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BoilerBride101015:  i can honestly say that i used to be one of the people who would have referred to david’s as the walmart of bridal stores. the reason is because, in my opinion, that’s what they used to be. but in the last 10 years or so, david’s has really done a turnaround as far as what they carry, and the quality.

i can’t speak for the employees, because that will vary by store (no matter if you go to david’s or to a boutique…that depends on the person working that day, and their personality). there are bad sales reps everywhere, and good ones too. you get the luck of the draw.

to the best of my knowledge, no one will ask you what designer you’re wearing. unless you talk to my mother…but that’s because she is formal-wear obsessed and will want to stalk your dress online, haha. but seriously though, wear what you feel beautiful and comfortable in no matter where it comes from. i guarantee you that a $50,000 dress from kleinfeld’s that you feel uneasy in will not look any better just because of the price. 

wear what you love, and get it where it is! 🙂

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People say that because of the mass of dresses, low price point, and shopping experience  but NO you can’t spot a DB dress and no one will ask unless it’s because you love it. A Beautiful dress is beautiful no matter where it’s from.

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With so many different bridal salons, and brides ordering online, it would be impossible to spot a david’s bridal dress unless you maybe tried on that EXACT dress or you work there, and in either case you’d really have no room to talk :).

Also, I went to davids bridal and while my dress wasn’t super cheap [$600], it was affordable. I seen plenty of dresses that were in the $2000 range while I was there, and in no way do I consider $2000 cheap.

The materials may be cheaper in comparison to high end designers, but it’s like that with anything you buy.

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BoilerBride101015:  I’m one of those people who would never be able to tell the difference. I guess it depends on your social circle if other people ask who designed your dress. As far as the mass produced theory, 90% of the dresses I see on the Bee look exactly the same to me (white lace mermaid/trumpet with a satin sash with a crystal brooch). So they’re either mass produced or bear the brand name of some not-so-creative designer. Cheap fabric on something you’re only going to wear once? Then it doesn’t matter! Find a dress that you feel beautiful in and that fits your budget.

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I honestly can’t tell the difference from one dress to another, so no, there’s absolutely no way I would be able to tell if a dress was from DB or not. That being said, I admit, when I go dress shopping in a couple months, DB is one of the last places I want to go. I don’t really know why, it’s not like I judge other women who shop there, and even my cousin bought her dress from there when she got married. But it’s true, for some stupid reason I got this “Wal-Mart” mentality in my head and I can’t seem to shake it out. I really should get over it since they do carry a lot of dresses in my price range, and I know there’s nothing WRONG with shopping there. I guess it just doesn’t seem as special as shopping from an individually owned boutique? Thankfully I still have time to get over it, since my options really are quite limited with my budget.

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No one besides your clsoer friends/family are gonna care enough to ask the designer of your dress. Only the people that you’re sharing the experience with like your Maid/Matron of Honor or other maids might wonder which dress you decided on. Or other brides-to-be might ask to learn something from your experiences.

And as for people being able to tell – Most of the quality difference is in the feel of the dress. So for the most part – only you will be able to tell that the dress is cheap. It’s hard to tell cheap fabric from afar.

What are you afraid of? People judging your dress? There are always going to be judgemental people in life. One of the first things to learn about wedding planning is that you can’t please everyone. Don’t pick a venue based on your one friend who looks down her nose at “wedding factories”, don’t pick a cake based on your friend that watched an episode of cake boss and now thinks all wedding cakes should shoot fireworks or else they’re lame. And don’t pick a dress to please anyone but yourself.

The glow you’re going to bring to it when you really love it adds about $10,000 worth of awesomeness to the dress. So stay true to yourself and you’re going to look fabulous!

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I clicked on this thread suggested below, with plenty of David’s Bridal dresses: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/post-your-davids-bridal-gown-here/#axzz3E3soSEIe

I don’t think they look cheap and personally I don’t think the super expensive high end designer ones are any nicer. As a PP said, you’re only wearing it once so as long as you like it that’s what matters.

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Think about it this way, would you rather spend $600 total for a dress you wear for 8 hours or $600/hr for those 8 hours? No one but you will know what the design label says and anyone who judges you for the fact that you didn’t spend a mortgage payment on a wedding dress is petty and shallow anyway.

And the “experience” of dress shopping is what you make of it. I know most of the people in my social circle have bought dresses at DB or AA, not some fancy boutique and have all had great experiences and no one could tell if their dress cost $200 or $20000. There are plenty of people who end up with ugly dresses that cost them no money,  as there are many people who end up with ugly dresses th at cost them a lot of money.

No, DB or AA wont get you a dress made of silk spun by butterflies and unicorn tears made into lace, it’s synthetics. But that also doesn’t mean it won’t make you look beautiful on your wedding day. And plus, until you get into designer dresses that are tens or thousands of dollars, they are produced in the same Chinese sweat shops by the hundred as every other cheap dress. It isn’t like you magically get a unique dress because you spend a few thousand dollars.

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I purchsed my dress from DB.  It’s an Oleg Cassini and I can tell you it was much better quality then some of the other small boutique dresses I tried.  I’m a size 14 bride and the smaller boutiques made me feel huge! I can not really get a good idea of what the dress will look like if you only carry a 6 or 12.

I do believe there are some dresses and DB that look “cheap” but more likely they are just not my taste.  I think the more designer dresses DB carries now are beautiful and I was actually able to get mine on deep discount.

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I doubt anyone would be able to tell and I doubt anyone would judge you for having a DB’s dress – I know I wouldn’t!  It also seems silly to me to try on other dresses *just* because they are designer.  You found a dress you loved, who cares where it came from.

However, I personally refused to shop at DB though because I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about their sales reps and alterations.  So it’s not that I had any issues with their gowns, I just didn’t want to spend a lot of money and have some seamstress screw it up or deal with their staff is something else went wrong.  I also went shopping there once with my BMs to look at Bridesmaid or Best Man dresses and it was a complete zoo.  I got the impression that it’d be very hard to get and maintain the attention of a sales lady. So once again, it was more the customer care that kept me away.  

Of course, I also had some bad experiences at boutiques so it’s not like the alternative is always stellar.

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BoilerBride101015:  I think the great thing about David’s Bridal is that it’s accessible to everyone as far as locations and price ranges.  Although with any big corporation type of stores, there’s going to be lots of different customer experiences whether good or bad.  

I had an awesome experience when I bought my dress there.  My Maid/Matron of Honor and bridesmaid also got their dresses there, and even though the sales associate wasn’t as attentive as mine was, it was still a good experience overall.  It really boils down to what a bride wants.  If you’re looking for a Kleinfield experience with dresses that are in the $3k+ range, than no, David’s Bridal is not for you. However, if you’re looking for a dress that’s $2k and under and aren’t too concerned about being doted over, then I absolutely recommend going there.

Nowadays I would notice if a bride wore a David’s Bridal dress, but only because I’d recognize them from looking on their website non-stop and having seen a lot of other brides trying them on during my visits.  Like most people, I’m none the wiser when it comes down to if I can tell where a bride got her dress.  I just think how beautiful and happy they look!  MrsBuesleBee said it best: “A beautiful dress is beautiful no matter where it’s from”.

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