(Closed) Do other bees negative opinions about e-rings (like yours) upset you?

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  • poll: Do you get upset if another bee says something that could be taken as criticism on your e-ring?

    Yes, I get sad/angry, so I say something just as hurtful back!

    No, I don't care at all. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I know what I like.

    A little. But the negative thoughts gets "stuck" deep inside, and I think about them often.

    Negative comments on Weddingbee have affected my ring choice!

    Yes, and I let them know that it hurt me!

    I have cried because of what someone said on weddingbee.

    Comments on weddingbee have changed the way I look at my own ring! (In a negative way!)

    I am ashamed of showing my ring on weddingbee.

    I just laugh at criticism!

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    I have a moissanite and some ppl on the bee have called my ring fake and tacky….do I care? Hells no!!

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    My ring is a cluster. Which, I understand the cluster hate cause I also hated clusters until I picked out my ring. Surprised my damn self when I picked a cluster. Could I have had something different? Yeah. But this is the one I put on that felt like *mine* when we were picking out rings. Not only that but DH was attached to it because it reminded him of something he loves.

    So, while I get the hate, it doesn’t bother me if someone dislikes my style of ring. I hate solitaires personally so I just feel like we all have our things.

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    vwpeach :  Same! Or a ring to shrink in front of my eyes over time. That’d be fine too. Lol

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    Nah cuz I love my ring, so I’m usually just like 

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    Its ridiculous. If the ring comes with a proposal or a commitment to marriage, it is an engagement ring. PERIOD. It doesn’t have to be diamond or a precious metal or whatnot, thats absurd and judgemental. I’ve seen rings on here that I’d never wear, but I know I’m picky as hell and just because it doesn’t suit my style doesn’t its not the perfect choice for that person. I’ve seen people post photos of my ring style and say “I’d never wear this,” and honestly, that’s ok. They don’t have to! That’s why I have mine and they have theirs- to each his/her own 🙂

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    I’ve honestly never seen an example of someone elses ring being dissed on the bee. I’ve never heard anyone say mossys were fake and tacky, or anything like that. And if I have, they were a first time troll trying to stir up drama.

    I’ve noticed everyone is always overly supportive. There could be a thread about the ugliest ring I’ve ever laid eyes on and every single comment will be like, “omg its beautiful congrats!”. 

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    I tend to think that people who not just judge others’ rings but actually take the time to post their judgement are probably living sad lives. When your joy is tearing someone else down, idk…

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    I wasn’t happy the way my custom designed setting came out so I didn’t share pics of it for a bit and then I was like F it. I love my diamond and although I’m not in love with my setting, I am still excited to finally have an upgrade of an actual diamond! I see a lot of judgement on lower color/low clarity/cluster/clarity enhanced diamonds. Some people will sacrifice one c for another and if that makes them happy to have the diamond of their dreams more power to them. Ignore the haters ladies and wear your rings in good health.  

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    Nope. It’s a material object (with sentimental attachment) with a particular aesthetic that my husband and I happen to like. Now if people said negative things about my husband or children that would upset me, but if someone thinks a plain solitaire is boring:a) I love it and I’m the one wearing it b) I can see where they’re coming from but see a).

    In real life, I would think little of anyone who said anything negative about someone’s engagement ring, or their style of engagement ring. However on the Bee, if someone is soliciting people’s opinion on a ring that they are unsure about  or that they haven’t yet purchased, I think it’s fine for people to share their opinions, although there’s no need for loaded, snobby words like “tacky”. 

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    I love my engagement ring and I don’t care what anyone says about my engagement ring

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    I saw one the other day. I really don’t want to go into too much detail as I don’t want to identify anyone, but since we’re raising awareness, a particular bee posted a photo of her engagement ring and someone commented something along the lines of “those are bad photos… It doesn’t even sparkle”… They did compliment the bee and say “I’m sure it will beautiful though when you take better pictures” so I don’t think they were trying to be mean but I kinda though ‘ouch… I hope OP doesn’t take it the wrong way’. I mean, what if they were good photos and the ring genuinely didn’t sparkle. That could be insulting to some I imagine. 

    P.S I’ve tried to keep it as vague as possible, but if you were the one making that comment and you read this I’m not judging you or anything – I’m just highlightling what was said could possible be interpreted as mean. 

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    I think the bee is great – yes some ppl can be harsh, but there is also a lot of knowledge out there about how to buy diamonds and other stones, and different metals, etc. People have strong opinions and I respect that. I would rather an honest, brutal opinion than fake kind words.

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    I agree with everyone, people are free to give their honest opinions, but I wouldn’t let negative opinions affect me personally.  An engagement ring regardless of stone, metal, shape, size is such a personal choice for each woman (and her FI) and that’s a beatiful thing.  I love drooling over all the different choices of rings on here 🙂 Apparently, a fellow bee has just alerted me to an actual site where people insult and poke fun of bees’ rings! (I believe it’s called circle of snark?).  Ridiculous. 

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