(Closed) Do you and/or your FI/spouse keep in touch with exes?

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Darling Husband and I attended weddings this year of one of his exes and one of my exes.  I’m actually going shopping tomorrow for a present for her baby shower 🙂     And another one of his exes (though it was a brief relationship sandwiched by friendship) is one our closest friends – she was part of our wedding ceremony.   So – yeah – definitely.

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TO Pamelor55: I hear ya… Divorce can be H#LL

As for death of an Ex, been there done that… also horrible

The other day it suddenly occured to me that if our children were to get married (they are currently single) then more than likely it will be another awkward occasion for me… as no doubt his side of the family would have to be invited (afterall my kids are their Grandchildren, Cousins etc)

Relations with ALL of them… particularly since the Seperation / Divorce has been even more strained than usual (they didn’t like the part where it came out he was abusing me… no kidding Einstein… I didn’t particularly like that part of our relationship either)

So I would have to say that any social occasion, particularly a Wedding and a Family Party / Reunion atmosphere is not going to be terribly pleasant for yours truly.

Man… something else to worry about.

Will have to see if I can’t bribe the kids with money to elope ??? 

*She laughs* (kind of)


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Helper bee
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We are both in contact with our exes that we had been married to . . . there are children and grandchildren and everybody gets along just fine, no issues there.

We also both have Facebook friends that are exes to whom we weren’t married, but the contact is very casual and infrequent. There is one ex-girlfriend that drives me a bit nuts, though. She posts things like, “I sure miss your good cooking!” and “Looking good, Handsome, yummy!” – he never responds to those things, but I sure wish she would just get a life – they were together for a couple of years some 10 years ago. She doesn’t cross the line by much, but it is irritating.

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I am not  in touch with my  exes,i dont want to either.but Mr Gee is still in touch with his ex.I want to get him to stop it but i am still thinking of a way to do it tactfully so that we dont end up quarrelling or arguing .

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Helper bee
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I have two that I talk to. One is a purely platonic friend. Even though we didn’t work as a couple, we are basically share all the same interests and I always enjoy our conversations. The other I go to school with. We are not friends, but we are polite and will chat at professional type get-togethers. Fiance isn’t close to anyone from his past, but I wouldn’t care if he was.

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I don’t, but I Fiance talks to a couple of his on ocassion.  It’s not so much that I don’t ever want to have any contact with my exes again.  More like we just lost touch.  I don’t really care if Fiance talks to his exes.  They had their chance and he chose to leave them.  Plus, he’s talked a little about his previous relationships, and most of what he’s said is how little they had in common and how much more meaningful our relationship is compared to his previous ones, so I don’t think I have any worries.

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Bumble bee

My ex lives next door to me (he’s dating my next door neighbor…who used to be our next door neighbor) so I do see him from time to time and we say “Hi” but don’t really hang out. I hang out with his girlfriend occasionally since we were friends before they became official. 

I have no contact with any of my other ex’s.

My husband’s ex is dating his best friend, so we do see her from time to time and we’re facebook friends with her, but nothing crazy. He wouldn’t hang out with her one on one. Other than that, he has a couple female friends who he used to kind of have things with, but he rarely talks to them. They’re just facebook friends.

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Busy bee
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Fiance has no exes (woohoo!)

I have one, who wanted to keep in contact, and I stayed distant. He’s tried to add me on FB a few times and I’ve ignored him each time. I found out from people we went to school with that he was shocked I got engaged before him (he ended up starting a new relationship over a year before I did) and he’s now married with a baby. He’s always been a competitive type who likes to brag about what he has that someone else doesn’t, and I just didn’t want to get caught up in it. Life’s not a race. No hard feelings.

Also, Fiance would not be impressed if I wanted to be in contact with him, so even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t out of respect for Fiance. If he had an ex, he’d do the same for me.

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My ex was just over at our place for halloween costume making, a movie and pizza tonight! My Darling Husband and I give him relationship advice, which is kind of funny. My Darling Husband stopped being jealous of any of my exes once he knew me well enough to trust me completely. Luckily he doesn’t really keep in touch with any of his exes anymore so my maturity level is no longer tested. 😉 I was in the beginning though bc he was living with his ex as friends when I met him and she was still hung up on him. Yipe! He moved out 2 months after we started dating. After over a year of her refusing to meet me, I had finally had enough! It’s sad bc he really wanted to maintain a relationship with her but come on, you can’t refuse to meet your friend’s partner in a true friendship!

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nope neither of us talk to exes!  things are simpler for us that way

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Buzzing bee

I am facebook friends with both of my exes, but we never see eachother/talk on the phone/text/email. I am facebook friends with SO’s ex too lol.

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Sugar Beekeeper

Darling Husband does not communicate in anyway with any of his exes. I believe some of their mutual friends are friends with him on Facebook but he doesn’t really interact.

As for me I only communicate with one ex and that is via Facebook and the occasional text. I don’t really see a need for it and we aren’t good friends (I am friends with his sister though). I do it more or less to be cordial.

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No for both of us. We do not see a point in it. When it’s over, it’s over. 

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