Diva Cup?

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churrosandroses :  Don’t be scared! I’ve used Softcup (similar) for about 5 years now. You’ll never go back! I often forget that it’s even that time of the month! You can’t even feel it and it makes my day-to-day experience so much better, haha. I suggest emptying it in the shower. Honestly, it’s just the simplest way. I also always use a liner for backup. It’s rare, but every now and then if you don’t put it back right, you may get some leakage. 

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I started using a Diva Cup at 15. I have never had any problems! You need to discover ‘the right way’ it fits inside you, but it’s not difficult at all. If you can feel it at all, it’s not in properly. There is a little tail at the end that you can grab to pull it out, and it doesn’t sit very far up anyway so you can always reach in a bit more an pull it out easily. Inserting is also not an issue. You sort of ‘roll it up’, put it in, and it unfolds, creates a bit of a suction, and you’re good to go. Don’t be scared! It’s a great economical and environmental choice!

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As long as you are assertive getting the thing in and out, you will be fine. Try not to get anxious about it, the cup cannot get lost and the worst it can do is create a tiny bit of suction, which you break by pressing your finger in before trying to move it. Another thing is depending on your body, you may want to cut the stem a tiny bit (it was too long for me and it poked me), but don’t cut it all because that makes it easier to grab. 

I used it for 5 years and never had an issue of any kind. I LOVED how convenient it was. I only stopped because now I have an IUD.

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I got a Diva Cup earlier this year, and I love it!!  I honestly forget that it’s even that time of the month now- so easy, and you just have to clean it out twice a day.  I don’t have to think about packing tampons when I go out, or making sure I have a stash at work or anything.  I highly reccomend using them, so yay to you for jumping on the train.

As for using them, I just read the insert that comes with it, and read some tips online before I tried it.  It felt weird for about 30 minutes, and then I didn’t feel it anymore.  After using it for just a day or two, I got it figured out.  It really isn’t that difficult, so read up on it, but don’t overthink it.

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I love it, and would never go back to tampons. I’ve been using it for about 5 years at this point, and it did take a bit of a learning curve, but overall I’ve loved the ease of it, it never leaks, I can forget about it when I’m out during the day and never have to worry about it in public restrooms, I can swim with it, and I never have to remember to buy tampons. Some tips: 

– I highly recommend the “push down fold” option for insertion – most comfortable for me by far. Removal is pretty easy, just pinch the base and pull. I’ve never spilled while removing it. 

– Be careful what kind of soap you use. I alternate a gentle soap (Diva wash or a gentle liquid hand soap) with just rinsing with hot water, and I boil it after each cycle. Some soaps that are oil based like Dr Bonners will beak down the silicone. 

– Insertion/removal is easiest for me when squatting, so when I can I change it during a shower. It’s not a big deal otherwise, but the shower is my favorite place for emptying the cup and washing off. 

– My period sometimes starts during the early hours of the morning, so I just pop the cup in the night before I’m due to get it. Unlike tampons, there’s no risk of keeping it in longer, so I find it convenient to preempt leaks. 

Good luck, I hope you love it! 

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I love it. I tend to use it the most when just at home and it still saves so much money. 

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 I just started using my diva cup about 3 months ago after having it for almost a year. I was so nervous to try it, and now I’d never consider going back to tampons! It’s easy to insert, clean, and remove. I don’t use the wash or anything; I just clean it with cold water first (to prevent staining) and warm water before re-inserting, and then I boil it at the end of my cycle. I was nervous about removing it, but it’s really easy! The little tab thing is right near the opening, so once you flex your muscles down there, it sticks out a bit, and it’s easy to pull it out. I will recommend, though, not doing dishes/washing your hands a lot right beforehand because having soft nails makes it ridiculously difficlt to get a good grip, in my experience.

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I’ve used a cup for just one month, so it’ll take me some more getting used to before I feel I can reccomend or advise on it, but it’s not as scary as I thought it would be. Have a trial run before your period, just to get used to the folds without the mess, and for getting it out, bear down a bit-makes it So much easier to reach the bottom of the cup to squeeze and remove it!

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I got the smallest Diva Cup and cannot use it. I panic everytime and can’t get it in, which makes me panic that I can’t get it out…. 

The silicone seems too thick or something? I saw a comparison chart of a bunch of different cups, and think I might try a different brand.

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I’ve been using it for 8 years now. It can take a while to get used to but it’s well worth it. For the first few months while you’re getting used to it, I recommend using a liner. Not every cup works with every body and being new, you may not even realize it’s not open/seated right. 

Speaking of how every cup works with every body, this quiz can make recommendations on what’s right for you if you have trouble with the Diva Cup. http://putacupinit.com/quiz/ 

I’ve used the Diva and Lena and prefer the Diva. Perhaps that’s just because the Diva was my first cup though. I prefer being to grab the Diva by the body rather than being forced to grab the Lena by the stem. Plus the suction on the Lena is stronger. Great for leakage, not for removal. Sure it sucks that you may need to try multiple brand/sizes but it works out in the end. The cost of two cups over 8 years is much less than the cost of tampons and pads. 

Personally I only change out my cup twice a day and only when I’m at home, when I have a sink right next by the toilet. The shower is the easiest place to do it because you can get it out, rinse and wash it with readily available soap, and pop it back in. 

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zulee :  I stopped using the beauty too because I have a Paraguard. I’m sensitive to tampons and had constant issues that made me sick and I hated it. After a year of that crap, I talked to my gyno about it (who originally told me not to use it). According to her, there’s some new research that shows it’s safe to use with an IUD, but you just have to be careful with removal – always break the seal before you move it. That’s all. She still said that someone who just got an IUD shouldn’t use it, but if you’ve had one for a while then it’s not an issue as long as you’re careful. This was my experience and I’ve been happy as a clam for the past 8 months with zero issues. 🙂

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I just started this year and I am also team NEVER GOING BACK.  It’s so dumb how excited I feel when I get to use it every month and imagine all the money I’m saving not buying pads and tampons.  Game changer for sure.

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Ok so help me out… I can’t get it in! I shove and shove but I can still feel it and it feels too shallow, like it’s about to fall out. What am I doing wrong??

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I switched to the diva cup about a year ago and I love it! It is very easy to insert and remove. Your vaginal cavity is NOT an endless tunnel, you can’t “lose” things in it. The cup is larger than a tampon so it’s easy to grab, especially if you leave the stem on, but I wouldn’t worry about it. I cut the stem completely off because I could feel it, and even with the stem off there are still ridges on the bottom of the cup that help you grip!

I find the punch down fold to work best for me and as long as you are able to rotate the cup 360 degrees after insertion you are good to go! If you’re in doubt, just feel around the edges of the cup with one finger and as long as don’t feel your cervix poking out anywhere you’re all set! I’ve never leaked with my cup in, including overnight 🙂

If you feel like it’s not “up” far enough, it can help to bear down during insertion and then when you stand up your cervix will naturally pull the cup up with it due to the suction. If you can still feel it you might need to trim the stem.

Good luck 🙂

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