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  • Wedding: September 2010

No i understand why you are upset. I am suppose to get my pics back next week and i am hoping that they got certain things. I already think we should have taken more time with family pictures and we also didn’t get a pic of the groom with the bm! 

But you have to enjoy the ones you have and not dwell on that stuff. There is nothing you can do about it at this point. I know it sucks a bit but you need to not let it bother you. Did you have a videographer? If so they might have captured some of these other things. 

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Honestly, it is hard for a photographer to get everything.  I generally suggest that people pay a little extra for a second photographer because most don’t realize how much time it takes to change a lens on a camera or get the exposure set right.  I have seen some photographers who take great photos, but just aren’t lightning fast.  Even with 3 photographers (we hired one, plus my grandfather is a photographer but he also brought the student he is training) there are still moments that remained off the film, but I think that’s just part of it.  Also, did your photographer give you all the shots?  Or did he just give you the edited versions?  Maybe he actually got those shots but something was slightly wrong (like someone stepped into the edge of the frame) and so he didn’t give them to you?  Anyways, just be glad that your friends and family got extra photos of everything!  : )

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@marjojo:  You may be right about that, a lot of times they don’t put everything on the web.  I hope it turns out for the best!  : )

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I feel your pain because I was upset with my photos after.  I booked through a photographer who wasn’t available my wedding day, so I got someone else that works with him.  While I really like her as a person, I wasn’t thrilled with the fact that I was supposed to get a photographer and second shooter and I instead got the photographer and her boyfriend (who has a business background, not actually any photography experience). 

I have ZERO photos of just my mom and I from the day, or of my grandmother and I.  Those were shots on the must have list they asked me to fill out.

I also have ZERO photos of my grooms face as I walked down the aisle, we didn’t do a first look, so still now, 2 years later, that still upsets me.

The one photo of my husband and I with our flower girl and ring bearer is way overexposed because of something wrong they did on their end and they said it’s not something they are able to fix, not even in photoshop.

There’s a variety of other things that I could go on and on about I’m sure, but the fact of the matter is there’s no way to go back and get a redo.  Just thinking about it is quite upsetting, but I’ve learned that being upset doesn’t fix it and never will.  Instead I try very hard to focus on photos I do have that I like and hopefully doing that will help you feel less upset about those missed photos, too.  

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  • Wedding: June 2010

We had two photographers as well.  There is no picture of my husband at the top of the aisle, there’s ONE very bad picture of all the groomsmen together.  My husband also had a “costume change” from a dress uniform to a regular tux.  We had explained to the photographer that we were not crazy about the dress uniform, and were only wearing it to please his mother.  We wanted just the ceremony and formal photos with HIS family in the dress uniform and all other photos and the reception in the tux.  I asked several times to break for him to change, and they would keep brushing me off.  There’s not a single posed photo in the tux.

There’s one group photo of my husband’s whole extended family.  I have my eyes closed, but we’re going to have to send it out anyway, because it’s the only one.

There’s not a single picture of me and my mom, and toward the end of the night, my dress had started to slip down from people stepping on it, and standing up/sitting down over and over, and gave me serious back fat.  I’m annoyed that nobody told me to pull it up, but then all the photos of our first dance are of my back, so none of them are useable, since I have more cleavage back there than in the front.

Also, we booked them for 30 minutes prior to the ceremony.  They hung out in the ceremony area, and never came to find me, even though I arrived pretty early.  That paired with the fact that they didn’t get any shots of the groomsmen together makes me wonder what the heck they were doing??


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I’m sorry & I do understand how big those parts of your wedding are to you. I’m also sorry for how long this post is! Wow I just was on a roll or something?

You do have a shot of your groom at the isle. Maybe you don’t like his expression in the photo, but your photographer doesn’t know his expressions as well as you do. Its possible there were other pics but maybe he was blinking or maybe to the photographer, they looked almost like the same pose, so he chose one of them. You can ask if they have more of this. At least its not missing altogether!

You do have pics of the dance, just not the dip at the end. Your photographer didn’t know the play by play of the dance & I bet the dance was something you probably put hours into (days & weeks even!). I can totally see how you really wanted the dip caught. However, they probly didn’t know the exact angle you would end & just was at a bad angle. Someone could have walked in front of them during that moment too. 

