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patmorwed :  get  the DJ. It will flow better because they are professionals.

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How big is your wedding and how important is the dance to you?

We rented speakers and did our our playlist (which was super fun to do).  My dad announced things when needed.  The dance worked out really well, and our guests still talk about how great our music was.  That being said, we had a small wedding (50 guests) and if the dance had totally flopped, we would have been fine with it.

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patmorwed :  Getting a good DJ was something my Fiance and I made our highest priority, aside from venue. Our reasons were:

1. Your DJ is not just the person who makes your wedding flow, but they do this all the time, but they also are very much used to being in the spotlight and making announcements etc., people of honor in the bridal party are most likely not. They also know what works and what doesn’t. 

2. We like to dance at a wedding, as do most of our guests, and we really want great music to dance to. A good DJ will read a crowd and play the right music at the right times to keep the dance floor busy.

3. I may not love someone’s taste in cake or centerpieces or bridesmaid dress, but it has zero bearing on whether or not I enjoy a wedding and I won’t remember after the fact. As a guest, a poor DJ or poorly flowing event impacts my enjoyment of a wedding, and that I will remember.

Just my two cents!

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We’re getting a DJ! Having a good master of ceremonies can really help the flow of your reception and keep everything on track. Also, because the DJ has experience from other events, they can set the mood for the reception and know exactly what to do to get everyone out on the dance floor. Plus, if there are any technical difficulties, the DJ should know what’s going on and be able to quickly handle them.

However, I only think it’s better to have a DJ *if* they know what they’re doing and play music that your guests respond well to. No one wants a bad/corny DJ. 

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There are 2 things I remember about weddings – the food and the music. I’ve been to weddings with DJs, bands and one with an iPod playlist. I personally hated the band (no offense to anyone who used one), but it doesn’t seem like you’re leaning in that direction anyways. The iPod wedding was “meh.” Yeah, there was music you could dance to, but no real “party” atmosphere. I’d say definitely get the DJ. If it’s budget you’re worried about, just do some research. I was very surprised how reasonably priced DJs are. I had budgeted over double for the DJ than what it actually is costing us! It does also depend what vibe you’re going for though. If you’re okay with people just mingling and little dancing, then an iPod may be fine. 

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I would for a DJ that meshes with your musical tastes and that has wedding reception experience.  The wedding DJs I’ve experienced at friends’ weddings ranged from mediocre to great.  The mediocre ones don’t read the flow/mood well and whenever they make announcements and whatnot it feels like an interruption, or they do boneheaded stuff like the one that mixed in the next song before Shout (the version from Animal House) had properly finished.  For that particular song it is very important to play it in its entirety.  Also that wedding had an absolutely horrible silent disco thing going on, with the channel with the good music cutting out all the time, and then having no music if you wanted to have a conversation with somebody.

So yeah, I’d go with an experienced DJ and also never ever do a silent disco/headphone thing.

I’ve also been to a couple weddings with live bands, and those are great.  A good band frontman can perform the announcement duties and stuff.  Something about bands makes the scene super lively.

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My brother recently got married and they made their own playlist. It worked well enough for them. 

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  • Wedding: May 2018

Fi says a DJ is the best way to keep the party going, I suppose he’s right and I don’t care either way, so we’re hiring a aquaintance who DJs weddings on the side. That way it fits in the budget and is one less thing to worry about lol.

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patmorwed :  For 150 people, you definitely need a DJ. He will keep everything organized and ensure your guests have a great time. 

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I had this exact same dilemma and decided to get a DJ. We were trying to look at what would get us the most stress-saving for our buck. I thought finding somewhere to rent all the equipment, making the playlists, etc, had a decent amount of space for error (we don’t know how to work equipment, something happens, dancing is dying and we don’t know how to pick it back up, etc). We decided to go for a DJ for $450 and I’ve been thankful for it a few times since then. The DJ can also do announcements and stuff which I am very grateful for and helps me imagine the day more smoothly.

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We rented speakers and made our own playlist and it worked BRILLIANTLY. People were telling us how great the dancing was, and my grandparents and school friends alike were dancing. A DJ could not have done better and I’m so happy with how it went. 

We hadn’t really thought about the timing of speeches and such so we kinda winged it, but if you just have someone who knows when to announce things that’ll be fine. 

We had fun making our playlist and were super psyched about it but if you’re not confident to make a good playlist then a DJ might be less stressful. 

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Just speaking from experience, when a good friend got married a few years back they went the ipod route and as the night went on a few people decided to try to go onto the ipod and pick their own music… Rude on their part, and it just kinda killed the vibe for quite a while because then it led to some arguments. 

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I’m getting pro equipment and doing an ipod. I’m super picky about music and wouldn’t trust a DJ to come up with a playlist I like, and we don’t want the typical party atmosphere so inability to create that ourselves isn’t a concern. 

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