone can imagine, but any tension or discomfort you may be feeling will mask that love and come out in your images.

It’s a tough situation and I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Hopefully someone who has had a similar experience will chime in with some better advice!

Keep us posted! 

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Hmmm…first off, this is a close friend?  There should be a lot of relaxed pictures I would think.  If you are with a stranger, it can sometimes get awkward but a friend should be fun and casual.  Second, yes, they should be telling you whats going on.  Ours did for our E-pics….I hate being in front of a camera, especially with someone I don’t know.  SO whenever I started being weird, he let me know, and worked on getting me to relax and be natural.  Finally, I am not sure what he means by a photo shoot vs. an engagement shoot.  Both are pics of you two together.  E-pics are usually the smiley, cheesy pics, unless you do more of the photo jounalism style, but they are usually meant to be framed or sent out or put in the paper, so I think that yes, they are more traditional photos.  I understand what he means about getting your personalities etc., but things like that are usually expressed in the location and your attire, then posing…..Its hard to explain this part.  But candid is really more for the wedding photos than the e-pics.  In my opinion.  All that being said, I am guessing he is offended that you didn’t like them.  I would be wary about whether he knows how to pose, and whether he is comfortable saying anything during the shoot rather than blaming you afterwards.  Honestly, I never see anything good coming out of hiring family/friends for such a big thing.  UNLESS you are both comfortable turning it into a professional relationship during the "work" hours….I just think it gets complicated.  Have you seen his other work?  You should gather some images of what you like and show him – there have been a lot from the bee’s – and if he is willing to work on it, see how it goes.  Otherwise, find a new photographer.

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If this is your fiance’s close friend, ask him for a re-shoot. Don’t feel awkward about doing so because if he were someone you didn’t know personally you would either ask for a re-shoot or find a new photographer. Don’t settle, and open the communication, that should be one of the top things with your relationship with your photographer, maybe the photographer is a bit timid because he is your fiances friend but he should give some direction, but let him know that what your looking for, like dreambm said, show him some pics or pics from his own work that you really like. Let him know, what you said, if the pictures are looking tense he should be the one to let you and your fiance know so you all can get the great shots you want. His name is on these shots and he should want them to be fabulous, and want you to be happy with them. If he doesn’t want to re-shoot or the second round of e-pics don’t turn out the way you and your fiance like, give em the boot! Hope it helps,just my opinion.

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