Your skirt, idk. To get that, you’d have to be standing with a light behind you. Maybe they tried & failed at it. Maybe in their eyes, they got the shot of the lace but it wasn’t how you were wanting? Misunderstanding? Maybe they had no clue how to do that so did their best?

It can be HARD to get good group shots sometimes. Someone blinks or has their mouth open or turns their head to talk to the person next to them. When you have 12 people, it can be tricky to notice what each one’s expression is. At least you got 1 pic of everyone. Try to focus on that :). Or you can ask if they have more group shots?

I keep telling you to ask, but you never know. You can ask if there are any more shots from your wedding. Or ask if you could get all the pics that were taken (like the unedited ones, some companies will do this, but some won’t). You could send a polite email asking if they have more shots you could have? Try asking first, you may ask if you can buy them later on if they won’t go for just giving them up. Companies that really try to sell to you usually want to make more money, so some sell em & don’t care that they’re not edited.

The jacket, you’d think they’d notice that! Especially portraits. Maybe you can do a “day after” shoot or a “trash the dress shoot” (doesn’t mean you have to destroy your dress) to get more of the shots of the aline lace dress & with the groom’s jacket closed. Sometimes you can ask if they’d do a mini session since the jacket was undone in all your portraits.

Changing lenses can take a minute. You need to be in a place where dust can’t get in the camera, or the lens, or the lens you’re taking off. If dust gets in the camera, it can destroy it by scratching the glass. That’s one thing I’m SUPER careful about, because it happened to an old school friend’s lens & a $1k lens, trash from 1 grain of dirt. Not sure if the environment was the issue or maybe they were afraid they’d miss the moment if they changed lenses, or maybe they were going for a cool style.

Not liking the location is kinda a toughie. Its hard to know what people do & don’t like. Some people would love a more urban shot, some people love more nature shots. My guess is he saw it & loved it & figured you’d like it too?

Haha wow the Ghostbusters thing was cool, wish I could see that :). Getting 3 shots of it, IMO is plenty. You may ask them if they have more of that, if you’re not happy with the ones you got. The others may have looked similar, or they didn’t want to take a ton of the GB & focused more on you or something else that was going on.

What style are they? Are they more traditional, or did they seem to be more candid when you hired them? You said there was a head management guy, I’m sure the new guy probably is more traditional if most of his shots are like that. But the company as a whole, did they mention thier style or anything?

I’m not trying to be harsh, or rude to you. I’m also not saying you shouldn’t be disappointed, cause what you were wanting in photography, you didn’t get. I just know how hard it can be to photograph a wedding. I may be going against the grain on WB, but I think your expectations were a little high in some areas. However, its really hard since you didn’t get to meet with your photographer before or really know his specific style. I think if the company would have let you meet with the photographer before hiring that specific guy you wouldn’t be as disappointed. But try to focus on the good! You sound like you’re happy with your photos, just not that there are not as many of things that happened.

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I completely understand your feelings of disappointment. It’s rough in the aftermath of a wedding to recall all the amazing moments and then realize that some of them are going to have to exist only in your memory. Changing the photographer on you at the last minute is completely unacceptable, and you have a very legitimate complaint there. But, I think you might be holding your photographer to just a bit too high of a standard. Even a very talented photojournalistic-style photographer can’t possibly capture every single tender moment that happens during the day. To take a good photo, one has to already be standing in the right place, have the correct lens on the camera (switching to a panoramic lens would definitely take a few moments), adjust for lighting, compose the shot, focus, and fire. It takes a great deal of talent and experience to line up a shot that will look good in the brief instants before a moment has passed and be able to do that consistently again and again over the course of an eight-hour event (give or take). It’s possible your photographer was running to get a shot of you and your husband kissing outside the church but simply couldn’t get the shot lined up in time. Or maybe they sneezed and missed it altogether! We also ended our first dance with a dip, and we don’t have a photo of that. You can see in a video that a guest took that both photographers are running around to attempt to get the shot of the dip, but they were on the wrong side of the dance floor to start with and had no way of knowing where we’d be at the end of the dance. The dip only lasted a few seconds, so it just wasn’t possible for them to get that photo.

Again, I do understand why you are feeling disappointed, but the best advice I can offer is to take a lot of time looking through the photos that you do like, and let the positive feelings you get from those wash over you as you remember your wedding day. Sometimes, there are moments that will only live in our memories – but, you even have the video as well, so nothing is lost forever.

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