(Closed) do i have to choose between being happy or being fat???

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    Stace126:  Just curious, has your doctor checked for a thyroid problem? It’s pretty common to have a thyroid issue, it’s just that people don’t normally think to get it checked.

    For me, if I’m feeling like I need to drop some weight, I bring a bunch of fruits to work. Grapes work really well because you can snack on them and they’re not messy. I also drink a lot of water throughout the day!

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    Stace126:  Has your doctpr considered Cymbalta? It is great for depession that has an anxiety component, and it has less of a side effect for weight gain. Wellbutrin has actually been known to make people lose weight, but I’m not sure how it will affect you anxiety.

    Bottom line, talk to your doctor again. There might be other options. 

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    I would suggest keeping a food journal – it’s possible that you are eating more food than you realize, even if its not junk food. 

    I’ve been in your shoes.  My advice – being happy and feeling mentally well is more important than the numbers on the scale.  if your current meds are the only ones that have really helped, don’t change.  It’s so difficult to find the right Rx and dosage.

    Do not go off your meds without consulting your doctor!

    Don’t feel like you have to “work out”.  a simple walk can do wonders.  

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    Stace126:  Have you inquired to your doctor about an appetite suppressant? My Darling Husband struggles with depression and has had issues with medicines making him hungry ALL the time. He was prescribed an appetite supressant by his doctor and it’s been really helping him.

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    Stace126:  I had limited success with prozac family anti-depressants (prozac, paxil, zoloft, etc). My doctor tried me on Wellbutrin and not only did it treat my depression, but I also lost weight. It is also used as a smoking cessation aid and for OCD, so it makes sense that it could help with overeating too. It’s also good for libido! I stopped taking it when I discovered I was pregnant and then remarkably, my depression never returned. I recommend looking it up and asking your doctor if it might be right for you. The generic name is bupropion I think. It really did help my depression and all the side effects (for me at least) were positive bonuses.

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    Definitely check the thyroid.  Malfunction can lead to depression and weight  gain. Maybe you can try 5-htp or SAMe -supplements that naturally increases serotonin since it seems SSRIs worked for you. 

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    I have been where you are minus the depression medications. I did blow up from 160 to about 220 at one point due to a medical condition. I lost 50 pounds then over the course of a year or two put 30 back on and hit that “mental block”. I had zero desire to watch what I eat or exercise. Although my husband loves my body one day I realized I don’t love my body especially around him. It just sort of clicked that I want to be with my husband for as many years as I can and to do that I need to get back into shape. I did see my doctor who gave me prescription appetite suppressants and okayed me to exercise and limit my calorie intake. I bought a Jillian Michaels DVD and started working out at home whenever I could fit it in. I also kept a food journal and that’s when it really hit me even though I didn’t think I was eating much I was consuming so many calories in a day it disgusted me! I’ve lost about 15 pounds so far in a little over two months. I set small weekly goals of 2 pounds and larger long term goals (10, 20, 30, etc) and reward myself anytime I hit a large goal which has really kept me motivated. Also, when I hit my overall goal of 35 pounds my husband has offered to take me to Vegas! he is loving the healthier and much happier version of me. 

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    You say that you are always hungry. That’s worth looking into right there. Have you been checked for thyroid, diabetes/PCOS? I don’t disagree that the SSRIs could be part of the problem but I’m guessing it’s not just that.

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    I wasn’t going to comment because your situation hits close to home.  I agree with the wonderful advice everyone is giving you.  

    My advice would be to definitely not stop your medication.   It IS very hard to find one that works.  Especially without consulting a Dr.  

    I have been on just about everything there is since 1996 when I was diagnosed as clinically depressed.   I am currently maxed out on Effexor.  I take 225mg daily and I wouldn’t take my happiness for anything.  Effexor also doesn’t affect libido.  Wellbutrin is an excellent drug.  I have seen many have great success with it.  I can’t take it as it makes me angry.  Sometimes I consider giving it another go because it is a great med.  

    Good luck to you.  

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    I think that its best to eat normally, try to be more active – not necessesarily exercise but things like taking the stairs, and trying accept your body for what it is. Easier said than done but once you get there it is SO liberating. 

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    I feel liKe this is taboo to admit but you really can’t have it all. It’s just impossible to have your cake and eat it too (literally) unless youre one of those obnoxious can’t gain a lb if I tried model girls (who are only obnoxious because I’m not one of them, obvi. I can gain 5 lbs in a sitting if I go for it).

    I replace one a meal a day with a fruit/spinach smoothie I make with my nutribullet.  I was hungry at first but now I’m used to it and crave it. I truly can’t have it both ways, so id rather look the way I’m happy about and eat less then just eat whatever I please and hate myself. I eat my pasta on the weekends but during the week tbh I eat like a bird. It is a trade off, and (most of us) have to pick.

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    Stace126:  and GIRL I am not trying to bust your balls but being honest- cooking healthy is SO. MUCH. CHEAPER. Then buying processed foods. You make roasted veggies with lean protein- put it in the oven, flip once, done. we eat gourmet, organic food and meat because its healthy and cheap! And you can totally reheat it.

    Look up a recipe and follow it to a T for roast chicken cutlets, and Brussels sprouts or broccoli- only initial investment is olive oil. The rest is truly cheaps and delicious.

    You can make a delicious chili with beans and ground turkey- freeze half and eat the rest for dinner and lunches. You two can eat like kings for dollars a day with a little research and planning. Make some cornbread with it- heaven. Anyone who can read can cook- period. Focus your efforts on your meals, add exercise as a bonus. Most of weighloss is in the kitchen! You can do it! 

    I live skinnytaste.com for delicious recipes.

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    Just a suggestion but the 17 Day Diet worked for me. Look it up. It definitely was a committment in terms of food shopping and prep but it was doable because it was only 17 days and I lost 8 pounds in that time (no exercise, ha). It was healthy I think. Could be the kickstart you’re looking for? Good luck lady!!

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