DIY'ing Flowers?

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  • Wedding: August 2017

I did quite a bit of research on the DIY flower route before deciding to hire a florist (at FMIL’s urging). I read a lot of great things about Flower Moxie. You can order all of your flowers through their website for great prices. You can also request a custom package from them and Amy (the owner) will set up a phone/skype consultation with you to go through your inspiration pictures and work to build a game plan with you, all while taking into consideration your budget. They have loads of video tutorials online, and I believe Amy will also provide you a detailed breakdown of how many stems of each flower go into each piece when you order. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you need to set aside a good chunk of time to prep the flowers (cut stems, dethorn roses, remove outer petals) before you can start arranging. I think a lot of people set aside a separate day for the prep as it can take several hours, depending on how many flowers and how much help you have. 

Boutonnieres are probably the easiest to do. Centerpieces can be all over the spectrum, depending on your vision. As you mentioned, the bridal bouquet is a high stakes item. I’d recommend doing a trial run of each of these pieces (one of each) using the flowers you have planned soon so you can decide what’s feasible and book a florist for any difficult items. 

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I agree with doing a trial run. You can time yourselves, and see how long the flowers last. I had an easy time on my trial run and I was happy with how things turned out, but I’m using easier flowers than roses. 

Good luck… share your results!

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I would seriously do a cost comparison. When I did, I realized it would only be a few hundred more to have our flourist handle it, and that was WAY worth it for me to not have to mess around. 

There are so many unknowns with DIY’ing flowers, and I wouldn’t be willing to take that risk a day or two before my wedding. 

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  • Wedding: November 2016

I did my own flowers for the bridal party (4 bridesmaids, 3 mothers, 1 bride, 6 groomsmen including groom, 2 dads, 3 ushers), but not the reception flowers. I found a local wholesale flower dsitributor that not only allowed me to purchase my flowers through her (had to reach a $300 minimum, which was honestly a little hard to do), but also offered lessons on Saturday mornings. I attended a couple of the lessons, and took my mom to one as well, and felt more than comfortable making my own. She also helped me pick out exactly what flowers I wanted, what would be available, how much I would need, and provided all of the other things I would need, like shears, wire, quick dip, floral tape, pins, thorn strippers, etc…

My wedding was on Saturday, so I picked the flowers up on Wednesday and processed them. Proper processing is sooooo important. It didn’t take that long to actually do, but you will need to leave yourself a few days and a cool room without a ton of sun. I did boutinneres on Thursday night, bouquets and extra arrangements on Friday morning. Because I had practiced it didn’t take me that long to do on Friday before my wedding festivities began. Everything looked great on Saturday for the event.

Make sure to consider how much time you have, where you can do it, the proper containers (both buckets for processing, as well as containers for centerpieces [look in thrift stores] and bouquets [flower boxes with Xs cut into the top to hold a mason jar of water]), where you can store the flowers, and how you are going to transport them to the venue. If you have all that worked out, doing you our flowers is very cost effective. At least it was for me!

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I originally thought about DIY-ing my flowers as well.. I thought I could DIY to cut costs. As a PP mentioned, when I looked at the numbers there really wasn’t a huge savings there. You also have to factor in the stress and the time it will take you and or family members to help you just days ahead of the wedding.

If you do end up doing them yourself, you might want to check out If you order from Bloominous, it even comes with instructions so you don’t have to have any flower experience!! 

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  • Wedding: April 2017

I hired a florist to make the bridal bouquets and the boutineers but DIYed the table centerpieces.  I should say, my sister DIYed the centerpieces.

My bouquets were very similar to your inspiration picture.  I had light pink roses, stephanotis and purple wax flowers with a little bit of greenery.  I used roses for the centerpieces.  I got the roses from Costco.  My sister picked them up and created the centerpieces Thursday for my Saturday wedding.  It was great that she did them 2 days before because the roses started to open up on Saturday.  I think I would have had a lot less roses opened had she done everything on Friday.

