(Closed) DIY is killing the wedding industry complex!

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Helper bee
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@Rock Hugger: LOL.I forgot I posted this so early in the morning. Couldn’t sleep and literally stumbled across this and thought “I gotta post this to the hive.” I definitely think there is a place for professional services in a wedding, and  I will certainly not be DIY bride for ALL aspects of my wedding but the blog is just so obvious about it… and I think disrespectful about it, too.

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Bumble Beekeeper

I don’t think it is any secret that I am not a DIY bride, no way no how. I don’t have the patience or well patience to DIY. I am thankful that despite being ridiculously overpriced there are options and professionals out there that provide services to brides like me, and I am willing to pay it (might complain a little, but still will pay it).

That being said the wedding industry is thriving and as a PP mentioned only getting bigger. If this crappy economy hasn’t destroyed the wedding business I highly doubt brides and their crafting supplies and creativity will be the ultimate end.

Just a side note you DIY brides are amazing and I applaud and bow to you!!!

@babymilka74:Wow, just wow. I am spending $30-35K on my wedding and welcome said burden. I also donate to two charities and pay tithe at my church monthly.

You spend your money your way, I’ll do the same on my end. We will all be happier for it.


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Buzzing bee
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@Treejewel19: Wow, just wow. I am spending $30-35K on my wedding and welcome said burden. I also donate to two charities. 

I spent a lot on my wedding, and also donate to charities, the biggest one being united way. what babymilka74 said was so out of line! but that was 8 months ago, I doubt she’ll see this comment 🙂

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Blushing bee
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I wish I could “like” your post

 It’s shows like Platnum (sp?) Weddings that bug me. 100k weddings are too much.

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Helper bee
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I will preface this response by admitting that I work in the wedding industry. That being said, I would also like to say that I have NEVER been one of those wedding professionals that cries and protests when I hear about people DIYing elements of their day. I think it’s really a matter of what is important to each indivdual. If dancing and music isn’t your thing, then it’s just not terribly important to track down the perfect DJ and give him a small fortune to spin discs. If photos aren’t of importance, I think an aspiring ameture photographer uncle is the perfect choice. However, people need to consider what they’re signing on for. When someone hires a photography major from a local college to cut corners, they really can’t complain if the photos come back under exposed and unispired. In short, I think the expectation with DIY should be understanding that it is very likely a freebee (or super cheapee) won’t be on par with the result one would get from hiring a pro. However there are plenty of laid back brides that get that and it doesn’t really phase them, so to them I’d say DIY it up!

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This is an interesting topic and you know what, people will do what benefits them for their own self interest. So if you want to spend $500 for a wedding cake from a local vendor as opposed to ordering it online as a DIY cake for $100, simply for the sake of supporting the local professional industry, then by all means do it. But you know, most people would opt for spending $100. It generally comes down to price in many cases. People are losing jobs and money is hard to come by these days. In fact, we’re all buying products made from China. You know why? Because it’s cheaper as opposed to having them made in the US. Over time, consumer demand will dictate what professions rise or cease to exist.

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Buzzing bee
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Giving a bride a hard time for spending what you percieve to be “too much” is just as rude and offensive as telling another bride she’s being “too cheap”.  I don’t understand why so many girls on this board feel the need to judge other brides based on nothing but their budget.  So you had a 1000 dollar wedding. Good for you.  So you had 90,000 dollar wedding. Good for you. Did you both enjoy your weddings? DING! Thats the idea!

As long as couples are spending what they are comfortable with – and not guilting or begging family members to give them more money or freebies- there is absolutely no reason for others to be throwing out judgemental comments about the budget they’ve chosen for their day. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

@mandypop: As long as couples are spending what they are comfortable with – and not guilting or begging family members to give them more money or freebies- there is absolutely no reason for others to be throwing out judgemental comments about the budget they’ve chosen for their day.


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I thought I’d add… I definitely planned to DIY (before I knew that doing it yourself had an acronym) my wedding and not being crafty or a party planning type of person, I started looking for info online, only to get swept-up in sites like Style Me Pretty and the like.  My frugal budget and basic wedding was lost in the romantic, sweeping inspiration photos I found, as if I had no clue that this was out there and now I could picture it for myself.  Yeah.  I got swayed by the industry, albeit through DIY channels.  I upped my photography budget, found a rather talented local young woman, and decided she would make my attempts at DIY look good. I also spent a bit more on the DIY projects.  Nothing that hurt our credit or anything, just a little more. 

Had I not been trying to DIY, I wouldn’t have pushed myself to attain a specific type of look.  I might have been okay with mom’s basic flower arrangements, for example.  So in my case, DIY helped the wedding industry. I made more purchases at higher price points than I had originally planned.


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@KoalaWalla: I think part of the problem is that there’s almost no in-between when it comes to the WIC.  You’re either spending $3-4+ for a diamond, or a $100 cubic zirconia will look better.  Catering is either $70+ a head, or you’re ordering take-out from the local chinese place.  Photographers are either pros at $3500+, or you might as well hire an amateur.  Sure, you may be disappointed with the work of an amauture photographer, but you may be equally disappointed with the work of a photographer charging $2000.  As soon as someone demonstrates their capability, their price soars.

I understand paying for skill, but how many professionals can charge $500+ an hour, and have that be the norm?  So while I have no grudge against people in the industry, I firmly dislike the industry that encourages vendors to raises prices as soon as someone says “wedding” and convinces women that they’re not loved unless they have a several thousand $ shiny rock on their finger.

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Helper bee

@bklynbridetobe: “Most people do not live their day to day existence worrying about their imprint or less fortunate people, so using their wedding as time to make statement is a tad unrealistic.”

I agree with this. If you’re rich and have the money for an expensive wedding and you want to spend it, that’s not really my business. I believe the problem more so lies in 1. the idea that’s been cultured by the WIC that your wedding day is “your big day” and you have to bankrupt yourself for what is, essentially, a one-day party. It’s great to celebrate such a wonderful event in your life, but I don’t think it should be taking up such a large percent of your savings that could be going to a house, educating your children, ect. Those are more lasting investments, sure you’ll always have the photos, but really it’s over and done with in one day. There is so much more to your marriage than your wedding, it’s the rest of your life. 

2. The practice of charging five times as much for the exact same type of items or service just because they’re “wedding” related. I forgot who gave me this advice, but when you’re booking your venue you should never tell them it’s for a wedding, because they’ll charge you more. You have to just call it a party. It’s the same with everything, they bend brides over like this because they know they can. We are the “market” and this will continue until enough brides collectively call bullshit on these tricks.

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Busy bee
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People who can afford to have an over the top wedding, can hire the professionals. I don’t begrudge them that. But when I am trying to put together a wedding for 100 people on a budget of $3500, I am going to have to forgo the professionals for most of my wedding plans. I would LOVE to have my flowers professionally done, and have my wedding professionally decorated, and hire limos  and professional entertainers and yada yada yada but the reality is, that I don’t have the money, and I don’t want to put myself in debt and jeapardize my financial future to do it. So, I am doing most of it myself, and enlisting the aid of some generous friends and family. I think if the wedding industry was wise, it would find a way to tap into the DIY bridal experience-that is where they would make their money.

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