Do you believe in ghosts/ spirits? "Feelings"? Why or why not?

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Honey bee
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Eh. I’m not a dead-set nonbeliever, but generally speaking, I’m skeptical of these types of things.

I’ve never had an experience personally, and I think most psychics are frauds; however, I’m not ready to out-and-out say that spirits don’t exist, either.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I don’t really believe. I won’t say that it’s 100% not a thing but I’m skeptical for sure.

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Busy bee

I personally dont, however have some close family members that have had some encounters. I think that unless it was to happen to me, I am a skeptic.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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If ghost don’t exists then explain this!

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Bumble bee

aubreymer91 :  

Yes I do.

I was brought up to believe in them, as I got older I had my own experiences that made me believe.

I do believe in energy from a presence.

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Helper bee

There is definitely something out there. I am 100% convinced we leave some energy here when we pass away, especially if death is sudden and some things are left unaccomplished. 

That doesn’t mean I believe in ghosts stomping imaginary feet upstairs or scaring people away. Presences can be positive, too, and do not necessarily need to be “seen”.

I think it is very, very difficult to communicate with this alternative dimension. There is an extremely limited number of people who can do that and only under selected circumstances.

I believe the more spiritual a person is, the higher the chance they can sense a sign of the alternative dimension.

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Helper bee
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I used to suffer from sleep paralysis. It was absolutely terrifying. I was always asleep so I had no idea it was an actual physical thing that I was experiencing. Before my diagnosis I could have SWORN on my life it was something paranormal, I just had no other explanation. The thing is though, is that it REALLY REALLY felt like something paranormal, and to this day I have questions ..

Ultimately, yes I do believe in the paranormal, to an extent, even though I think it’s stupid 😊

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Blushing bee

I do… I was raised to believe that there is more out there than meets the eye. I would say I am agnostic; I can’t identify with religious beliefs nor hardcore atheists. To me they’re both extremes and both part of the failed god hypothesis (can’t prove nor disprove the existence). I’m a scientist yet believe it’s arrogant to think that just because we can’t physically measure the paranormal it should strongly imply that it does not exist. 

Regarding psychics and mediums, I’ve visited several and so have people I know. Unfortunately, a lot will beat around the bush or be so vague and fish for hints that I can totally understand why many people are skeptics. HOWEVER, I do believe there are some who possess a true gift. Some examples:

– Shortly before my mom’s friend passed away, her friend mentioned she would visit a medium and use the word ‘ginger’ as a code so my mom would know it’s her (she liked to cook with ginger). A while after she had passed, my mom did go to her medium and the medium kept saying she’s getting the word ‘ginger, ginger’ over and over… and my mom didn’t remember until after she had gotten home!

– Another medium was able to locate a secret box with a secret key that my uncle’s abusive (not ex-) wife had been hiding

– At a past apartment I lived in, the shower would suddenly leak a lot of water (randomly) and only briefly (like 2 seconds). I kept thinking to myself “WHAT is up with that shower!?!”. I visited a medium while living in that apartment and she asked if my shower ever suddenly just leaks? Umm, yes, yes it does… she mentioned that an old family friend who passed away (and used to be close to me) somehow wanted to give me a sign she’s there by leaking a shower.

– A psychic was able to name the names of guys I would date in the future, including the timelines when they would come along. I would forget and not realize she was right until I would go back and listen to the recording many many months later (after already meeting these people). She also predicted my current SO and it has been to a tee (yay haha!). Furthermore, she said she saw me at Harvard, and low and behold, I’ll be doing research there in the foreseeable future. 

…These are just a few examples and they all happened without any “fishing for answers”. You go, you sit down, and they start talking. 

Of course we don’t know for sure… 🙂

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Helper bee
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ooooooh good thread. Look, I probably don’t, but I’m not 100% sure (ps ghosts if ur real pls dont haunt me). 

One thing that worries me is I’m close to my mum, and I really dont think she’d lie, and she swears black and blue that she saw a ghost once….I can’t get that thought out of my head. 

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Bumble bee

I believe. My now passed father and grandmother both lived in my house. After they passed I seen pictures moved. I’ve been tapped on the back. Last summer my front door opened, then quietly shut. The dogs were running to the door as it sounded like someone was walking in, I thought it was my brother. No one was there. There was no wind that day. Odd huh. 

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I don’t believe in ghosts as society portrays them (ie women in white and the boogey man) but I think there’s something here that we don’t understand, an energy that we leave behind (after all, energy can’t be created or destroyed, only transformed and changed). 

I’m a devout Christian, so I firmly believe in the afterlife, heaven, hell, angels/demons etc., but I wasn’t sure what I believed about “lingering spirits,” if you will, up until I lost my grandpa suddenly in 2015. I had a vivid visitation dream two weeks later where he told me he was okay, and it was like I was awake it was so real. My brother had a dream he was shaking grandpa’s hand, and could feel the wrinkles in his skin, and woke up with his hand outstretched. Just last month in my parents’ living room I could feel him there with me, and I walked over to the rocking chair where he would sit and visit me and outstretched my hand. It felt heavy and electric, as if he were sitting there. Most members of my immediate family have all felt his presence around us, especially when we are all together. And they are all either nonbelievers or serious skeptics! 

So yes, I do believe in spirits and I think they are here among us. But they are harmless, and I’m not afraid of them. Since my grandpa died I have become much more receptive to the idea of spirits, and since I lost grandpa so quickly, I’ve actually been very comforted by the fact that it seems he’s still around 🙂

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Helper bee
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I think the energy you have in your body needs to go somewhere and so I think there is something beyond. My Fiance is a doctor and because of his specialty has spent years and years and years doing autopsies. I asked him if he ever felt anything and he said never, which was kind of disappointing for me. 

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Blushing bee
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Late to the party here but I definitely believe in ghosts/spirits! Not so sure how I feel about psychics but wouldn’t be surprised if some people do have some sort of special ability like that. My Darling Husband has a pretty interesting video he took at his old job and has heard someone yell his name before at the same job. I also have a photo that has quite a few people convinced that I caught a ghost/spirit in it at a historical house in my city! I have also experienced a door slamming without anyone else around as well at one of the sites I work at. 

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