(Closed) Do other women pursue your man?

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When we first started dating, but it’s been 4 years, they got the hint and disappeared finally…

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I used to deal with this crap a lot unfortunately.  But it hasn’t been an issue in a while thank goodness.

Men hit on me a lot, even with my ring on full display.  Some poeple have no manners.

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Ugh, yes. My Fiance is really charismatic. He’s really funny and confident. Everyone loves him and women are always charmed. I wouldn’t say he is a flirt or anything, but he is really nice and I think that is often misinterpreted as flirting these days. In college my Fiance worked for my stepfather and often I was there too just hanging around at my dad’s shop. In that environment customers didn’t realize that my Fiance and I were together (I guess it was assumed I was just another employee) so I saw women approach/flirt with him all the time. I actually found it kind of funny.

No one, that I know of, has sent him texts like, “you’re mine” or anything like that. But there have definitely been a few women that were very seriously interested in him and some of them were very forward. Otherwise he just gets a lot of women flirting with him. If he is friends/coworkers with someoneth at is really into him he just starts distancing himself.

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It goes both ways. We’re both attractive and friendly, so we always just laugh about it!

Random guys like to try and chat me up, I’m not rude about it and I make conversation. If it becomes regular, I’ll drop a hint and they back off. FH does the same thing. We don’t dwell on it too much 🙂

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I won’t say other women persue him…but a lot of women really like him. lol He has a lot of women that he meets along his job (he’s an electrician) that will hit on him or flirt. It’s kind of funny.

I know if he was single, he’d be fighting them off with a stick (or maybe welcoming them with open arms, hahah). He just seems to attract a lot of ladies.

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Ughh, yes. Girls will stare him down in bars or even downright flirt with him…in front of me. My Fiance is super friendly and can start a conversation with anyone so sometimes I think girls mistake his niceness as him hitting on them. Most guys are so obnoxious at bars and all they want is to take girls home (in a very obvious way) so I think it throws girls off when my Fiance simply sparks up a normal conversation.

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Not that I know of. And the same could be said about me. We’re both pretty people, but we don’t really open to other or show interest whatsoever, so they would have to try really hard for either one of us to actually care/notice. Do women check him our ? Yes. Do men check me out ? Yes. But ”pursuing” and being really persistant with it ? Nope, never happened. 

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@Ninteenthchance:  My ex is a pro MMA fighter. I cannot even begin to describe the level of groupie bitches who constantly tried to have sex with him. CONSTANTLY. My husband had a very persistant ex who kept trying to get him back when we first met but I put her in her place. It is annoying that some women are such classless sluts with no respect but unfortunately it happens.

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@Ninteenthchance:  My ex was a bit of a douche, lol. He would sign their breasts sometimes and let them fawn all over him. That was only at promo events though. If we were just out together he would tell them to fuck off. The things people do for publicity.

My husband was very happy to tell his ex what he thought of her. He even had to change his number! Seriously, do women not realize how stupid and pathetic they make themselves look when they do stuff like that? He’s not interested!

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@Ninteenthchance:  when we first started dating there was a girl in our social circle with whom he’d been pretty good friends but they drifted apart a little and then he and I started dating and she had a boyfriend – who ended up being my (now) FH’s roommmate.  It was really awkward because naturally we were both at the house all the time and she was always ALL OVER FH.  Right in front of her Boyfriend or Best Friend too (he was a tool and didn’t really care) and she was always going on and on about all these things that she and FH used to do together when they hung out in this really obnoxious baby voice.  I told FH it bugged me, he didn’t see it, so I flipped it around on him and said what if I was saying that about one of the other guys or them about me.  He instantly got it and put an end to it. 

We don’t see her much anymore as we live in different provinces now, but I still get irked when she’s around.  Don’t like her, don’t trust her.

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