(Closed) Do grandparents still get excited for the 4th or 5th grandkid?

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My grandmother is expecting her 6th grandchild this month, and her 7th grandchild in August.  She is super excited about them both!  I think it’s the older ones who get forgotten about, haha (I’m her oldest, at the ripe old age of 27 haha)

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I think they are excited about all grandbabies, just like parents are excited about all babies.

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I think that Grandparents still get excited with each new baby, at least I hope so!  My brother has three and my sister has two and is planning on being preggers with 3rd in the next few months!  Luckily my Fiance is the oldest and so (unless something strange happens) we will have the first grandbaby on his side!

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Sugar bee

I think there’s always something special about the first one – for many grandparents, they’ve been waiting and waiting for a grandchild and when they get that first one it’s just such an amazing, celebratory time. But, at least in my experience, I don’t think that means the other children aren’t any less exciting! My grandparents on my mom’s side now have 9 grandkids (my uncle, who oddly enough gave them their first, just had another with his new wife 2 years ago) and I know each and every one was prized and celebrated and adored.

A baby is a baby, and I think in general most people are really excited for more babies (especially when it’s a baby that ‘belongs’ to them in their family).


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I’m sure they’ll be excited but I doubt subsequent grandchildren will get anywhere near as much attention as the first ones. Thankfully I’m an only child so my family will be absolutely nuts over our first baby but my IL’s already have 6. The first 5 are DH’s step brothers kids so they’re my MIL’s step grandchildren but the 6th was her first “real” one and she’s beyond obsessed with her. Honestly, I don’t want her to be that crazy over my kid. She is WAY too involved in her life so she can get that out of the way before we have a baby because the things she pulls with our niece will not fly with my hypothetical baby (she goes to her doctor appointments with my BIL for god sakes). It sucks if you want all of that attention since any way you look at it, no baby will ever be as exciting as the first but hopefully grandparents can atleast hide their favoritism.

ETA: In my family, I’m the oldest grandchild (and the only girl). My oldest cousin didn’t come along until I was 11. My cousins didn’t get anywhere near the attention I did. Even to this day, I’m the favorite. Not necessarily a bad thing but sometimes I do feel bad for my cousins when they kind of get the shaft.

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 am sure one of them will end up having the girl,

you never know, my sister had 3 sons and we had to wait for my brother to finally produce a girl (i have 5 nephews in total). 

my sister is now a gma and has 3 grandsons so shes still waiting for a girl – and she was as excited about #3 as she was about the first, she really loves all of them

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I definitely think there is a difference in excitement for many of the reasons PP have mentioned. I don’t think grandparents love the other grandchildren less, but the excitement does seem to fade more and more each time. I’ve seen some who show obvious favoritism, which really stinks. Like CaitMarae said, hopefully they at least won’t let it show if there is favoritism. 

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 This will be my mom’s 7th grandchild. Yes, she’s happy but she’s more happy for Darling Husband and I than the actual baby. On DH’s side, this is the 5th grandchild but it’s been 10 or so years since they have had a grandchild so it’s new and fresh and they are CrAZY excited!

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I am in my early twenties, but my sister’s are in their mid to late thirties and are both done having children. My mom has been so freaking excited over each (of FIVE) grandchildren, first or last, boy or girl. She took me out to lunch a year or so ago (I was only twenty-one), and gave this spiel about how my bf and I should just get married and have babies. I said, “Ma, seriously? You have FIVE granbabies!!” Her response? “Well, you see, they’re not really babies anymore…” My grandfather has over two dozen grandchildren, with great grandchildren here and on the way. He loves us all, and he always wants to hold and play with my cousins’ babies. My grandmother (his wife) went out of her way to make each of us feel special (even “step-grandkids”, she didn’t see a difference, and was delighted to see her family grow with each new marriage and birth). She passed away recently, and before she died she told me that she knew us older kids would be okay, and but she was sad that she wouldn’t get to be here to see any new additions to the family. When she was sick, the sight of my cousin’s son perked her up more than anything. Hope that makes you feel a bit better!

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Yep they are just as excited for more than the first grandchild.. on both sides.  Darling Husband and my parents both have grandchildren from other siblings and when muchkin was born, they were just as excited as the first grandchild was born….

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I think the excitement might be the biggest with the first, and even the first for each couple.. but the love they feel for them remains the same.(corny.. but true!) haha

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My sister already has 2 and I have a bonus son (that my parents treat just like their own) but my parents are still so excited for the birth of this one. I had wondered the same thing, but my parents are going ga-ga for another grandbaby.  They’re assuming they will get to see a grandchild almost every day this way, which makes me laugh. 

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I was just thinking about this last week! Darling Husband and I had our first niece born in Jan. and she’s the first grandchild on DH’s side, so of course there is an incredible amount of picture taking, playing, holding, and general obsessing over her. I joked to Darling Husband that by the time we have kids, no one is going to care! I do think there is a lessening in the excitement after the first one, but I’m sure they will still celebrate and be happy over future ones. 

It’s probably all for the best – I’m sure my kids will be fine with their not being video of their facial expression as they fill their diaper! (Grandpa just thought it was *so* video-worthy!)

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I’m pregnant with grandchild #9 on my side, and great grandchild #6 on DH’s side. I don’t know what DH’s side was like with the other ones, but they’re very excited for this little girl….and I can’t even tell you how excited my family is. This is the first girl in almost 10 years and she is already spoiled and won’t be here until July! My family absolutely loves kids so the more the merrier, but I have often wondered about the same thing. By the time you have kids, they will be excited because it’s yours…or at least they should be. lol

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