DIY’ers- how do you work, raise kids and keep the house clean?

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We don’t have animals and we don’t have a large house. Half an hour every weekday after our son is in bed is sufficient for us. One of us does dishes and wipes down the kitchen and half bath. One does the high traffic areas, which entails picking up,  vacuuming, wiping off whatever needs it. On Sunday I do our bedroom, our bathroom, and the baby’s room. It takes about an hour. Deep cleaning is twice a year or as needed. 

I suggest a Roomba, a good grooming for your pets to get rid of excess hair, and looking on a local Facebook group for an independent cleaner.

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penny1403 :  We sort of gave up, to be honest.  We deal with clutter, we sweep sometimes and we try to keep the dishes clean (oh man I want a dishwasher).  Recently I suggested we clean a room a day – our house has 7 rooms, it seems reasonable enough.  I’d say we managed half a room, anyway, but to be fair we’ve all been sick this week.  In the end, you just have to either force it when you’d rather sit and do nothing, live like a pig, or hire someone.

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Could you invest in a Roomba? That doesn’t help on the stairs, but it woud at least eliminate the time you spend in other areas.

We don’t have kids, just a dog so I’m not sure helpful this is, but I find cleaning as go to be helpful. If I’m wiping down the sink, I’ll also wipe down the counters. If I’m opening the door for the dog, I’ll also bring the recycling to take out. Little things like that.

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I work from home and that gives me time to do things during the day (like throwing in a load of laundry or running the dishwasher), but it also means that I sometimes make more messes (like dirtying dishes) because I’m home so much. I also have to remind myself that my ideal isn’t really realistic for a space that is lived in by multiple humans every day and doesn’t have a dedicated cleaning service- If I had my druthers, our house would look like a model home staged for a party or an open house every. single. day. But I’m not willing to feel like the family housekeeper to achieve that.

I try to do basic picking up through the week, but things pile up quickly if I have a day (or several) where I’m really busy with work and then I’m too burnt out to do much around the house. I’ll generally do a bigger clean on Thursday evenings (that’s my Friday) or Saturday afternoons and also do a “start the week” clean on Sunday evenings. It’s not ideal, though. My goal is to start having someone come in to clean regularly, hire someone to come in and do a week’s worth of meal prep each week AND start using a laundry service reguarly, as well.

I will say that my son is 8 and really great about keeping his room clean and will pick up his room each evening before bed. He also likes to help with cleaning the house so he’ll help mop and sweep and vacuum and clean toilets and mirrors while I’m cleaning.

My mother lives with us so she does her share and that helps a lot. My husband only lives with us for half the week and, to be honest, he’s the messiest of all of us, so the fact that his time here is limited helps with the cleanliness (terrible as that sounds). He does a great job of keeping the kitchen clean when he’s home and he also does the bulk of the cooking so I’m appreciative for that.

Personally, I try to have good habits throughout the day- picking up behind myself and not letting things pile up, but it does get to be a lot. I can’t imagine having more than one child and working outside of the home daily and having my husband at home every day each week- it woudl be a lot harder.

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penny1403 :  Systems and staying ahead of things. I obsessively plan and organize. At any given time, I am on a 3-5 day in-advance schedule. I can’t stand clutter or visible dirt so I do a few homekeeping tasks every night and in the morning before going to work such as vacuum, clean bathrooms and place an Amazon order. Or dust, weed garden beds and place grocery delivery order. I use both a digital and paper planner. Multi-tasking really helps too, if I’m waiting for soccer practice to end, I’ll clean the interior of my car or get through my work email inbox. By staying ahead of cleaning, scheduling and work deadlines, I find it much more manageable than when I’m reactive and things quickly get out of control. We tried cleaning services but they did not clean to my standards and I found myself cleaning in addition to what they did. Hope that helps

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Giving up works for me lol.  Maybe not,  but honestly I am a bit of a slob and have a high threahold for mess.  It honestly doesn’t bother me and I’d rather spend my time being with family and animals or basically doing anything else.  We do use a rookie for dog and cat hair control. And a self cleaning litter box. 

I’m planning to hire a cleaner though because I do like my house when clean,  I just don’t want to put in the effort to maintain it.

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We’ve been really struggling with the same thing. We both work full time, I have an 8 year old with her activities, etc. and we have a pretty active social life with plans most weekends. There’s just not enough time in the day.

I will load/unload the dishwasher and wipe down the counters in the morning before work while I wait for my daughter to eat breakfast. I wipe down my sink in the bathroom when I am getting ready in the mornings. Otherwise, cleaning tasks wait for the weekend and I can’t ever seem to get through it all, we have a 2600 sq ft house.

We have landscapers because our yard is high maintenance. We’re actually going to tear out a lot of the plants/bushes over the summer so that it’s mainly grass and we can manage it ourselves. We have finallly given up after a year of living in 2x the size of house we used to and we’re going to hire a cleaning service. They’re coming on Monday for the first time, which I’m pretty darn excited about! 

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I found a great lady to help with our cleaning on care dot com. She comes every other week and it is wonderful. 

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It is so hard. My husband and I both work about 50 hours per week and we have a 2 year old daughter and 2 animals (dog & cat). The housework is endless. DH usually cleans up the kitchen every night and tidies the downstairs living area before we leave for work in the morning. The weekends are reserved for yard work, laundry, and cleaning the bathrooms/upstairs bedrooms. We could vaccuum every day with the amount of pet hair, but we don’t, so we live with tumbleweeds of pet hair until we can do a more thorough sweep on the weekends. I wish I could say we manage all this well, but it feels like a lot of the times we sacrifice fun time to keep up with the housework 🙁 and if we do take a day off to do something as a family, it feels like we are trying to catch up all week. I agree with hiring a cleaning lady.

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Ever since we had our daughter I have felt constantly behind with the housework. She makes so much mess and the floor is always dirty from something. I feel like the more I look, the more I see work to do. A cleaner is just not in the budget right now, we used to have one and they would always just be a no show or do a bad job anyway. I’ve found it so hard to find a good cleaner in my area and I would  always ‘clean and de-clutter’ for them so they had room to do their job so it’s not like I was a gross slob and they didn’t want to come back. I do look at those with perfect homes, kids, jobs etc  and wonder how they do it? Maybe they never sleep? 

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How much does your Fiance do as well?

we have a large house (4200 sq ft) and 2-3 kids living with us (Fi’s Daughter splits time). We have one dog. We keep up with the kitchen on a daily basis (dishes, wiping surfaces down), then I clean the downstairs once per week and the upstairs every two weeks. The kids are responsible for cleaning their rooms and the two older kids clean their bathrooms as well. We have very few knick knacks or clutter, so that speeds cleaning up. I have a routine for how I clean, so that also makes things efficient. If I’m cleaning by myself, I can clean the whole house in 3-4 hours. Some times, during super busy weeks, I’ll give myself an “area” to clean each night – once that area is done, I move on to the next. If the whole house is t clean at the same time, well, it’s not clean at the same time. 

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