(Closed) Do you and your SO share an email address and/or Facebook account?

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  • poll: Do you and your SO share an email address and/or Facebook account

    Yes, we share one account.

    No, we have separate accounts.


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    I don’t mind joint email accounts in theory, but neither Fiance nor I want to wade through eachother’s newletters and spam. Instead, we know eachother’s passwords, so we could both access either account if necessary. Joint Facebook accounts annoy me. Couples rarely share ALL the same friends and colleagues. Plus, the whole lack of individual identity thing creeps me out.

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    We have our own email accounts but also have a joint one for wedding and house stuff.

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    I have never heard of a couple sharing a Facebook account, nor sharing an email account unless they’re over 70.

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    I saw a Facebook account like this recently and it really weirded me out. To each their own, but why would you in any way need to share such an account?

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    We have separate everything, but know each other’s passwords for everything too.  We’re each our own person, run two separate businesses that are unrelated, so why have one to share?

    It’s okay if you have one for just wedding planning stuff so your inbox doesn’t get clogged, but after you’re married…I think it’s kind of strange.

    To each their own, but the joint facebook account really drives me nuts.  If you must have a “JohnJessica Smith” account, then I don’t know what to tell you.

    Like @littlestbird said, really old people do it sometimes for e-mail, but that’s just because they check their e-mail about as often as they pay their taxes.

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    We have separate email and facebooks, and it will stay that way! We know each others passwords, but neither of us actually uses it. Just because he knows my email password, that doesn’t mean he’s logging into my email randomly just to see what’s in there – he just knows it because I’ve asked him to log in for me in the past when I wasn’t able to, etc.

    But yeah, I definitely don’t understand the whole sharing a facebook thing. Weird.

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    We have separate email and facebook and don’t share passwords, but not because we’re hiding anything.  We’re permanently logged into both things on our separate computers.  Quite frankly, I have no reason to check his email or facebook nor he mine, so I don’t need his password. Joint facebook accounts don’t make sense to me. I don’t need or want to be friends with his college geography study buddy just like he has no desire to get status updates about that kid thatI went to elementary school with.

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    @jenandchris: It’s kinda hard to explain differently over boards…do you use filters in gmail already? If you don’t, right next to your “search” box at the top, it says, in tiny letters – “create a filter.” Click on that and in the “to” option write yournormalemailaddress+wedding.com. So mine is my lastnamefirstinitialmiddleinitial+wedding.com. Then, click “next steps” and select the option to “forward email.” and type in your FI’s email. It will send him a confirmation if you haven’t already done so – I have my FI’s email set as like a backup if I forget my password.Repeat the steps on his.

    As a BIG Google fan (our wedding website is Google sites, we are doing our guest list with Google spreadsheets) it has been so helpful because we both see every email from every vendor, rsvp, etc. We only give this +wedding email out to vendors and family for wedding business, and most of them just think we made a separate email but we didn’t – it’s just a cool system Google has. I actually use a +shopping one for online purchases. Good luck setting this up! Sorry I couldn’t explain it better.

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    The shared FB account thing drives me nuts!! I just find it to be completely obnoxious. SO and I are known for being attached at the hip, and are one of those “package deal” couples that’s almost always doing everything together. We’re really not very independent. But there is absolutely no way I would ever share a facebook account with him! It’s not only weird and annoying, it’s honestly a little creepy to me. Like one person doesn’t fully trust the other and has to be so enmeshed into their lives that they can’t even have their own identity on a silly little social network.

    I do, however, understand having a “family” email account. Especially if you have young children, if they should ever need to provide an email address for something, their messages would go through the parents.

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    I think it’s so bizarre to see shared accounts. The ones on Facebook especially drive me crazy. I don’t understand the point at all. Every time I see one, my first thought is, “you know, you can still be an individual even though you’re married…”

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    we won’t share facebook accounts, but we will probably make a new email account for the two of us simply because he doesn’t always check his email, but he gets some important ones that he should check. therefore i’ll probably be in charge since i check mine regularily.

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    Much like bank accounts, we have separate and joint 🙂 Email, I mean, not FB, we have separate for that. We set up a joint email account so we could send emails to people back home the first time we went overseas. We also used it to send our Save-The-Date Cards, but apart from that it doesn’t get much use really.

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    Seperate emails/fb/blackberries…

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    we do not share facebook accounts but have each other passwords. I upload pictures to his too. we share an email address that we are using for the weddding. we send all wedding ideas there and venues.then we have separate emails that we use for everything i dont care to look at his emails i am not worry about it. if he wants to cheat on you he will cheat you on regardless if it through Facebook, email, myspace, etc… you cant stop a person so why check it?

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    Seperate everything however I did ask for his FB password si could play on his farmville LOL.

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