(Closed) DIY Crafts…how did you find time? how early in advance?

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I would highly suggest getting anything done as soon as you can.  I have a lot of DIY stuff for my wedding next month.  I started early, like a year ago, and I’m still behind now.  Some things end up taking much longer than you expect, and a lot of other life stuff comes up that eats up your time.  Now that the wedding is close there seems to be no free time. 

Try to carve out a little time one the weekend, or any free time in the evening just get a little bit done at a time.  I’d say it’s much easier to do things little by little over a long period than try to cram it in last minute.

Some of the things of course have to wait.  Like I’ve known what I wanted to do for table numbers for ages but I can’t finish them all until I have a headcount and know how many tables.  So those have to be put off.  But its a big relief here in the final stretch to know that a lot of stuff is long done, or some is at least partially done.

 Just make a plan and try to stick with it, but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t.  Getting anything done now is better than nothing. Good luck!

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wlphilli:  EEE! I have 15months till my wedding and Im freaking out about my DIY projects. For me lately Sundays are my wedding day. (Im still working on the final vendor details but Im almost done!) But I have a laundry list to do. I want to be done with all crafting atleast 1-2 months prewedding I dont want to be stressing any more then I need to be. I think pick a day on your weekend and say this is project time and thats that!

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I got started right away. For the most part, DIY doesn’t take all that long, it just depends on the project. Most projects I was able to knock out in a few hours, but some of them are VERY time consuming.

Here are some of the thing i’ve done :

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However, I just started making a tulle table skirt that, like this :

I’ve already got 6 hours invested into it and have maybe 3 feet done.. the table skirt needs to be 21 feet! It’s a labor of love but will be SO worth it.

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wlphilli:  I’ve done maybe 3-4 projects so far but wanted to do EVERYTHING myself. I still have some little things to DIY like escort cards, etc. but nothing huge huge. Some stuff I wanted to do and it just wasn’t worth the effort. For the stuff I DID complete I did it in the evenings as we watched TV on the couch. 🙂

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Do a little bit everyday, don’t procrastinate, and stay organized.  Here was my DIY list, and I got done with plenty of time to spare (10 month engagement).

  • cake topper
  • boutonnieres
  • bouquets (bridal, 2 Bridesmaid or Best Man, 2 nosegay (moms), 1 toss)
  • aisle decor
  • altar arrangements
  • centerpieces
  • table decor (luminaries)
  • Invitations
  • Programs
  • Tissue packets
  • Escort Cards and stand
  • Guestbook table Numbers
  • Table number stands
  • Custom hangers
  • Groom’s Gift (boudoir scrapbook, cufflinks, etc)
  • Bridal Jewelry
  • ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ gift boxes
  • Bridesmaid’s jewelry and gifts (macaron coin purses)
  • Gifts for Parents (scrapbook)
  • Pop-up gift card holders for wedding party
  • Favors (Caramel Chex Mix)
  • Sweet n Salty buffet items (cheese straws, dipped pretzels, cake pops, etc)
  • Sweet n Salty buffet container signs
  • Buffet Item Signs
  • Menus
  • Bar Menu
  • Cardbox
  • Welcome Bags
  • Map and itinerary (for welcome bags)
  • Thank you postcards
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highly recommend making a DIY project list and dividing it into “must do” and “really want to do” and “if I have time”. Because you won’t get to everything. And that’s okay. Prioritize. Then just start with the must dos and work your way through. I did a ton of DIY. I started a year in advance and I was still throwing things together at the last minute. But I got done all of my “must dos” most of my “really want to dos” and only a few of my “if I have times”. There are some projects that you can do while watching TV or riding in the car. Others actually require an afternoon of focused attention. Save your easy stuff for weeknights and do the big projects on weekends. It can be kind of fun. But definitely think about scaling things up when you’re deciding if you want to do a craft. I made a few paper flowers and it was pretty easy, so we did all our flowers out of paper. But it’s a whole different ball game making hundreds of flowers! So much time! I’m glad we did all our projects, but I’m really glad I prioritized so I didn’t feel bad about not getting to every little project.

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I am so glad I started early (15 months out).  My original plan was to be done with all my DIY 6 months before the wedding (which was December).  But I got bored and added more projects.  My new plan is to be done with all decor type project 2-months before.  Items like programs, escort cards/seating charts, and menus have to be done close to the date, and 2 months out is when vendors start to drive you crazy.  So I definitely want the glue gun out of my hand by then.

I’m a firm believer in DIYing for fun, so I would suggest that with a lot of time (6 months plus) select two projects: one time consuming/tedious and another that gives immediate gratification. That way the long project won’t burn you out, and the choice keeps it interesting. When one project is done, add another.

With a shorter time period, select the one most important project to you and do it until it’s done. Then and only then, start another. Otherwise, you risk a lot of half done projects close to the wedding date that will cause stress. Plus, it will save you from buying a bunch of wasted supplies for undone projects.

Also, if DIY invites are on your list, start those as soon as you can. They are very time consuming and are the one project that has to be done.

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wlphilli:  Do not put it off thinking you have tons of time..that is what I did and a lot of things got scrapped! 🙂  The only reason I was able to finish the others was that I am a teacher and I had the summer off!!

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I’ll second the to-do list recommendation. I’m a list freak, so I know it helps me stay organized and on-task.

Also, set REASONABLE goals for your DIY. I’m a crafty person in general and legitimately enjoy it, and in the beginning of our planning I had visions of tons of DIY projects. I told my mom I wanted to DIY our centerpieces, I wanted to DIY our favors, elements of our bridesmaids gifts, table numbers, ceremony decor and a whole bunch of other things. She gently told me that I might want to pare down to the things that I are most important to me, because she wanted me to enjoy the engagement and the wedding instead of stressing out over DIY projects.

That was over a year ago, and I’m so glad I listened. Life is busy in general–working a full time job, going to the gym, making time for friends and family and alone time for just me and Fiance, and all the other non-DIY things have left me less time than I thought for craft projects.

I narrowed my DIY projects down to coffee filter balls for ceremony decor (I’m making 30 of them, so this is very time consuming), table numbers, and favors. Even those three things feel like a lot right now, so I’m feeling very good about scaling back.

Another thing that I didn’t think about originally is whether certain DIY things are actually cost effective. My fiance kept reminding me to price out the cost to DIY vs. the cost to buy before I embarked on any time-consuming DIY project. I was surprised that many times the cost to DIY actually exceeded the cost to buy…. so anything that I could buy for less was automatically off the DIY list.

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My wedding is in September and I am also doing a lot of DIY projects: invitations, save the dates, table numbers, card box, seating chart, favors….ect…you get the idea lol…I also work 40+ hours a week..so lately it’s been weekends and late nights. 

I would suggest not waiting to long to start any specific project though..some projects I thought would be easy and fast were not. When DIY..you have to give yourself enough time in case it doesn’t come out right and you have to start over…which happened to me many times. Good luck and don’t overload yourself like I did lol!

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I started several months in advance (at least 6). I did the majority of stuff in the last few months leading up to the wedding, because I was helping someone else with her wedding before that.

I would say that if you really want to DIY, you just have to be determined. You may have to say no to things like small side jobs and such if you want to find the time to get things done. Literally every moment I wasn’t working or playing in my band, I was up late, at home, working on wedding stuff.

Definitely map out a schedule, and expect to be very busy. You’ll be tired, but it should (hopefully) be worth it!

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