(Closed) Do any Bees have fish?

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You could try adding extra charcole to the filter bag, and making sure the take is out of any direct natural sun light.

It worked for my 55gal.

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I’m a bit of a fish nut. I have 3 freshwater aquariums, 1 brackish aquarium, and 2 saltwater aquariums, so I am a bit obsessive– especially when it comes to information. 😀

Are you having green algae or brown algae problems? How long has the tank been running? How long have you had fish living in the environment? What kind of filtration are you running? How long have the lights been completely off, and have you noticed any changes in algae growth? How much water are you changing every other day? What are your nitrates reading? What is the temperature in the aquarium?

What species of tetra do you have in the tank?

Also, this is a bit off topic, but what kind of albino algae eaters do you have? Are they they golden algae eaters that look like this:

Or do they look similar to this:


If it looks similar to the first one, how large are they?

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I would discontinue the 40% daily changes until we have a reading of ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates (really, nitrates are the only thing I’d consider to be a potential issue, though.)

4 months isn’t super new for a tank, but depending on the method you used to cycle the tank, it may be taking a bit longer to get stable. What were your water changes like prior to the 40% you’re doing now? Did you check out the nitrates since adding the fish, and if so, what were they reading?

The reason I would discontinue the 40% changes right now is because unless we know the water parameters, we could be doing more harm than good by disrupting the bacteria bed in such volume with such frequency. If you can get that nitrate reading tomorrow morning, that would be FANTASTIC. And if you haven’t done today’s water change yet, I would skip it. If you can, try and get the ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate readings. If any fish stores around you offer LIQUID tests, do that instread of the strips. I purchased a set of liquid for both fresh and salt systems and will never look back; its accuracy is outstanding! If you can only access strips, its at least a good enough indication. 😀

I also must say THANK YOU for keeping the tank at 78. Neons really prefer the lower end of the “tropical” spectrum. Do you recall your pH at all?

Also, thank GOODNESS you have the albino bristlenose plecos! I definitely agree with you on their mess, though. 😀 Most people have no idea that the freshwater “cleaner fish” can be so darn poopy!

Feeding less is a great idea. What is their current diet?

As a side note, I should also add that since your plecos are young, make sure you either have live driftwood or bogwood in the tank, OR are feeding them a HIGH quality wafer with wood. Plecos don’t have great survival without wood in the diet (usually not longer than 2-3 years). Just thought I’d throw that in there just in case!

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