(Closed) Do any other bees have/would like a small diamond e-ring? (less than 0.5 carat)

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  • Wedding: June 2014 - British Columbia

I do! My ring size is 7.25. I actually picked the ring out when we were ring shopping.

All the stones are smaller than 0.5 each. 0.14; 0.23; 0.15. Fiance was budgeting for $2k, but we were saving for a downpayment for a house. The diamonds are from a Canadian mine — conflict-free! πŸ™‚

ETA: The final price was on the low range of $1k.

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  • Wedding: September 2014

Well, I’m commenting because we just bought my “small” diamond engagement ring last night! πŸ˜€ It’s a 0.42 ct platinum solitaire. Delighted! Can’t wait for it to arrive… No photos yet, sorry!

Just to chime in on the discussion… Here are some of the reasons why we chose a smaller diamond.

I wear around a US 5. My fingers are of the short, child-like variety (as opposed to the long, slender type). I don’t wear a lot of jewellery. In fact, my engagement ring will be the first ring I’ve ever owned. We’re both really excited to be engaged and, like you, could have spent more if we had really wanted to. However, our priorities lie elsewhere and I’m uncomfortable at the thought of wearing something too ostentatious and expensive. I’m not very flashy! We want to buy a house soon and every little helps towards a deposit! We spent an amount that we can afford; it’s enough for me to have a great quality ring but not so much that I feel really worried about wearing it out in public.
Not many of my friends are engaged or married yet but, of those that are, none has a very large engagement ring. It’s not the norm in my social circle to have a large diamond so we did not feel obliged to buy one. Had we lived in a place where the norm is 0.75 ct and above, we might have felt differently but, culturally, smaller diamonds are more common here – at least amongst my own generation (women in their mid-20s). I don’t think there’s a culture of men saving up for ages to propose with a 1 ct ring; it’s not really expected. Of course, some men do but they will typically be the wealthier ones. That said, even couples with a significant disposable income seem to prioritise their spending elsewhere.

When we went to look in the bricks and mortar jewellery shops, there were very few diamonds larger than 0.5 ct. I think this is partly down to cost. For example, a 0.15 ct ring costs £1699 here; that’s $2588 (US) and that’s quite a lot of money for something that little. You’re looking at around £2500 ($3809) for 0.5 ct from the high street (http://www.ernestjones.co.uk/webstore/d/8491143/platinum+1%2f2+carat+diamond+solitaire/). A Tolkowsky platinum I I1 1/2 carat diamond ring is £3450/$5257. I think you could get something a lot bigger and better quality than that online… I think this is part of the reason why diamonds are smaller here. The price reflects the fact we’ve got to pay value added tax @ 20% on them!

At the end of the day, we spent an amount we’re comfortable on. We went online and bought a six prong 0.42 ct platinum solitaire for £800 less than if we’d gone to the high street. I’ll bet we got better quality too.

Not everyone is as, well, Internet savvy as me so they’re unlikely to realise that they can get a bigger diamond with a £2,000 budget if they shop online. You can get a GIA triple ex 0.7 ct ring for that amount if you go to Blue Nile but if you go into a jewellers in any town or city in the UK, you’re likely to think the most you can afford to get is around 0.33-0.4 ct.

We spent just under £1200 (US $1800; AUS $1900). We wouldn’t have wanted to spend any more.

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  • Wedding: December 2013

@lunalyra:  The cost of diamonds in the UK is ridiculous! My fiance bought my GIA cert diamond from a diamond district abroad and saved us a fortune. I was going to buy my wedding ring from Blue Nile but then we decided to get my parents to buy the band from where they lived abroad and saved money on that too. The UK is so expensive for everything!

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Sugar bee

@sunshinewish15:  I started small because of budget and I’m about to get a larger anniversary Moissy ring.  Are you going that small more because you like the look of the small stone or because of the price tag of the larger ones?  If budget is your main concern, have you considered moissanite?

Here’s my 1/2 carat moissy.  I love it!

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@sunshinewish15:  I love delicate diamond rings especially high quality. However I have seen teeny tiny diamond solitaires sparkling like crazy at Walmart that I’ve been tempted by! My .42 rhr g vs2 Tiffany & co in platinum:

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  • Wedding: June 2014 - British Columbia

@sunshinewish15:  Thank you! I liked the princess cut setting and the side channel detail. Colour: G/H. Simple, yet elegant. I’d never thought I’d like 3 stones, but it’s got a symbolic meaning of Past, Present and Future. I had thought it very well represented my Fiance and myself as a whole. We’ve been together 6 years before we got officially engaged. He bought the ring when after being 4 years together (the pre-engaged phase). He kept saying that he would’ve still liked getting something better, but I’m like no, this ring represents US. πŸ™‚

I got small diamonds for a wedding band too; total CTW: 0.3. Slightly curved to allow the centre stone of my engagement ring to rest; small round-cut diamonds provide that extra sparkle, offset by nice baguette side-stones.
It is right now on layaway. Got it on sale for $800 πŸ™‚ (I included the link to the jeweller on the picture)

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  • Wedding: August 2013

Yay! Right here! Fiance picked my ring out but I love how small and delicate looking it is. :)Size  4, .25 ct and my wedding band is a plain, 2mm band.

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  • Wedding: September 2014

mine is around a 1/4 total weight. the center stone was his grandmother’s, and i chose the setting (:

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  • Wedding: October 2014

@sunshinewish15:  My ring will be 0.5ct TDW πŸ™‚ I am also not a fan of bling. I don’t know why, I don’t like big diamonds but I don’t mind bigger gemstones.

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  • Wedding: September 2013

.45 TCW; .23 center


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  • Wedding: July 2013

This is mine – 0.25ct solitaire. I wouldn’t really want anything bigger, I like the delicate look!

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  • Wedding: October 2012

Mine is .47.  it’s DH’s mom and dad’s from when they got engaged, the gold reworked once for her (short marriage) and once for us.

Even before we got it, we’d looked at rings and asked the price of something that was 3/4 carat… $3k… I blurted out “I don’t want $3k on my finger!”.  Jeweler looked confused and asked what woman doesn’t want that on her finger and DH (then FI) goes… “The woman I’m marrying”. haha.  We’re both frugal and push each other to buy things the other won’t cause they are too cheap (frugal haha).

But the replacement value when we had it remade and wedding band are $2950… so DH jokes “That’s not $3k on your finger”… lol.

I have really long fingers… both rings are the same height as my best friends and her rings cover over half her finger section!  The rings together are over 7mm.  But the fattest part of my finger is the middle of the section, even before I gained some unneeded weight (bleh).








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