Do I Have to Feed Them? (Reception Question)

posted 2 years ago in Reception
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Worker bee

Oh my… of course you need to feed them and provide them with beverages.  

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: July 2018

I think pizza is fine for this type of event, but since when can vegetarian food not be fancy? 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2014

fluffhead :  I agree please feed your guests! I once went to a wedding and starved all day. From early morning until 5pm. Everyone was ecstatic for the newlyweds but super tired and hungry and grumpy…

If the budget is the problem, just go with pizzas but you have to provide something if you want your guests to enjoy the day! 

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Bumble bee

ladyvk :  You don’t need to eat meat at every meal, and I think it’s rude to go to a friend/family’s wedding, who is a known vegetarian, and be expected to be served meat. And most food things are vegetarian anyways. From pizzas and french fries, to crepes and patatas bravas. 

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Busy bee

I truly hope this is a joke. This is a wedding, not a birthday party. Ugh.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: October 2017

I’m one of those rare people that HATES pizza. I’d be a little bummed out to not have an option for food. Also this post wedding event is something that reminds me of a random get together with friends rather than a reception. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

I went to my cousins reception, both him and his wife are vegan. The food was amazing. Actually, I didnt even realize everything was vegan until about half-way into the meal. (they also had a private chef…which is a different scenario than a barcade) but I am just saying that their are SO many options for vegan/vegetarian. I will say, no one else in my family is vegan, and I thought that they should have atleast provided a meat option. 


For your style and theme, I think pizza would be more than appropriate. However I would try to incorporate some apps as well. Mozz sticks/ wings/ meatballs/ veggie trays…etc. 

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Busy bee

fluffhead :  I find that very tacky and the fact that you’re even questioning feeding your guests makes it more so. 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2017

1. Yes, you have to feed them. The lack of etiquette here amazes me sometimes. 

2. Everything withluv said is accurate. 

3. Just because YOU are a vegetarian doesn’t mean you should deprive your guests of a whole meal (most don’t consider a meal to be a meal without a meat/protein source)

4. Your arguement of “Just because I’m getting married does not mean I’m suddenly going to be handing money over to have animals murdered” makes no sense when you eat cheese. Dairy cows have shit lives. They’re only kept alive for one purpose and usually have horrible living conditions. Plus, eating cheese covered bread isn’t even remotely healthy (if you would rather take the “I’m a vegetarian for health related reasons” route). 


Anyway, good luck with this. 

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Bee Keeper

What is wrong with some of the Bees in the thread suggesting meat options for a vegetarian to provide against her beliefs? ffs. Like people can’t survive a mealless meal undecided

OP I think your wedding sounds fun and different. Even though I’d be part of your ‘older relatives crowd’, I’d be happy to try out some arcade games and have pizza. 

If you’re able to add some apps/ munchies, some veggie suggestions that would fit in with the bar/ arcade theme: 

veggies & dip, deep fried pickles, cheese balls, mozzarella sticks, tortilla chips and salsa, veg stuffed wontons, broccoli poppers, hummus and pita chips, spinach and artichoke dip with breads, crackers, veggies, loaded potato skins (minus bacon bits), garlic bread, bruschetta bread, olive tapenade (super easy to make if you’re allowed to bring your own stuff in)…..lots of ideas, you could choose a few for people to munch on in between playing games. 


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Bumble bee

LOL!!! OP, I’m so sorry people are being very rude. It seems you have struck a nerve. There are certain people on this board who cannot comprehend the simple fact that some people have different tastes and social norms from themselves and their social circle. 

Newsflash people: Not everyone, nor their friends and family, would enjoy a fancy sit-down dinner in a banquet hall. Some people would literally endure every other thing in the world than do that.

Bonus newsflash: Everything is tacky. Your wedding. Her wedding. My wedding. They are ALL TACKY!!!!… somebody, inevitably. So stop with the smugness of calling another person’s wedding “tacky.” She’s not doing anything overtly rude (if you ACTUALLY READ her original post, she is asking straight up about pizza, she never says she wouldn’t actually refuse her guests food), this is not your day, you are not an invited guest. And your wedding is tacky too.

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Honey bee

LOL, no one is going to die if they don’t eat meat for one meal out of their day.

Maybe it’s just me, but I regularly eat “vegetarian” meals without even thinking about it. I’ve even eaten TWO vegetarian meals today! I had a muffin and an apple for breakfast and a grilled cheese for lunch. Anyone who complains about having to eat vegetarian for one meal is a whiner. 

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