(Closed) Do any bees skip their periods entirely?

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I kept taking the pill so I’d only have a period every 3 months, 4 times a year. That’s what my doctor recommended. 

I’d trust your doctors but going that long weight worry me a bit (I was also on bcp for 18+ years so that may be part of it too. Can’t imagine going that long without a period!)

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@princesslettuce14:  I’m a bit confused based on your last sentence.  If you don’t ovulate then you can’t get pregnant.

Are you saying that since you’re taking the pill constantly you can’t ovulate and therefore you don’t have a period?  That’s normal.  I have been on BCPs for over 10 years.  I like to have a period because it reassures me that I am not pregnant but I think there are plenty of studies that say if you are on hormonal BCPs there is no need to have a period.

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I do it.  The hormone change associated with the placebo pill week causes me migraines.  The knock me down, can’t go to work for a few days migraines.  So my doc switched me over to not having periods, and it’s fantastic.  Some people feel better about quarterly, but I can’t afford that much time off work.  I’ve been doing it since I was 14/15 and I’m 31 now.  I’ve tried intermittent breaks over the years, and the migraines never stopped.  Can’t say anything about the fertility part though – I had my tubes tied.  Overall though, I’m in excellent physical health, and I’ve never had a problem.

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i have an iud and haven’t had a period in about 4 years – it’s a totally normal side effect and it’s completely fine. there’s no need to have a period and it shouldn’t effect your fertility. there are so many myths about BC, it’s better to ask your doctor. if he/she is fine with it – you’re good!

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I wish I could skip it entirely, but after about 4 months, I usually start spotting so I just let my body have it.  I have about 3 a year 🙂

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I tried it but then I would ocassionally have break through bleeding and I would think it was implantation bleeding and then freak out about being pregnant. Basically as another PP said, I like getting my period because then I know that I’m not pregnant. Mine is so short and light (about 3 days total) that it really doesn’t even bother me.

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Med student going into Ob/Gyn here – there’s no medical or physical or fertility need to have your period. You may get some spotting (but seeing as you’ve already been skipping “periods”/breakthrough bleeding I imagine you know if you do or not). It also won’t affect your ability to conceive when/if you stop taking oral birth control. 

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I took the pill constantly and never had a period for YEARS. And then I got off the pill in September, had two really long cycles where I didn’t ovulate at all (I was charting), then ovulated and got pregnant on the third cycle. Smile So assuming I’m even remotely normal, you have nothing to worry about!

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@princesslettuce14:  I stopped having my period entirely when I was on depo-provera. My doctor was never concerned. 

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@princesslettuce14:  I would trust your gyno, but from what I have heard (those with personal experience of being on the pill long-term whether they skip their periods or not) it makes it harder to conceive because the body’s natural hormone balance has been not itself for so long. For example, my older sister was on the pill for about 6 years and it took her 2 1/2 years to get pregnant (obviously she got off the pill for this). Me on the other hand, (we are not trying to have a baby at this time) when I have been off the pill (insurance issues) for about 6 months, my body bounced right back to it’s normal intensely hormonal self (it was horrible, but I could tell it was normal for me) and I have been taking the pill for almost 6 years as well. I really think it depends. I’ve also heard that genetics have a play in this, but I am no expert! Just sharing what my family has experienced! 

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I skip my period – I take Provera 20mg every day. It’s not the most ideal way to go about doing it, but if I use basic birth control pills (and my insurance doesn’t count this as birth control) I end up having a period anyway. I have endometriosis and when I would have periods, they were horrendous. I’ve had plenty of medical professionals not believe that I don’t have a date of last menstrual cycle (I got frustrated when I was in the hospital two weeks ago b/c the admitting nurse was like, “No, every woman gets one” – which okay, so not going to get into the problems in that statement, but I finally was like, okay the last one i remember getting was fall a few years ago, so let’s pick September 1, 2010. She then argued that with me. UGH). 

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@MrsBeck:  +1.  When I was on BC, I would always try to skip it but my body wasn’t having it.  It would let me go about 2 months before the breakthrough bleeding started.  I was usually on a 2 on, one week off schedule.  Depending on your insurance if it’s covering BC, you might not be able to get away with taking the pills continuously.  I know mine restricted the number of packs I could have in a year so I had to beg the dr to prescribe them specially.  

Now I’m on the mirena and I get spotting once a month, if that.  It’s great!

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