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  • Wedding: June 2017

I am DIYing my flowers with the help of a family friend who really should be a florist! She has helped so many of her friends by doing their flowers and they turned out gorgeous!

I am getting married next saturday (yay!) and we are having them delivered Wednesday because I am terrified of them not hydrating and blooming in time. We are basically just prepping and hydrating them for 24 hours, then fresh cutting them and changing the water Thursday, and everything will be created Friday in the four hour gap we have in between our nail appointments and the rehersal. If we wanted to start arranging the 13 arrangements on Thursday we could, if you use floral foam or can change the water after arranging them that would be best!

We were originally going to hire a florist but it would have cost us around $4,500 for what we wanted, including transportation, and now it’s costing us a bit of time and about $1,500! And that is including 500 roses, 24 garden roses, and 200 hydrangeas plus greens, vases, floral foam, ribbon, prep supplies, and all the odds and ends we need to put them together. Plus her room for three nights which is still less than half the estimated price with the florist! We also shopped around and that was the lowest offer.

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We are planning to do ours ourself. Our local supermarket does some gorgeous flowers and they have lasted anything up to a month before now in normal room temperature conditions with only water- the trial bouquet I made cost £20.  We decided to do flowers ourself because we wanted to bring as much of our own flair as possible. I am super thrilled with my trial bouquet and suspect we could do others for bridesmaids and the venue.

The biggest thing is to choose a style not a specific design – that way flowers will turn out as you like them.  

I love your idea of mismatched dresses – we are doing the same!  It’s so exciting 😀

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futuremrsdaniellebell :  I’ve done DIY flowers for two weddings, and am doing partial-DIY for mine. PP are right, often the cost is pretty close, so do the math. However, if you are going to DIY, I recommend that you have your bouquet and bouts made professionally and then do the bridesmaids’ bouquets and centerpieces yourself. Bouts are harder than they look, and your bouquet will be in every picture. Then go for something simpler for the BMs and centerpieces. That way there is less stress and you still save some money.

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We DIY’d my flowers – 5 bridesmaids bouquets, 1 bridal bouquet, 1 grooms boutonniere, and 12 floral centerpieces (small teacups). The cost was less than $80 and it took about 2 hours to make the day before the wedding. I stopped at Pike Place Market, spent about $50 and then went to Fred Meyer to get some filler flowers (small mums, etc).

BUT I was very flexible with what I wanted in our bouquets, whereas you have a very specific idea in mind with specific flowers. That’s going to infuence price a lot. If you did find a good place to purchase individual stems from, I ‘d say its doable but you’ll need people to help you out. 3 of my Bridesmaids helped assemble everything. I initially wanted to do boutonnieres for all the groomsmen and parents too but timing just didnt work out that way. My husband was really excited about his bout though 🙂 Good luck! I’ve attached a photo below of mine (bad cell phone quality, sorry)

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  • Wedding: May 2018

futuremrsdaniellebell :  Have you priced out the different flowers? On FiftyFlowers, which I’ve found to be pretty comparable with a wholesaler, you’re looking at $150 just for the roses in your bridal party bouquets. With filler, ribbon, etc. it will be $200+ for those, without anything else. I’d diversify the types of flowers you’re using, and intersperse the roses with other, cheaper, flowers. Also, look for ways to use fewer flowers in centerpieces and augment with candles and other things to cut cost. I’m pretty sure I did a wedding for $300 that was a bridal bouquet, bouts, and 10 centerpieces – but that’s it, and the centerpieces were not huge. Given your budget, even if you cut down the roses you want and do the bridal bouquets + bouts for $150, that means you’re doing centerpieces for less than $10 each including vases and supplies and won’t have much to do a whole arch and broom with. 

I’d price out exactly the flowers you will need and include supplies (shears, buckets, floral tape) and then maybe adjust your expectations. 


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