(Closed) Do You Believe in Ghosts?

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  • poll: Do you believe in ghosts?
    Yes- totally! I've even had a paranormal experience! : (23 votes)
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    Yes- but I've never had anything paranormal happen to me. : (14 votes)
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    I'm not sure- but I'm open to the idea. : (17 votes)
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    No way! : (25 votes)
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    I absolutely don’t believe in ghosts. The idea that a sentient spirit lives on after we perish is frankly ridiculous to me. But there are other people who believe it’s true just as strongly as I do.

    That said, I’m still freaked to go in the basement at night. Go figure.

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    Definitely not, because there’s never been any real proof presented. Most of the so-called “evidence” is clearly faked or emotionally based – your brain can convince you of crazy things! My stance on ghosts is the same as my stance on fairies, Big Foot, deities, etc: when I see real scientific evidence that is falsifiable, I’ll look into it wholeheartedly. Until then, no way.

    Of course, our brains are powerful… which is why I still get freaked out to be in the apartment alone after I’ve watched something scary – no more late-night serial killer episodes of Bones for me. 😛

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    I TOTALLY believe in ghosts!  Every now and then, you need to put logic aside.  

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    Helper bee

    Yes!  I am absolutely sure they exist. 

    That’s why while I think those wedding centrepieces and details using antique things like cute tea cups look awesome, I could never bring myself to buy anything like that and bring it into my home – who knows what energy will come with it…. 

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    Yes! I firmly belive the house I grew up in was haunted!

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    I think that I believe, although have never had anything to confirm it for me. I live in a house that was built in 1915 (bought it last year) and I just keep waiting for something to happen!! LOL!

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    Blushing bee

    The old farmhouse house I grew up in had numerous ‘events’.  it was rebuilt in 1915 after a fire, and since then, at least one person had died in the house.  Even though it was so long ago, I still can’t shake it!

    When I was young, and we had just moved into the house, my mom would hear all sorts of loud banging noises and footsteps upstairs.  when I was 4, I apparently walked inside and told my mom that there was a woman standing in our yard.  of course, upon further inspection, no woman.  Finally one day (this is what she told me, as I was only like 5) there was a really loud crashing sound from the hallway (it opened to the second floor) and so she said she walked into the hallway and loudly announced “i live here too now, and there is nothing you can do about it.  so let’s just get along and we’ll be okay”.  she didn’t have anymore problems.  5 years later, my parents got divorced and my dad started dating again.  his girlfriend and her son moved in and it started up again.  weird noises upstairs, footsteps, etc.  at one point her son, who was 15, ran across the street bawling to the neighbors because of it!!!  i had a couple incidents with stuff getting broken/damaged with no explanation and friends would come over and not be able to sleep or would leave immediately (without me even mentioning this stuff) because they would see or hear things….

    it was just all really weird.  i love living in my small apartment now, because I know its NOT haunted!!!  : )

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    I’ve heard that my wedding venue is haunted! (thru a friend who’s dad works there.) I asked the wedding planner who tried to act shocked, then realized I wasn’t scared, and she told me some sightings.

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    i do believe in spirits roaming around…seriously i do! i don’t know if its “energy” of a person but some things are just so unexplainable. i don’t know.. i see the possibility of it i guess.

    my only experience would be when i was a girl i woke up around 3ish to go downstairs to the bathroom. (My sis and I shared a room on the 3rd floor)… i went to the bathroom, came out the door, and no joke.. i DISTINCTLY remember this.. there were orbs of light (like 50 of em) in front of my parents door ( which was at the end of the hallway)… i went over to it and put my hand out and remember “playing” with them almost..and they were really there. i swear. after a few minutes i turned around, went upstairs and went back to sleep. I never was afraid though and didn’t tell my parents. i just didn’t know what the hell they were.

    Years later i told my mom and she said she always thought our house had a spirit there because she/my dads room was the old room of a lady there that past away before they bought the house. WEIRD!!!

    i def have an open mind to those sort of events….i won’t go into a long story but when my grandma was dying and basically “hanging” on for a week and a half.. i was at college and finally was able to get there to say my “goodbyes”. My mom and i were talking by her side and as soon as i arrived and her numbers started dropping rapidly….she passed 10 minutes after my arrival. I truly believe she was at peace when i was there to move on. it was a beautiful moment and i’ll never forget it. ever. it was incredible.

    i just don’t know, but i keep an open mind for sure.

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    Nah… I think we can spook ourselves SILLY, but I don’t believe in ghosts.

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    absolutely! i mean, this stuff couldn’t come out of nowhere, could it? even every lie is based on a truth. 🙂

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    I don’t really want to believe but I can’t explain this totally spooky thing that happened to me. When I was about 15 I worked in a very old theater. A woman had accidentally tumbled to her death by falling over the balcony many years earlier, and the staff were always joking about the “theater ghost.” But my manager always got very serious and told us that it wasn’t a joke and to stop joking about the ghost. She said she had experiences with the ghost but would never tell us what they were.

    Anyway, each night after we ushered the guests into their seats, our job during the show was to painstakingly sort and count all the ticket stubs and place them into a wooden box. The box was then locked and placed inside the manager’s locked office. It was a boring task that we all hated doing, so we always did it together. After that we were free to go inside and watch the rest of the performance. Well, one night my manager came into the theater and grabbed us by the arm and yanked us out into the lobby. She was furious and accused us of not sorting the tickets. We were all baffled because of course we had sorted them as usual. Then she dragged us over to her office. Not only were the tickets not sorted, they had been thrown all over her office and the box was on the floor, opened. We told her we had no idea how it happened and she stiffened and said that it must have been the ghost. We all had to stay late to sort the tickets again. I know she didn’t do it herself because she was truly angry about it and even she had to stay late because of it. I know we didn’t do it. And nobody else could have done it because her office was locked when she entered it and found the tickets thrown all over, and nothing else was missing so it wasn’t a robbery or anything. I have no way to explain it other than the theater ghost. It still totally creeps me out. I quit soon after that.

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    I’m not sure about ghosts… never have had a paranormal experience, …yet… However! My wedding venue is actually a haunted hotel  (anyone seen the Shining? yea, that’s our wedding venue!). I’ve put a whole section on my website about the history of the hotel, including hauntings, etc. We’re also hiring actors to make our rehearsal dinner a “Murder Mystery” theme. We’re playing it up to add fun to our wedding weekend! When I was researching everything, I was getting goosebumps… I haven’t seen The Shining yet, and vow not to see it until after the wedding. I’m nervous! Yikes!

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