(Closed) Disappointed….Did I expect too much from my Photography???

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  • Wedding: July 2010

I am so sorry that happened to you.  ๐Ÿ™   We had a very similar experience for our wedding but got about 100 more pictures.  You have every right to be upset as you paid quite a bit and would expect that a wedding photographer would understand that a wedding is not something you can redo and would attempt to capture every moment they possibly can.  I hope that you have a lot of photos from friends and family that will help preserve memories from your very special day despite the disappointing photographer.

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That is so not ok. I give my brides all the shots i take and it is around 2500 shots, granted i don’t edit all of them(i usually do 400 edited). Shots should not have been missed and if by accident they were you can stage them too. i am sorry!! This is a lesson to always sign a specific contract stating what iis you are getting.

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She might not be into wedding photography, but I don’t think that was the reason for the missed moments.. a good wedding photographer can still get those key moments whether she was “into it” or not.. I think she was just not a good wedding photographer, and just because she was doing it for a while doesn’t mean anything, there are a lot of wedding photographers out there that “have been doing it for a while” and suck majorly.

I think you just unfortunately got a crappy one ๐Ÿ™

maybe she moved to an island and become an underwater photographer because she knew she wasn’t good at it and her business is going down.

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@Lucky80710: Hey, sorry about the tech talk! Blown means parts of the photos were overexposed (blown out), kind of like in the days of film if you took the roll of film out of the camera anywhere but a dark room. The film would be exposed to too much light and all the information in the image would be lost. Same with digital, if you expose the negative to light for too long in your camera (use the wrong settings) information can be completely lost in the brighter parts of the photo, leaving you with nothing but blank, white space in those areas. This is probably a really bad explanation, but I’m trying! Was flash not allowed in the church? If your photographer had used flash to light the foreground she could have exposed for a darker background and kept the details back there in spite of the light (that’s how you get sunset shots!).

Anyway, long story short, it really does sound like your photog just didn’t know what she was doing ๐Ÿ™

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  • Wedding: August 2010

Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the only one!!! We didn’t get any photos of:

my dad and I before he walked me down the aisle

my parents giving me away

close-up of our first kiss

me getting into or out of the limo

close ups that showed any of our expressions whatsoever during our first dance or during the dances with my father and C’s grandmother

photos of me with my mom and dad before the wedding (although my sister took a beautiful one – not sure why neither photographer took advantage of that moment – we were all sitting on the bed together and posing for crying out loud!)

photos of any of the guys’ boutonnieres

decent photo of us being introduced at the reception

C’s face when he first saw me, even though we did “first look” photos…

But we do have a photo of the school bus we hired to bring guests back and forth from the reception to the hotels, the gift boutonnieres I gave to the girls as part of their wedding gift (they matched their handmade purses), a photo of us from behind as we’re being introduced…

Basically we have no photos that capture the emotion of the day in any way, shape or form with anybody, except our happiness together after the ceremony (which is something). And for two photographers for 8 hours (and $5,000), we only got 702 photos.

It’s at the point that I don’t care that it’s been almost 3 months since the wedding and she hasn’t even designed our wedding album yet. I find myself caring more about the fact that it’s been 6 weeks since I ordered a print of one of our engagement photos and it still hasn’t come in (website says 2-4 weeks). ๐Ÿ™ I asked about getting the other photos, and she said they weren’t up to her standards, so all we get are the 702 that are on the website. I’m really kicking myself now for not going with the other photographer.

I’m sorry we’re in the same boat. And no, I don’t think either of us were expecting too much. I’m doing like the other bees have suggested and have started pestering friends and family for copies of their photos.


(ETA: well, I’m not GLAD I’m not the only one, just happy that I’m not crazy!)

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What is the name of the photographer??? or the name of the company???

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  • Wedding: May 2010

Be careful about posting vendor’s names… I wouldn’t post it here. Likely, they’ll see it & that won’t help you.

I would wait til this gets resolved (if you’re going to take legal action) & then post a review. I am curious as to who it is, but I wouldn’t post their names just cause it can really backfire on you. Sometimes photogs like that will negotiate with you if you don’t name them online.

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yup. Wait till it is all over and then give it to them in a really crappy review to warn the others.


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@Lucky80710:picnik is awesome…it uploads all your high resolution photos without compressing them.(it gives you the option to do so). It has everything you need, it is 4.00 a month and super user friendly!

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@hope1275:ladies…this is horrible…who are these people posing as photographers? photographing a wedding is a lot of work and you HAVE to be committed to it. My style is not for every couple and I let them know that…it is better to be honest then have the client upset.

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Only recourse is to post a review on places like yelp and wedding wire. My florist gave me the wrong color flowers and you better believe that everyone is going to know about it!

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You DESERVE these pics, anyone telling you to not stew over it is way to passive. You need to send a very firm letter saying you are dissapointed in the number of pictures and that you would like to see all pictures from the wedding. Something is clearly up here, and your photographer is just trying to cover it up. Maybe a memory card broke or something. But either way at the very least you deserve all the pictures. And if something did happen, then you deserve money back. When you think about 300 pictures (which isn’t even how many you received) over 6 hours would be 50 an hour. Did you really not even take 1 pic/minute? No. So something is up here.

If she does not respond to you I’d blast negative reviews of her everywhere you can. Every single review site possible. This shouldn’t have to another bride!

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Take this as a leason to tell all yor frineds; do not hire just anyone as a photographer. There is a serious problem in the photogphy world with young women selling themselves as wedding photographers when they don’t have the slightest clue about photography. It destroys well establishd businesses an frankly, runins the weddings of suckers.


I’m sorry you had to learn about it the hard way but I hope you can be a conduit to any of your friends to fully reserach a well esablished photograher. I wouold not hire anyone under 30. and for about another 10 years a good question to ask would be “when did you go digital?”

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