(Closed) Do you believe in ghosts?? Seriously!

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Busy Beekeeper
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i have serious goosebumps from reading this! i have never personally experienced anything supernatural but i totally believe in ghosts.

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Bumble bee
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Holy Cow, this is freaking me out!!!  Those pictures are CRAZY scary!  And the stories, yikes!  I’m going to freak out if I’m alone at all today…

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Bumble bee
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I’m not a disbeliever, I’ve just never experienced anything supernatural (nor do I care to).

In my mind, anything is possible. While I do think there is a scientific explanation for a lot of the stories I’ve heard, I’ve also heard some credible stories (and I DO love a good story!)

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Busy bee

Yes. My work is definately haunted. I work in a nursing home. They’ve started revonvating my floor and some weird stuff’s been happening. A nurse got touched by something in one of the rooms the other night and I heard some of the other ladies taking about how on another night the walls were vibrating or something. The weird things pretty much only happen on the 11-7 shift (which I don’t work luckily). But my sister works downstairs in diatary and she said one time she was in the dining room alone and the radio turned on and the lights turned off.

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I definitely believe. I’ve never seen anything but some weird thing happened when my dad passed away last month. His fave candy was orange tootsie pops. The night he passed away, my stepmom got home and found one on the kitchen counter. My brother in law had just been there a few hours before letting the dogs out and swears it wasn’t there. The next day, my sister was going upstairs and kept hearing this noise. She was like ‘what IS that??’ She heard it coming from her bedroom. She realized it was coming from the drawer of her nightstand. She opens it and there is this White Sox bottle opener that makes noise when you open a bottle. It was saying ‘Put a score on the board’. She said she totally forgot she had it, it’d been in that drawer for probably years and it had NEVER gone off before. The White Sox was my dad’s fave team. So the night of his funeral I get home and I’m in my room by myself and I’m upset and I’m talking outloud to him and saying they both got a sign he’s ok, I want a sign! Backstory: I bought tootsie roll pops to give out to trick or treaters the week before. This is weird in itself because I’ve probably never bought those before. Well towards the end of the night, I’d been letting the kids pick 2 pieces of candy, and a girl takes the last 2 tootsie pops. I clearly remember saying to Fiance, ‘Now if we get a little kid we don’t have anything to give them.’ He remembers it too. So after I’ve had my little meltdown, I got downstairs and I’m straigtening things up and I just happen to glance in the candy bowl, there were a few pieces left. I’d bought a huge bag of M & M’s a few days before and thrown them in with the leftover Halloween candy. So, the M & M’s should’ve been on top of everything. I look in the bowl and sitting ON TOP of the M & M’s is a orange tootsie roll pop! As silly as it sounds, it really comforted me. I know for a fact we did not have any left.

Another story, this happened to a friend. We were both restaraunt managers but she worked at a different location than me. One morning she goes to open the store and the front door is open. So, they call the police. When the cops get there, they look around and nothing’s disturbed, nothings missing. She has the employees go into the office and they go to check out the rooms in the back just to make sure. The cop and her both walk thru the dining room area together and everything is normal. They walk down the hall, open 2 doors, and come back. Maybe less than a minute. They turn around to come back thru the dining room and EVERY chair is pulled out from the tables. I’m talking over 100 chairs. She said they looked at each other and were both totally freaked out and then all of a sudden 2 ceiling tiles come crashing down around them out of nowhere! I always refused to go work in that store after that!

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Buzzing bee

I’m definitely a believer!  I’ve never experienced anything first hand, but Fiance has.

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Bumble bee
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@Miss Apricot: That gave me goosebumps.  Eeek.

@stardustintheeyes:  A Christian friend of mine (she was a little “out there” to some people, so take this with a grain of salt because I haven’t really researched it) told me something about 3am being the time when the “spiritual realm” was the most open or something.  Weird that there’s so much about 3am going around.


ETA : I most definitely do believe in ghosts.  Not Casper or anything, but…definitely “something”.  I’m just not quite sure what lol.

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@jjmomma:  Holy.  Crap.  That picture is creepy as heck.

