(Closed) Do you believe in ghosts? What would you do in my shoes?

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i don’t believe in ghosts but my husband does.  i would love to spend a few days in a haunted place to see what happens.

most things i think can be chalked up to coincidence, but that is from a non-believer. 


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Honey bee
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I believe in confirmation bias.

Sleep paralysis can be triggered by stress and other things. I get it often, my house is very new. It’s a physiological phenomenon. It’s scary but no, I don’t think it means you’re being haunted. 

I think if there were ghosts and they wanted to communicate something they wouldn’t start washing machines. What would they have to gain? What benefit could there be for them to covertly and subtly frighten people?

Old houses, old wiring, old water lines, other people living there, who knows. I have an old tv that turns on by itself. There’s a short in it. I leave it unplugged. 

If you’re still concerned you might consider asking these spiritual occupants to leave or stop, maybe have a ceremony thing. Even if it seems silly, if it makes you feel better, why not? 


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I have had my fair share of bizarre, unexplainable experiences while fully awake (also with sleep paralysis as a child), but the thing that stood out to me with your situation is this: These occurrences became a problem once you realized there had been a suicide there. The human imagination can run wild at the point the seed is planted (think about the books “The Shining” or “The House On Haunted Hill”) and coincidences you might shrug off as irritations of an ancient building become possible hauntings.

You might consider the additional expense of moving to avoid becoming Jack Torrance. 🙂

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dalia88:  Brrrrrr, I got the chills like 5 different times while reading that! I do believe that our spirits and also that they can linger. I watch scary movies ALL. THE. TIME. I love scaring myself. However, if this stuff happened to me in real life, I would be pretty terrified. My DH always tells me to not talk about spirits because it opens you up to them, so he obviously belives in that as well and wants NO part of it!

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Honestly I am surprised you moved back into the building after your first experience there.  I’d consider moving for peace of mind.  Sleep paralysis is no fun.

Are you able to post the photo you mentioned?

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Helper bee

Oh hellllllll no I’d be out!!

I’m a big baby though when it comes to that kinda stuff so I’d be pretty terrified. I’ve never seen a ghost thank goodness but I do believe other people when they share their experiences. Although once when I was younger my parents were out and my older brother was watching us. We were all in my brothers room with the door shut and we all heard loud, heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. Like a large mans footsteps aka my dad so I thought he was home and ran to the door and they weren’t home :0 we were all spooked. 

I wouldn’t think anything of the sleep paralysis though. I experience it often when I’m stressed or sleeping poorly, along with hypnogogic hallucinations which are terrifying. 

If it keeps up and you’re scared then I would move. Not worth your sanity to be on edge in your apartment all the time. 

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Are you religious at all? My old boss (and some of my co-workers) believed that we had some ghosts in our office – they only appeared after hours, which is why I never experience anything. She had a nearby Catholic priest come and bless our building, plus she added some blessed medals in various places around that end of the office. She swears the hauntings stopped after that.

I believe in spirits, but I’m not sure if I believe in hauntings. However, I have read information on some supposed hauntings, and in one of the accounts, the only family that didn’t get haunted in a particular house was a pastor and his wife. I thought that was pretty interesting.

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dalia88:  that picture is pretty weird. 

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dalia88:  I am so freaked out by the pic!!!! I’m telling myself it is someone who just happened to be there with the photographer and dresses oddly. I have goosebumps. Move out!!!

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dalia88:  Hmm… that photo is odd.

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