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Blushing bee

While I think he’d suffer through the cold for me, we both prefer a nice 68-71 degree temp, luckily, depending on the time of year. He’s a bit more hot-natured, but that works for me, as I love bundlin’ up in a blanket!

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Bumble bee

We’re the opposite! I’m always cold and he’s always hot!! He would prefer the thermostat around 72 and I would prefer it around 76! We usually keep it at 74 and I just walk around swaddled in a blanket… lol… no joke… I’m freezing at 74….. we live in Montreal so Winters are BRUTALLY COLD, I just want to warm up when I get inside… I also have low blood pressure and poor circulation, so that kinda justifies my coldness.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Yes!  Fiance likes it cold…like 62-65 in the apartment, and I’m always freezing so I like it at 74-76.  We keep it around 68, and I wear sweatshirts around the house!  But when he isn’t there, I jack up the themostat!

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Buzzing bee
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Well technically it is easier for HIM to put on more clothes than for you to take off. There’s only so much you can take off after all. Lol! But there’s no limit to what can be put on.

Conservation should be done respectfully. Neither partner should be uncomfortable. Especially in your case where you can’t really get ‘used to’ a temperature shift. That could take YEARS if that even happens.

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Sugar bee
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We disagree at the points where the seasons are changing and it’s questionable. However, we’re not just going to sweat or shiver when we have the capabilities to fix the problem.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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@MsBlackberry:  Seriously, get a dehumidifier. That $150 changed everything, and we save way more than that a year in eletricity bills.

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Worker bee
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During the day I set the temp at 73+ degrees which on a day like today here in Utah prevents the a/c from kicking on. I work from home so I get to rule the temp during the day. Once the Fiance gets home from work, we usually put it on 70/71 degrees since he’s always hot. At night before bed we drop it to 68 as our upstairs is a million degrees hotter than the downstairs.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Lol, doesn’t everyone ??

I am always freezin or hot… rarely comfortable.  Been this way my whole life, but it is certainly a lot worse since I’ve been in my 40s and beyond.

In the wintertime I am a block of ice… SO says my cold bum, hands & feet in bed are LETHAL WEAPONS, ha-ha.

We sort of agree on how warm to keep the house in the wintertime (72-ish) in the summertime it is a bit more of an issue (75 to 80).  SO likes to not run the air-conditioning, partly because of the cost, and partly because well he never gets steamy like me… so he’s just fine with the windows open.

We’ve learned to compromise.  Here in Canada we don’t have too many days that are super hot and humid, so the windows open work most of the time.  But there are certainly a few days, or a week of intense heat-wave when I win and the AC is running round the clock.

He likes to kid me about my own “internal” thermometer a lot more than he gives me grief about the one on the wall that controls the temp in our house.


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Buzzing bee
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Yikes, considering it gets up to 110+ degrees for 2-3 months during the summer, our electric bill would be in the thousands if we tried to keep it below 70! During the summer, we program the thermostat to keep it around 80 during the day and when we’re home it’s 76-78.

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Busy bee
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Oddly enough, no, we dont fight about this. He just wears shorts or I just put on a sweater and we dont think about it. Thank god!

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Helper bee
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Hahaha, well we don’t exactly fight about it but I definitely feel the heat and feel uncomfortable, whereas he loves it super hot. Another problem is when we’re out and about I duck in and out of the shade cos I burn so easily whereas he prefers to walk in the most blazing hot sun.

We’ve  come to a compromise when it comes to hanging out in parks – we sit by trees so I can sit in the shade and he can sit in the sun.

It might be due to the fact my ancestors come from cold climates whereas his are from hotter ones.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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No, we don’t, we’re about the same when it comes to comfort levels of heat or cool. 

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Bumble bee
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65 at night if Fiance is home, 68 if he’s not.  68-70 during the day. All day, everyday of the year.

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Helper bee
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He’s always hot!!!!! I can’t stand it! I’m enjoying these last few months before the wedding and he moves in!

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Busy bee
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We’re extremely different. I’m always freezing and he’s always sweating. In the winter we’ve come to the agreement that the temp should always be at 73… not because either of us is comfortable, but because thats all that we can afford. But in the summer it’s another ballgame… I’m truely comfortable at 80 and above, he would be most content in the low 70’s, and thats a biiig difference. Thankfully, we don’t have a house with air conditioning yet, so there’s not much he can do other than run a fan (and yes, even this bothers me). But when we go to his parents house, they keep their house at 73, and it drives me nuts. To me, that is a winter time temperature… something I had to endure through all those bleak months… and now that it is nice and warm and beautiful outside, people PREFER going back to the temp they were at in the winter? I just don’t understand it!!

Plus AC, for whatever reasons, really irritates my lungs. So I’m coughing and shivering, and pretty much miserable. Yes, it’s easier for me to put on more clothes. But keeping it warm also minimizes whining, and I think that’s a plus for us all.

*Just a fun edit… Just so you know how extreme it really is, I am similar to another posters Fiance… I have been known to get in a car that has been in full sun, try to find a place where it doesn’t burn my hands to touch the wheel, and drive away with no windows down and no air whatsover. I love to feel the heat seep into my bones after a long terrible air conditioned day at work. “Hell Hot” is my ideal lol.

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