DIY’ers- how do you work, raise kids and keep the house clean?

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It’s  no wonder you’re struggling considering all the factors in play.  All things together seems untenable.  You need to hire something or some things out, it sounds like.

For the amount of time you already spend cleaning it doesn’t seem like your husband should need to feel embarrassed when you have company over.  No one expects to walk into a museum when their enter someone’s home.  

Cmsgirl made an excellent point – get rid of clutter.  It sounds like you have a lot.  Which is fine, I’m sure you enjoy your collections.  But it is not working right now with your desire to feel more on top of cleaning.  I would weed out those shelves & move to storage along with that basket collection for the time being.  It not only makes cleaning easier & less time consuming, it also just appears more tidy to the eye & feels less stressful.  Bring them back out when your schedules relax a bit between the kids and work.  Getting rid of dust collectors might help your dogs allergies too.

Vacumming a sofa for a whole hour – ain’t no one got time for that.  I know lots of people that cover their sofas with a sheet during the day so it’s protected from pet hair.  Remove it when you get home from work, or just leave it on until you have company, changing it to a fresh sheet every couple days.  

Get a roomba for at least the parts of the house that you spend your time in and entertain in, so at least that part is kept up with.  If other levels get a bit freaky sometimes oh well, you’ll get to it when you get to it.  

Hiring out laundry seems like it would be a huge help, just take it off your plate.  And if you’re planning company or just need a break try or thumbtack or other apps to get a one time cleaning service since you can’t find a regular cleaner right now.  Help with yard work is another thing to consider.

Its not you, it’s all that’s on your plate.  It’s just too much.  For anyone.  Don’t feel like a personal failure.  Find ways to scrape some of it off your plate. 



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