(Closed) Do I really suck that much? What is wrong with me???

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Helper bee
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It’s not you. I sent out my resume for over 6 months, had a few calls & a few decent interviews but no job offers. The only reason I got the job I have now is because I had a friend who worked here & she recommended me. Unfortunately in this economy it’s a lot more WHO you know than WHAT. Keep your head up and good luck!! *hugs*

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Honey Beekeeper
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Have you had a pro go over your resume?  I was just talking to the person that hired me the other day and he said it was my resume that stood out even though I was coming in with no experience and no education in the field.  I had a pro do my resume.  It cost me a few dollars but it was worth it in the end.

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Sugar bee
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Are you not getting the jobs after the interviews or just not getting interviews?

Try changing things up. Completely redo your resume in a new format focusing really hard on having quality and informative bullet points that show a cause and effect (think english 101 show, dont tell me you have a skill)

Practice long and hard on your interview skills. Not just your answers, but on the questions you ask, on your body language etc wit a live other person, not just by yourself in your bedroom. Or with a video camera so you can see how others perceive you.

Its not “just you”, but you can give yourself every advantage. I know its tough because being unemployed totally effects your mental state, but that mental state can play against you when job searching. 

REmember, you only need 1 job, not all of them so each job you find that youa re qualifed for make sure your cover letter and resume is tailored specifically to that job. Use the key words they use, your bullets should reflect their qualifications as closely as possible etc. Its time consuming but it can give you the best chance.

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Bumble bee
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It could be how your resume is formatted. If it’s not ‘clean’ or ‘pretty’ some people will literally just throw it away.

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Busy bee
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Ugh. This is exactly how I’m feeling today. I knew it would be tough moving to a market where I had no connections, but I’ve always worked, and I started making connections with people down here in April, starting applying for jobs in June, and starting applying to things way beneath my skill set starting in August, and I’ve still only had one interview (well, two phone interviews and one in person interview) after I sent out more applications than I thought possible. I’m tired of writing targeted cover letters and re-doing my resume for every job only to get no response. It’s so, so frustrating. I never imagined it would be mid-October and I wouldn’t have a job. A job that would be a stepping stone to my dream job just came available down here, and I’ve called in every connection I have, but I’m still not sure if it’s enough to even get me an interview. And I’m WELL qualified for the position! It’s just so frustrating. 

I feel for you, bee. 🙁

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Helper bee
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I understand how you feel (boy, do I understand!!) but it isn’t you. Trust me. There is such a glut of job-seekers right now that qualified individuals who know their worth and aren’t jumping at the chance to work for half of what they deserve are being passed over in favor of those young kids right out of college who are willing to work for magic beans and the occasional free office lunch.

Keep your head up- power of positive thought. It isn’t easy, and we are in an employer’s market, but something good will come your way. And hey, this might be a great opportunity to consider going into business for yourself (I don’t know what it is you do, but setting up an LLC and freelancing or tutoring is something I’ve considered and I have an English degree)

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Bumble bee
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@tksjewelry:  I second this. Sometimes a highly qualified applicant can really hurt themselves in the job search with their resume. And that doesn’t necessarily mean that something is “wrong” with your resume, it may just not quite be hitting the mark with employers, which means you’re getting passed over for interviews that you should be getting. My Darling Husband worked in recruiting for a while, and there are a lot of resumes out there that do not effectively convey how qualified applicants really are. I’d try to find someone with experience in resume writing and/or recruiting to look over your resume – it could be a matter of trimming down your resume, giving it a more polished, readable look, or even taking out experience that may not be what employers are looking for.

And good luck! I know firsthand how difficult the job search can be, and I experienced a lot more success when I gave my resume a much-needed facelift. 🙂

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Sugar bee
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Do you ask for feedback when you get declined? I know my company is very straight forward with our hires and we tell people why they didn’t get the job. A lot of times it could be something very specific we are looking for or it could just be that we didn’t think someone sounded motivated enough in the interview. Don’t be afraid to ask why you didn’t get the job!

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Busy bee
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It’s not you! You will get a job eventually! I know it’s hard though.

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Busy bee
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@worldtraveler:  I don’t really know what to say besides that I totally understand where you are at the moment and how frustrating it is to hear people say “You’ll find something, just give it time” over and over and OVER again. It’s so hard to stay positive and to drag your ass out of bed every day and to have people ask you how your job hunt is going (making you feel like a total failure).

I get it. And you are not alone.


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Sugar bee
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@worldtraveler:  It sounds like it’s your resume. Maybe try looking at it and seeing where you could tweak it to garner more remembrance and attention. If you’re not even getting interviews it’s definitely your resume or cover letter.

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Honey bee
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I’d sign up with a professional headhunter; there’s tons of companies, all specializing in different industries.  The downside is most of the jobs they place are subcontractor/contractor, which means you need to know all about being paid on a 10-99 form (assuming you’re in the US) should that be the arrangement the client wants, and some of the contracts are not very long or are not renewed after a year (no reflection on the candidate– some companies have internal rules saying a contractor can only be a contractor for a year).  But the upside is the headhunter does not get paid a penny till you get hired somewhere, so they have a vested interest in getting you a job. They also tend to have at least some existing relationship with the bigger companies out there, so even though you may be able to apply for the same contractor job through a dozen different headhunters, a good headhunter will get your resume put on the top of the stack.

If it’s your resume, CV or cover letter that’s holding you back, a headhunter will help you clean that up before sending it out.

There are some headhunters who charge the employee for their services but most charge the client, so most times if you sign up with one, and let them know you are signing exclusively wiht them (rahter than sending your resume all over town on your own), they will do a pretty good job of getting you hired on somewhere.

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Busy bee
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I had a friend who was having trouble finding a job and I went over her resume and completely hacked and reworked the whole thing. Basically take out all the stuff that people already know you’d be doing in a job description (like if you worked as an office manager… they would know that you would know how to file and answer phones) and instead put in things that maybe no one else would be able to do (like “managed team of 25 people” “led cross-functional team to fix problem” or “10 years experience in customer service”).

She had been looking and sending her resume out for 3 months and hadn’t got any responses. After I fixed her resume, she got 2 interviews within the week.

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