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Buzzing bee
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I think you look fabulous! There is a huge difference! Look at your belly button in all the pics. The proof is right there! 

my question is what more are you trying to achieve. You look fit, you look healthy. What else are you after?

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Sugar Beekeeper
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You can’t change the curve of your hips (which is beautiful) – is that what’s bugging you? Because your stomach looks all kinds of tight and toned!

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Helper bee
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@kmarie719:  I can definately tell a huge difference in the last picture. You are slimming down wonderfully. Dont get discouraged. You look great!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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@kmarie719:  I definitely see an improvement. I would just suggest that maybe you’re still eating too many calories. I’m also not a fan of totally eliminating anything from one’s diet. Everything in moderation. Just because you stopped eating wheat and dairy doesn’t mean that you’re not still eating too much of other things – just a thought.

It sounds like you’re doing something right though (proof is in the pics!). I would continue working out and continue improving your diet.

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Helper bee
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First off, there is definitely a differrence between the first and last photo. Good job on folowing through with workouts and eating healthy.

How many calories are you taking in every day? This single factor determines most of your weight loss… even if you eat the healthiest foods, but eat over what you should be to lose weight, it will be hard to lose it. Diet is 80% of weight loss, so even if you are increasing your muscle tone, you won’t see results until you stick to restricting your calories.

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Helper bee
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Sounds like you’re eating well, but I would encourage you to make sure you’re somewhere between 1,200 – 1,500 calories a day. Even if you only track this on certain days… when you eat not enough calories, your body goes into starvation mode. 

I actually entered your above meal plan, and you’re likely not even reaching 1,000 calories per day. Such a deficit will (even though it sounds backwards) stall your weight loss because your body is trying to hold on to every last calorie. Especially if you are working out a lot, you need to be eating more. 

Good luck at your appointment with the nutritionist! 

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Buzzing bee
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I think you look really good and can definitely see improvement over time–especially in your abs and your thighs.  I would just say to try to keep tracking your calories and especially tracking your carbohydrate and protein intake… Even if you’re not eating foods containing gluten, you might be overly making up for it with other carbs (i.e., there’s carbs in buckwheat and whole wheat and even in fruit).

I’m also really short, and I find that my short little arms and my stomach/flat tire are the absolute WORST to try to get smaller.  I’ll be totally happy with my hips and my legs, but my arms and lower stomach don’t get smaller until I’m at the very lowest weight that I like to be at.  All I can say is, keep up the good work with the exercising and make sure you’re eating enough calories, and getting as much lean protein and whole foods as you can.

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I think that whatever you’re doing, diet-wise, keep doing it.  What matters most is the direction you’re heading in, and you’re doing great (and looking wonderful!)


If you do a diet that makes you lose weight faster in the short term, there’s a good chance it’ll backfire and not work out in the long term.  And not every diet works for every person, either, so you might even get worse results in the short term, too.  You’ve obviously found something that is making you lose weight and get more fit, so stick with it!


You can’t really decide which part of your body you’ll lose fat from, since that’s mostly a genetic issue.  But weight training certain areas will help you build up muscle to give you a more defined shape.  Get a personal trainer to help you with this.


Also make sure you’ve got a dress that flatters *your* shape!

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Honey bee
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you may never have a six pack. from your photos I can notice quite a significant size difference. your bottom half is much smaller… the only thing that I don’t see huge improvment with is the lack of toning in your arms and upper body (now, I’m not sure that’s a look you’re going for or not… but that’s really all I notice!) 

don’t hold yourself so some ideal (impractical) ideal. You’re not a tiny thing to begin with, chances are you can’t get there either… (through no fault of your own- you were not built that way!) but you, you have made a great deal of progress depsite wheather you see it or you don’t.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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@kmarie719:  i can totally see a difference on you.  good job.  keep it up.  you are definitely tightening up.  sometimes it’s better to go at a steady pace.  btw, i have “hips” just like you.  those natural, womenly curves.  my dh loves my curves.

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@kmarie719:  First of all, you’ve done a great job already and I can see a tremendous difference between your before and after pics.  Use these as constant motivation – I know my “before” pics kick me into action whenever I’m having a “I just don’t wanna exercise!” day.


I think it’s a good idea to speak to the nutritionist.  I am no expert myself, but from your sample menu, it looks like you might be eating a bit too much fruit.  Even though fruit is healthy, they contain high amounts of natural sugar (aka carbs) so if your main goal is to lose fat, you will have to limit your intake of fruits and count it into any percentage or portion of total carb allotment you have for the day.  Bananas and pineapples especially have a lot of natural sugar in them.  Try adding more vegetables into your diet – they’re truly one of the best things to eat when you’re trying to lose weight (I just wish they were tastier).  Your protein intake should be higher during the phase where you’re trying to lose body fat, so that your body burns the excess fat as energy (and doesn’t use the carbs you’re eating as energy).  Just have to be careful about this initial high protein/low carb phase because once you get to a certain performance level, you will need to start introducing more carbs to give your body the fuel it needs to push hard during your workouts.


I also want fabulous arms like Eva Longoria and you’re on the right track!  Strength training is a definite must to get that kind of definition and it’s also good to use heavy weights with less reps.  Us women don’t have enough testosterone to get super bulky like men do, so don’t be afraid to use heavy weights.  In combination with that, you’ll need to do high intensity cardio to burn excess fat, otherwise all the  nice muscle you’re building will be hidden underneath a layer of fat (which sometimes gives you that “bulky” look).  


Again, I am not an expert, it’s just from the last couple of years going on a total lifestyle change myself.  It’ll take some experimentation to find what works best for your body and you have to keep changing your diet and exercise as your body changes and evolves, so that you avoid those dreaded plateaus.  

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