Diva Cup?

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its the best thing ever

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I was so nervous the first couple of times. I had DH stand there and support me. 😂

I was pretty lucky because I didn’t really have the learning curve that other people talk about. Just follow the directions they give you. I do the “push down” fold so that the top ends up roughly the size of a tampon. You just stick it up in there and spin it around so it opens up. I also try to sort of suck in my stomach and engage those muscles down there to help pull it up. You can sort of feel it suck the cup up. I haven’t cut the stem off; if I feel it, I simply push the cup up higher. But I know many women need to cut it off.

So to get it out is so easy!! You just push it out. Do not try to pull it out, that will not work. Push it out, and then when it’s near the opening of your vagina, it’s really easy to stick a finger in and push on the cup so that the vacuum seal releases. Then just take it out and turn it upside down to dump the blood down in the toilet. 

Enjoy your menstrual cup! I know it’s overwhelming at first, but it’s totally life changing. I also use Thinx period panties on lighter days, which totally changed my life as well.

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I have a lunette and love it. Some of my friends have tried other brands, and the silicone was too rigid. I could barely get theirs to fold with two hands (when I was showing them how to quarter it so they could use). 

The only part that sucks about using a menstrual cup is the feeling of RAGE you get when you misplace it and have to use tampons until you can find it 🙂 

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I tried switching to the Diva Cup when Softcups stopped selling their menstrual discs in Canada, but I discovered that menstrual cups just don’t work with my body. It seems that my cervix isn’t centred, and I can’t get menstrual cups to work without leaking. 

I’ve tried angling the cup towards my cervix, but it always shifts back to cause leaking.

I ended up buying Softcups for a ridiculous price from eBay, but I have no choice. I hate tampons because they are messy, smelly, and inconvenient. I empty my Softcup twice a day during my morning shower and evening shower, and it’s like I don’t even have a period. I can’t feel it at all, and I find Softcups easier to insert and remove. The most important part was it not leaking. I can even partially empty them when I use the toilet by “bearing down”.

I don’t think you can tell if a menstrual cup will work for you until you try it. I wish they worked for me, but I’m glad the Softcups work.

So if the Diva Cup doesn’t work, I recommend trying the Softcups.

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churrosandroses :  I love the Diva Cup! I’ve found it easy to get in and out. I did a dry test run the first time I tried it out, and that was the only time I had trouble getting it out. DH had to help me remove it. But I also didn’t use lube that time, so maybe that factored into it as well. Every other time has been ok in that I’ve been able to take it out on my own, sometimes after a while of trying. But over time you get used to it and much better at it. Now I have absolutely no issues!!

I use the punch down fold. And if you ever have trouble getting it out, definitely get into the bathtub, squat, and bear down. That will push it more forward so that it’s easier to reach.

FutureDrAtkins :  Have you tried using lube? Relaxing would probably help most too. There’s no way a cup can get lost inside you. Even if your cervix sits high, you will be able to get it out. And after a few times, inserting and removing it will be come easier.

If you want more advice, PreciousStarsPads is also really helpful…she’s a teen who has a youtube channel about comparing different kinds of cups and general tips on how to use menstrual cups. It’s really impressive how much she knows at her age and how passionate she is about reusable menstrual products.

I have about 6 different kinds of cups, and I feel like they feel the same going in in terms of how thick they are, I don’t think that the ones I have are that different in the thickness/diameter.

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GM18 :  Mine is the opposite problem…I find that the softer cups don’t open for me so I need a firm silicone cup to open well. I started out with the Diva cup, which worked fine, but now use a Lena cup or a sport MeLuna.

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I bought a cup (not Diva) earlier this month and have been waiting for my period like a kid waits for Christmas. Of course is was late, but today is my first time using the cup! I have a reusable pad on with it just in case it leaks, but inserting it was much easier than I thought, then it kind of suctioned itself up. I gave the stem a gentle pull and could feel that it has suctioned onto me, so hopefully I have done this right! 

Sorry, totally TMI, but this is so exciting! I have never been able to use tampons, I absolutely hate the feeling of pads, and generally despise buying sanitary products every month. Fingers crossed this is a success! 

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Used to, but never had a period in 3+ years thanks to Nexplanon so it has been just gathering dust. I much prefer no period at all since I have endometriosis. 

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garnobella :  glad you’ve found it helpful. Like anything it can take a couple of goes to get the gist of it. I’ve been using a mooncup for about 10 years now. Like many other users I swear it’s made my periods a breeze after a bout a year they shortened to about 3 days and quite light. No cramps or anything. Good luck with continued use of yours and do post if you need any tips – either here on in the Facebook pages for cups. 

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I have a super soft meluna mini cup. I thought it might be too small but I bleed much less now than when I was using pads. I couldn’t wear tampons because they hurt- apparently my cervix is really far back and tucked away. 

To make sure I don’t have any leakage I put the cup in so that my cervix is slightly in the cup as that’s also where I get best suction for the cup to open up too. 

Taken a bit of experimentation to figure out what works for me, but I’m so glad I don’t need to carry pads around and feel unclean during periods now. Like PPs have said I forget I am on a period now too because I’m more comfortable and have less bleeding and cramping now. 

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churrosandroses :  Not to sound dramatic, but the Diva Cup changed my life. This is TMI, but my day-to-day flow is incredibly heavy. I have never been able to use tampons, either. So, compound that with a heavy flow and a hormone disorder that meant I could have my period for as many as three weeks at a time meant that I was miserable. Miserable. There would be days I wouldn’t even want to get up and move around. Days where I couldn’t sneeze or cough unless I was sitting on a toilet. I know, gross as hell.

I finally decided to get the Diva Cup. I was nervous, unsure it would work with me, but after a couple of tries, I got it in and . . . holy shit. I could move around, I could go shopping, I could even exercise if I wanted to–I didn’t want to, but that’s not the point haha. I can seriously not recommend that thing enough. It honestly gave me my life back–which sounds silly, but yeah.

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