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Bumble bee
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I personally have not done these things but seeing it ticks me off..

People wanting to pass a slower driver (and do it) only to end up at the same red light-jokes on them lol and on a more serious note, dangerously crossing the double solid to do it-wtf is wrong with those people 

And the people beeping at a person stopped at a red light to make a right-like calm down they are just obeying the law even if you *can* legally turn on red maybe they don’t want to? Also stupid  camera lights put people on edge and don’t want to turn and get a potential ticket 

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Sugar bee
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I drive in the left lane if I’m passing, but I don’t stay there the entire time. I do drive off pretty immediately after starting my car unless it’s cold outside.

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Bumble bee

I drive in the left lane all the time. Lots of people drive in the left lane. That’s what it’s there for.

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Honey Beekeeper
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kristin36890 :  It depends on where you are driving. In the city, both lanes can be used equally.

On many highways, the left lane by law is for passing only. If you are not passing another vehicle, you are expected to pull over to the right lane.

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Busy bee

I start my car and drive off immediately for safety purposes because I’m paranoid. 

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Busy Beekeeper

So if it doesnt say it anywhere, where are you getting this from? Youre literally pulling it out of your ass. It sounds like you don’t know much about cars actually – “letting the oil move into your engine and other parts of your vehicle” Um where do you think the oil goes?

“This is why it’s fine to drive a modern car straight after ignition (at steady revs) rather than letting it warm up at idle.”

Unless you’re driving a car from like, the 70s this is false, and just wastes gas. 

Also, where I live there is no law about not using the left lane. Its just encouraged that slower cars stay right. How condescending to think that people that don’t do things like you have worse driving habits and don’t take care of their cars. 

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Busy bee

I agree with others that I dislike aggressive drivers who put others in danger to save three seconds. But the thing about “going crazy” when people drive off as soon as they turn their car on seems needlessly judgmental. Why do you care? You just admitted you don’t actually know if it’s beneficial so unless you’re a mechanic or something, maybe stop paying so much attention to other people’s car habits. 

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Bee Keeper
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The left lane on highways is for passing, and you can be ticketed for “failure to yield right of way” when you are blocking other, faster moving, traffic. Just driving in it is NOT what it is there for (at least in my state, and there are signs posted indicating it). They used to teach new drivers that the first rule of the road is keep to the right. Apparently they either no longer teach that very well, or people can no longer follow directions. Dh drives in the left lane a lot and it drives me up a wall. 

It is also maddening when someone gets in the left lane to “pass”, but they’re going 1/10 th of a mile an hour faster than the person in the right lane so it takes them five miles to pass one car. If you’re going to get into the left lane to pass, DO IT and then get back out of the way.

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Helper bee

Los Angeles driver here. Would not be able to get anywhere if driving in the left lane wasn’t an option, and as one PP said, I typically drive away pretty quickly after starting my car for safety reasons.

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Helper bee

motherbee33 :  where did you get that starting your vehicle and driving off right away is bad for your vehicle? My cousin is a mechanic and owns his own garage and while I never flat out asked him, I’ve never heard this. And he frequently talks about cars and would give me tips and tricks and stuff. And why would this bother you if someone else did it? I don’t pay attention to whether or not someone drives off right after starting their car or not lol. 

As far as the other stuff, I only drive in the left lane when I’m passing. I also agree with the pp who said they hate it when someone wants to pass, but they’re only going like 1/10th of a mile faster than the other person so it takes forever (semi trucks do this all the time!!). I am one of those people who takes off as soon as the light turns green when I’m the first car though. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!! Haha I do know that isn’t good for my vehicle, but I can’t imagine the cars behind me getting annoyed. I just drive off, so it doesn’t affect them. 

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Busy bee

californiasun :  I’m also from California and I never heard of this rule that you’re not supposed to drive in the left lane. I’m sure that’s not the law in Cali. And I’m guess that the laws in other states simply say that you can’t drive in the left lane if you’re going slow or impeding the flow of traffic. But if you’re going with the flow of traffic you’re probably not violating the law. I drive in the left lane all the time. 

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