(Closed) Disappointed….Did I expect too much from my Photography???

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  • Wedding: February 2011

Oh no! I’m so sorry. You didn’t expect too much. I have realized now while I am hunting down photographers…that I need to ask about a lot of things. I have been asking how many photos do they expect to be taking in general. Because I want all photos on a disc in the end.

If I were you right now like others said I would review my contract for sure. But make sure to find out who was taking photos at your wedding and get copies of all photos from family and friends. I was at a wedding of a friends and for some reason.. I got 5 photos of their kiss but the photographer didn’t get any…but she was so happy I was able to get those and give them to her.

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  • Wedding: September 2010

The lens issue never should have been an issue. A true pro would have had two camera backs loaded with the two lenses, and they should have just been able to move between them. Was this an established person? The number of pictures delivered and the fumble mistakes show that they are not that experienced. I hope you didn’t pay a ton only to receive that service?!?

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  • Wedding: May 2011

I photographed a wedding this past weekend and charged $500 for 8 hours + two dvds + two 8x10s + all of the editing. I shot the wedding alone and it was my first time EVER doing it. I captured all of those moments. I did a miss a few (less important) shots and I still feel horrible. In My Humble Opinion, I would have to request some money back (all dependent on what you paid of course).

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Photographers can’t afford to edit every good shot they take during the day (800-1200 photos- we’d be editing forever:) so maybe she picked the best ones? Does your package include the unedited versions of everything they took that day?With two shooters there should be a TON- though 200 edited photos seems about right.

 I would email her and try to negotiate a price reduction if you asked for these important photos and she did not deliver. If she’s shot a wedding before she should A. Have a second camera with the correct lens on her (during ceremonies I hold two cameras) or B the second shooter should be in position to capture the important moments. If you didn’t ask for these images you may be out of luck. The situation sucks, it sounds like she was inexperienced.

 As a side note: I would never ask a photographer “how many photos do you take an hour” because it’s a tricky question. I can take 1000 photos per hour- are they good photos? Maybe 20-50 of them. THe rest are doubles/unimportant things. A better thing to do is make a Must Have list.




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I think 257 is a very low number of shots for a 6 hour wedding with a 2nd shooter.

I got about 700 shots from 1 photog & 800 from the other (photogs were there almost 4 hours, but I had 2 seperate photogs, not a 2nd shooter). Not everyone will give you that many pics & doing a “# of pics by hour” is really hard. Some people will get 450 shots for 8 hours, some get 1000… really depends on the photog.

Do you mean they didn’t capture your dad walking you down the isle at all? Or just at the end, when he gives you away? The 1st kiss, it could have been a bad angle or looked awkward, that can be missed. The rings take awhile, I couldn’t imagine them missing that, but maybe the low lighting made things blurry & they didn’t want to give you a blurry pic.

What does your contract say reguarding the photos? Does it say you get all photos or do they have a number on there or anything?

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  • Wedding: August 2010

We had 11 hours of coverage, so i cant really compare our number of pictures, but my best friend just got married and had only 6 hours.  her pictures were just posted on Pictage and there were just over 1000 of them – ALL edited.  I agree with PP, most photogs carry two cameras so they dont have to switch lenses, and thats what a second shooter is for.  poor form on their part.

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Was any of this anticipated from meeting with them before hand?? I would say these is no excuses if you have a second shooter a. and b. if they are only going to take 300 pics and as someone pointed out 25 pics an hour they better be the best damn pictures Ive ever seen. Was there a specific amount of pictures you agreed to or anything like that?? Im sorry youre disappointed, this is my biggest fear thats really aweful.

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257 images is outrageously LOW! We had a two shooters for a total of 7 hours and received 2,100! Granted, some of them were the same image, just in black and white, but for 6 hours of coverage?!?!? Unacceptable! Does the contract give any number of photos to be provided? I was so shocked when I read the number after hearing the hours…That sucks!! I think you are within your right to point out your disappointment to them and see if they will compensate by doing an album for free or something…I’m so sorry tho!

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I agree with @trailmix  that is very low!  I would speak with them again and see if you can even get some lower quality shots they may have gotten just because you want to see your first kiss!  That is unacceptalbe if they missed it with 2 shooters!  What was the 2nd one doing?

We got over 3000 from our 8 hr 2 shooters.  Even though you don’t use like 75% of them it’s still nice to have if you want!  Sounds like you don’t even have that!

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I am meeting with photographers right now and I was told that it should be at least 100-150 photos an hour. I think what they did was completely unfair to you and you have every right to feel cheated. Unfortunately, like you said, it can’t be changed. Do you have video of the day at least?

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I had my photographer for about 9 hours and got around 650 pictures all edited. I honestly think I just got lucky b/c I was a total dumb/uninformed consumer. I never looked at the contract or even thought for a second what might go wrong with a wedding photographer. I just figured, “He’s a wedding photographer, he knows what he’s doing better than I do”. Luckily, he captured every moment and did it beautifully and we can frame any one of our images as-is. But it could have gone horribly wrong.

If I were you, I would try to ask for some $ back based on how much you paid them. HOnestly that’s not enough pictures and they clearly missed important moments, I would definitely say they acted in bad faith as professionals.

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There really is no standard in the photography industry- that’s why it’s important to ask questions and read your contract. Most photographers I know 200 edited images is normal, but these same photographers also provide digital negatives (500+ unedited photos).

  The more I think about the posters situation, I think she’s out of luck with getting a refund. Most photographers give you clear expectations of what to expect I.E. “Package includes X amount hours of coverage and minimally X edited photos” If your photographer never did this and you never asked (or agreed to her terms) you don’t have a case. She can argue quantity doesn’t equal quality.

  However, the photographer made a rookie mistake and both her and the second shooter missed a very important moment.  Does  2 missing moments nconstitute a 100 percent refund? Probably not- but you should be able to get some money back and the digital negatives. If she’s a real professional she’ll prefer to make you happy so you don’t tell you friends and family about the negative experience.


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