(Closed) Do you always wear your seatbelt in the car?

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  • poll: Do you wear a seatbelt in the car?
    I always wear my seatbelt : (327 votes)
    45 %
    I never wear my seatbelt : (5 votes)
    1 %
    I sometimes wear my seatbelt (Explain) : (13 votes)
    2 %
    I make sure my children wear their seatbelt : (79 votes)
    11 %
    My children don't wear seatbelts : (1 votes)
    0 %
    I always buckle my baby in their carseat : (70 votes)
    10 %
    I don't buckle my baby in their carseat : (0 votes)
    I encourage my passengers to buckle up : (222 votes)
    30 %
    I don't care what my passengers do : (11 votes)
    2 %
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    I am seriously so bad about wearing my seatbelt… my fiance is CONSTANTLY on my case so now he won’t move the car until it’s on. He asks me EVERY TIME we get in. I find I’m more likely to do it up if I’m not the driver… which is odd. Also odd, I always make my passengers do up their seatbelts. I don’t have children so I can’t speak to that but I imagine I will always buckle my kids in and enforce the seatbelt rule.

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    I always wear my seat belt.  I might not be here today if I didn’t!  I’ve been in a few accidents and I aboslutely believe I would have been injured or even killed if I hadn’t been properly restrained.

    I always, always double check DD’s car seat.  She’s 8 months old so she can’t say “Hey mom you forgot my buckle” or anything.  One time though, I had taken her in her infant seat into a restaurant but Darling Husband was the one who drove her home.  I had taken her out to feed her, and when I put her back in the seat I didn’t snap her in since we were still eating dinner.  He didn’t snap her into her car seat when he left with her.  So, yes, technically, one time she wasn’t properly secured but it was an honest mistake.

    As for adult passengers, I usually say something like “Is everyone buckled?” as I back out of the driveway, but I can’t exactly tell other adults what to do.  I’ve never had anyone refuse though, and I’m not 100% up to date on my local seat belt laws (some say every passenger must be buckled or the driver can be ticketed, others require only the front seat passengers to be restrained).

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    My Darling Husband works in car insurance, and nothing makes him angrier than seeing a windshield that’s been cracked by a head. He calls it “the single most preventable injury you can get in a car”!

    We ALWAYS wear our seatbelts, and we expect ANY passenger in our vehicle to do it, too!

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    I wear mine ALWAYS, front or back, and so do my passengers.

    We don’t have kids yet but I will never ever NOT buckle my child in. Why would someone not!

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    Absolutely and my SO does too. My dad was in a horrible car accident that he walked away from without a single scratch because he was wearing his seatbelt. Without it, he would have gone straight through the windshield. His car was completely totaled after the other driver hit him and drove him through a grove of trees. 

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    @musical-lady:  I guess it’s just force of habit at this point. It was drilled into my head as a teenager and in Driver’s Ed. Sometimes I think “Oh, I’m just driving across a parking lot to go to another store, I don’t need my seatbelt”, but I feel so uncomfortable, “loose” without it, I put it on anyway. I wasa passenger in one car accident, I had my belt on and stayed put. The driver didn’t and broke his cheek bone. There also have been a few accidents with people I know where the ones not wearing a belt died (a couple flew out of the car) and my Aunt had an accident as a teen where she wasn’t wearing her belt and hit the windshield. She had to have reconstructive surgery on her face and she doesn’t look like herself anymore. Though, luckily, she lived. Also my cousin, died at the age of 21, she was wearing her belt, so that didn’t save her, but it goes to show you that you never knew what’s about to happen.

    I will freak out if I catch one of my kids without a seatbelt.

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    I always wear my seatbelt. I used to only wear it when I was driving but now I wear it no matter what seat I’m in. I also have a horrible time with this on road trips because I want to lay down and sleep but then I won’t have a seatbelt on. haha

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    Always. It feels soooooo weird not to. The only exception is when I stop to grab my mail at the superbox on the way home. After I get back in the car I don’t usually bother to buckle back up because we live like 6 houses from the mailbox. 

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    There have been periods of time where I haven’t had mine buckled.  As a kid on long car trips I would have to loosen it at times.  I would get bruises on my abdomen and they only way to loose them at the time was to undo them.  I’ll also unbuckle it if I need to grab something and can’t reach it, or if I’m being dropped off somewhere that isn’t really meant to be a place to stop.  I don’t bother if I’m just moving my car somewhere between the street, driveway or garage.

    It’s done up most of the time though, and I’ve never gone a whole trip without it.


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    I always do. I also always tell people to “buckle up” when they get in my car. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t wear one?

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    I always wear my seatbelt.


    Honestly, HOW CAN YOU NOT!? I seriously can’t understand people who forget or just don’t do it.

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    I always wear my seat belt. Always. 100% of the time.

    Where I live, a backseat passenger is not required to wear a seat belt if over the age of 18.

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    @musical-lady:  I ALWAYS wear my seat belt. Even if I am just moving my car or driving from store to store in a parking lot. ALWAYS!

    I have been in two very bad accidents (neither was my fault) within a block of where I was living. I was t-boned by an elderly lady going 40 mph with me coming from a stop and she didn’t even pause. She literally went under my SUV, lifted my SUV and my SVU fell on top of hers. I was absolutely 100% fine because 1). I was wearing my seat belt and 2). I had a taller car with big tires. I was also hit head on less than two blocks from my then home and again I suffered no injuries whatsoever for the same two reasons.

    I am a seat belt fanatic and I drive Darling Husband crazy.

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    I almost always wear mine. I do forget occasionally, usually when we’re just going to the gas station or something close by.

    I dont have any kids yet, but I will be SUPER strict about buckling. They’ll be rear facing for all long as they meet the restrictions (usually 40lbs) and after that they’ll be in boosters until they meet the maximum requirements.

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