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Do you have a girlfriend who you’d feel comfortable with taking the photos? If not, a tripod? I’m thinking a sports jersey from his favourite team would be pretty cute! Knee high socks to match? Does he have a favourite sweater or shirt? I did some of my photos in the shoes I was wearing when I met him and he really liked those.

My hairdresser put big sexy curls in my hair that held up well during my shoot (I did it the same day as my hair/make up trial to save me the cost of rebooking the same stuff later!).

The great thing is that since you’re DIY-ing them, you can take the photos, tweak what you like/don’t like in terms of lighting or your outfit and do it as many times as you want! If you can get your hands on a copy of Adobe Lightroom I’d totally recommend using that as your editting software. I’ve just started using it and it’s amazing!

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Hmmm…order your pictures by mail through snapfish or something. Make sure you have at least a mediocre editing program installed in your computer, or make sure you edit them with the even more mediocre programs on Snapfish, Shutterfly, etc. To give you an idea the scale goes from Photoshop to something like Picasa to the websites. Play with sepia, glows, warmifying, black and white, etc. 

Look at lots of inspiration shots. Buy some great lingerie (and maybe get a jersey) and gather props: sports balls, bats, tennis rackets, a helmet, etc. Do your make up and keep a brush handy. 

Depending on whether you’re top heavy or bottom heavy you’ll want to take pictures from the top of the bottom. Usually laying down you’ll get the best pictures (since gravity’s effects are neutralized and it seems natural to raise your arms above your head which makes you seem skinnier), but this means you’ll have to figure out how to position your camera facing down. Fans are usually the way to go here, but get creative. 

Hope this helped. 



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@pumpkinpatch: Thanks! I’m so happy with how they turned out ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’m even happier that Darling Husband loved them!!! Definitely play on your assets.

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Okay, here are my very amateur tips!

Lighting: Flash is a no-no! At least not the flash right on your camera. That flash will make all your pictures look washed out and flat. Not to mention red-eye. Not sexy! Unless you have slave flashes or can position your flash to bounce the light onto you indirectly, disable your flash. That said, you will need another light source that is strong enough so your photos don’t come out blurry.

You must use warm, soft, indirect lighting. Cold white light will make you look sickly. Warm light will give you that glow. So avoid harsh, overhead lighting. I’ve taken pics for Fiance with nothing more than a desklamp draped with sheer fabric to diffuse it a bit. I didn’t aim the light straight at me, just had it close enough to gently illuminate. The pictures came out great!

Background: Make sure whatever setting you use, there’s nothing distracting in the background. A stray tube sock is not sexy. A lamp growing out of your head is also not sexy.

Posing: I practiced my pose in front of a mirror first. I feel so silly telling you this, but I did. I actually positioned a mirror next to the camera, so that what I saw in the mirror would be close to what the camera would see. It was one of those mirrors meant to go on the back of a door, for dorm rooms or whatever. It cost $9 at Walmart. Well worth it.

Examine your body from every angle. Notice which angles and poses are the most flattering. Pop that booty! No slouching! Pay attention to what your hands and feet are doing. It’s easy to focus too much on your body and face only to find out later that you have claw fingers or that your feet look weird. Pointed feet tend to look prettier. There’s a reason why dancers do it. I also like to do a few situps, pushups, and squats before I start. It temporarily tones up those muscles a bit!

Makeup and hair: Use heavier eye makeup than you would for everyday purposes, trust me it will look “normal” on camera. Make your hair nice. Think soft and flowing, romantic. Put on lotion. Lotion with a bit of shine or glimmer is great for this. It will diffuse the light that is reflecting off your skin and highlight your curves while making your skin look flawless. Make sure the room is warm, goosebumps are not attractive and you will be more comfortable.

Wardrobe: What wardrobe? Just kidding. You can’t go wrong with cute lingerie, one of his button down shirts, or just a jersey for his favorite team.

The mood: Put on some fun, sexy music, light some candles, whatever you like! It helps you feel less awkward.

Practice: Take some casual practice shots to get used to using the self-timer, position the camera how you want it, and to get the lighting adjusted just right. You don’t want to pose your heart out for a whole bunch of shots and then realize that you’ve cut off your head in every photo.

TAKE A TON OF SHOTS!!! You’re going to have to take a LOT of pictures to get a few that you really like. Even pros photographing models need to take zillions of shots, so don’t give up!. Don’t be disappointed if you’ve done twenty and none of them are good. Keep shooting!

Learn how to do some light retouching: Picasa by Google is terrific for this, it’s a free download and it’s super simple to use. There’s no reason why that zit on your butt needs to be recorded for all time! It takes just one second to erase it!

That’s it for now! I’ll add more if I think of it!

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Oh I see, you don’t need any photography tips! I would share some of my own pics to give you ideas, but they’re a bit too racy for the Bee ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

As for ideas with jerseys, this shot of Misa Campo in a hockey jersey for Maxim is pretty famous:


Here she is in a football jersey with a ball: http://tailgatingtimes.com/uploads/MisaCampoFootball.jpg

Google will give you looots of ideas!

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I had a friend take mine and afterwards edited them myself with my own digital imagery programs which you can download yourself–Microsoft Digital Imagery Starter–Portrait Professional. I sent them to Walmart.com’s photo center and had them put onto canvas’s, they mailed them to me within 3 days on the standard shipping! They turned out beautiful and my, now husband, loves them! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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Oh my, can we bring this thread back!!!

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