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@soon2bhis: A Christian friend of mine (she was a little “out there” to some people, so take this with a grain of salt because I haven’t really researched it) told me something about 3am being the time when the “spiritual realm” was the most open or something.  Weird that there’s so much about 3am going around.

I believe I’ve heard 3 PM is known as the Holy Hour, (when Christ supposedly died).  3 AM is known as the Devil’s Hour, (the opposite of Holy Hour).  The time from midnight to around 3 am is known as the Witching Hour.  Generally, the time between midnight and 4 am are believed to be the best times for “ghost hunting” because of the apparently spike in paranormal energy/activity at the time.  

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Gaah, I love these threads and all these personal stories! I haven’t experienced any of the in-person events like some of you bees, but mine usually come in dreams or thoughts. So very weird. I’ve shared some of them in the older threads, but I had another one just recently.

I had an old highschool classmate in my dream one night (just sort of there, the dream wasn’t about anything, no one was doing anything, I just couldn’t get this kid out of my head). I hadn’t even thought of him IRL in literally 4+ years, let alone seen him or his son, or talked to any one about him. I wake up in the morning, brush my teeth, and KEPT thinking of him, if he raises or sees his son often (he had him when we were in our Jr. year, so very young). I kept wondering if his son really knows him well and gets to spend time with him. I basically had to force him out of my head. I got a text that night that he was hit by a truck and was in a coma, he died shortly after. 

ETA- @Miss Apricot: That just freaks me out a bit, since all my dreams are late-night/early morning dreams. Heebiejeebies.

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Gahh these stories are freaking me out! I have never ‘seen’ a ghost, but I am positive that something paranormal exists. My family and I have encountered numerous things that have no logical explanation.

My sister was home alone in our house, and heard a giant crash come from my room. I keep the door closed, so there were no pets in there. She found a shelf that was bolted adn bracketed to the wall on the other side of the room, and the stuff that was on the shelf on the floor under where the shelf was. It didn’t just fall, though. The brackets were ripped off the wall, bent and mangled to a point that they couldn’t fit back into the wall bracket!

A few days ago, I turned off the light in the living room, and then we put our son to bed. When I came out of the bath room I asked my Darling Husband why he turned the light back on. He thought I did it. The next day I was sitting on the couch with my DS and the light turned itself off. Darling Husband has also had problems turning our kitchen light on-he will flip the switch a bunch of times and nothing happens, and I go over and it works fine. We have been living in our current house for almost 6 months, and just learned that we have a light in the freezer because it suddenly starts flickering every now and then. 

I also have family members that follow me around…After my grandparents died, the only ones in the family that smoke, we would smell cigarettes every now and then along with the feeling of energy. Whenever I smell cigarettes, I know my family is with me. OH and at our wedding, we had a memorial table with candles for each passed family member. Once I get my pro pics back, I will try to remember to share the picture, but you could see that my grandmother’s candle burned significantly faster than the other 11 candles on the table!!! Crazy!

My sister saw an aparition once, and she was able to describe in detail a family member we never even knew existed! Darling Husband has seen a dark shadowy figure, and his family have predictious dreams. (his mom knew we were having a baby days before I took my preggo test, before we even knew!) 

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Helper bee

i tend to be fairly scetpical of paranormal claims, but mostly because the friends of mine who are supersticious tend to be looking for things to be supernatural rather than witnessing an event and then deciding whether or not there’s a logical explanation. for example: freaking about about doors opening or closing in their apartment when in reality the air conditioner just turned on and changed the air pressure in the rooms.

some things, however, may defy logical explanation. i have a professor that had a serious run-in with some kind of spirits when he was younger, and though i was skeptical at first, he was clearly freaked out by it and i know he’s not the type of person to jump to conclusions. so i guess i could agree with unknown forces in this world, perhaps some kind of energy, i just don’t think every single claim made to have encountered them is necessarily a valid one.

if nothing else, they make for great stories. some of these are really chilling so far!

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Bumble bee
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yes. my son saw them when he was younger, and one of the kids we go camping with sees them too. I sage my house on a regular basis for this reason. “Stuff” or “spirits” attach to us all the freaking time.

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